Roddeloverzicht: Wendy fell for fellow’ and ‘tensions’ with André

Wendy van Dijk and Erland Galjaard have relationship problems, Albert Verlinde buy a house with Onno Hoes and it runs again is not well between André Hazes and Monique. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

Like famous people to put an end to their relationship, it typically takes months for it once it really becomes pronounced. First, there are some stories, rumors, and gossip about problems, but the couple continues to hold all of that cake and egg.

Then follow pictures of fights on the street, of the affaires and unhappy faces, and the decision of the couple not to comment. And later, when the separation has almost been signed, there is finally a message: “We have decided as good friends.’ And then of course all kinds of arguments arise.

This process we have already with so many famous people passing by that the for surprise it creates when one differs. That Erland Galjaard and Wendy van Dijk this week decided to immediately fair to say that there are problems in their marriage, surprised everyone.

Private had some gossip heard and decided even after asking at Erland. And what was the result? It is indeed not well between him and the presenter. The couple is in therapy and trying with professional help still.

“We try, in the coming period with each other to come to a solution and hope that everyone of us, but especially our children, the opportunity to set this in peace and privacy to do”, said the in 2014 a married couple in a joint statement.

Of course, there is no question of peace and privacy in entertainmentland and so appeared rumors that Wendy by the problems her eye on another had dropped. There was nothing happened to her Disq-colleague Rob Boekema, but the suggestion was according to Albert Verlinde is already sufficient.

Nonsense, said Wendy’s brother Mike, who her management is doing. Or we are now please to stop speculating and Wendy and Erland the space could offer. Yes, of course. Or no, not yet. For Erland, who posted the photo of his walk by Nigtevecht, that should have a clue that he and Wendy are again living together and Erland his studio in Amsterdam has left? No, no: Erland was just visiting.

How it ends, is the question, but one thing is for sure: the entertainmentkenners give the Erland and Wendy that their huwelijkscrisis survive.


In the magazines: Wendy wants marriage rescue | Desire Dionne?

Or handing, are not entitled to collect

Albert Verlinde promised us the hot scoops, the latest gossip and things that we never before had heard. Full of excitement were 378.000 people in front of the television waiting for the allerspannendste stories in 6 Inside. And yes, that came quite a bit. Albert knew to tell us that the marriage of Romy Monteiro of the job is and Jan Versteegh told that he father is.

Great fun, but the real scoop was The Telegraph the next day when they with the story about Wendy and Erland came. Critics are still not convinced of the new entertainment program of SBS, and also the viewers seem to be not yet fully satisfied: the ratings are in since Monday only but failed.

That Albert was in between, always jokes that point at that time that his husband, Onno Hoes was caught with another man in the lobby of a hotel in Maastricht, look as though he is always open card playing. But a new story about Albert and Onno, he completely left.

Story writes this week that Albert was with his ex, whom he never divorced, a period building in Amsterdam has bought. For more than 2 million euros, the former couple, according to sources of the leaf, not so former, a luxury condo purchased on the fourth floor of a new building complex.

What exactly the purpose is of that house, it is not entirely clear. Wants Albert to live here? They want to be here together live? According to those aforementioned sources, the two again a long time to pull together and also together go on holiday.

However, it would also be a less romantic purpose. Maybe the house is just an investment. The couple has jointly, in any case, two other buildings and Albert still owns a property in his own, around the corner from Connie Witteman.

A move to the new premises would not be very strange: when Connie was last year broken into and they warned her neighbors in detail for the risks.

Also all problems

If we are sources of Weekend, may believe it goes with André Hazes at home is not good.

The sheet put on the front page, that “again” tension between André and Monique. The set was, of course, in 2018 also equally from each other, because André the was busy with his work and too little time for his family. After a vacation to Mexico, everything was again completely well and continued to André but shout that he want nothing more than to marry Monique.

“A friend of the couple” tells Weekend that André, however, long since lapsed into old habits. “I think Monique earlier with her friends and family members and come back with her problems than André. That is mainly busy with themselves, and that is of course quite difficult if you have a similar relationship.”

André, according to the girlfriend, bad at rest. “I think he rests very restless. He is not yet uitgeraasd.” What, according to the magazine once emphasized was when Monique, the father of her child asked to go too, to do with a month of no drinking alcohol on Instagram. “Can you count? Take them out but not in,” said André in a comment.

Fans, writing on Instagram that the singer only had photos of himself and Monique still missing. Also that was a Weekend. A message in which he and his girlfriend congratulated, was unceremoniously on the same day of social media achieved.

André has not yet responded to the stories, but Monique puts cheerful holiday photos, where André just. That ‘girlfriend’ there next?

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