Roddeloverzicht: to Panic, to leave-and This is the geldpraatjes, however, was

A panic to leave a message with Fred van Leer, Dave Roelvink has learned from his mistakes, and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk talks about is money. A summary of entertainment news from this week.

The perfect cut-out, a filtertje, or three, as well as the perfect text for the majority of the people are just a half-hour for a message to be on social media yourself. On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, there is nothing to be fooling around as much as possible, like, or comment.

If you have a couple of thousand followers you will be even more stringent, as it turns out, this week, as Fred van Leer, on Twitter, in a message, “good-bye, and thank you.” wrote the police a moment later, the door forced. Fans of the designer turned to a deep concern, he itself is something to be done, and called for security right away to the police station.

Now put Fred, a regular, short, funny, referred to in the messages and the hashtag #daaaaagschat are lievelingstag, but this post was not a joke, and definitely not from him, someone had their twitter account hacked and decided to call it a “joke” out of it.

“There was a message posted on Twitter,” says the designer. “Well, some people had worried that the police will be called. The police took it seriously, and then three men in uniforms in front of the door. That would be where I’m supposed to be fun, but not in the middle of the night when I’m asleep and they’re in the door zone.”

A total of called up to seventeen people to the police, and all of the people that it is a very well-intended, but it was not really pleasant at all. The designer is going to continue to be good, and it’s finally been replaced. And hopefully it will be the password for his twitter account as well.


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The donkey punch is not to be the same stone

Of your mistakes, you learn from it, but that is something each and every time it’s not for everyone, and to apply to it. Friends actor Matthew Perry as he was this week spotted in a bad situation, Giel Beelen has been several times drunk behind the wheel, sat down, and Lindsay Lohan seems not to be a part of the wall.

Dave Roelvink is quite different: he makes a similar mistake, but not a third time. The son of Dries Roelvink, has his life turned over a new leaf, and drinking for the past four months. Be wise in the event that, because every time he goes to drink it, it seems to go wrong.

Who doesn’t remember the video, which as of 2014 has appeared that Dave’s wild partying was a naked lady in a hot tub. And last year, he was klemgereden by the police when he was drunk and behind the wheel, and a 180-mile-per-hour later, where it is 100 yes. This time, Dave has now left.

“I have for the past four months,” said the 25-year-old brother Dave in the YouTube video series to Concentrate. “You’re going to have to think through mistakes in life. Because I have a very negative did, was, this, however, is a kind of light, rather the feeling that you get all of that negative shit you get.”

For a long time and everyone knew the dj, and especially, of his misery, and for those who have not, personally, know difficult to make his feelings be seen. “It’s a very short-sighted, but hey, that would be you people will not blame you. When I went, the more the program can do, and when people see my true nature, and when it was all still with us.”

Or Dave for a couple of beers off the question, but the drunk behind the wheel, he really got out of that habit.


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Pockets full (with money)

Each and every time you get into going to be the about your salary. It is assumed that you have an opportunity to treat about a loan to a friend, you would not be too hard to do, and what do you mean, do you still have it for sale, should it go? Have money enough, isn’t it.

If they are going to discuss the issue or to get the money’s worth, it’s really annoying. You will make because the money for the company, and you are the only one who has the most stuff to do, and you want other people to also be less likely to make money.

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is built up, however, was why, every time talking about his / her income? The presenter of De wereld Draait door and board the Tour to see each and every many months, to use his own name again, coming back to the question of whether he has to make lots of money.

Also, Özcan Akyol, who is a presenter to speak to the Stars on the canvas and started over, told me ” Everything on the table for Eve, home cooked apple pie. “will you cut out some of the topics on which I have, it doesn’t really make much sense in what I actually have in my pockets are full of them. I thought to myself: “do we start now? He did it to.”

This was not the fact that he is now back on, had to leave, but we have to remember is that it is the public basically had never done anything about it. “Well, to my friends, or in your private life, but I did it just to be sporty and come with me.”

Even though the presenter, and the topic is tired, he sees that there is likely to be little change fall out. It may be that a change to the sales people, a lot of rumors about it, it’s a way forward? In any case, nobody is saying that it is “our tax money is in.

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