Roddeloverzicht: This is the weekendkracht and Doutzen ment to stay on

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk will be weekendkracht, Hugo Borst puts weird questions on chart position, and Doutzen Kroes loves to have a big clean-up. For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

Whoever it is, his career did not start on Saturday morning vakkenvullen at the grocery store, on a Sunday afternoon clothing, fold it into a large chain, or on a Friday night popcorn job at the movie theater around the corner? The students will keep only for the weekend, time to get the wallet, and what, to who, and to see their days off, so like snow in the springtime.

Most of the people are going to be after the completion of their course of study in search of a full-time job. Weeks 32 to 40 hours can be the norm, and weekends are times of peace and quiet. Just like a Monday or a Wednesday release is a rare event, but there should be food on the table, and so if you have it on, until the time you retire.

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk draws on a different approach: after many years of use on weekdays, in the evening, and to have worked with, and he made known this week that he has to stop and The World Turns round and starts with a zaterdagavondprogramma.

“What is he, a very clever does it, it is a contract for three years to sign, which he Balkenendenorm out. But that does not, of course, is so much more to do, as The World Turns Round. Actually, it’s a kind of a part-time job, which he will receive over the next three years,” said showbizzkenner Albert Verlinde on the stage of This. That is, part-time work: one day per week, for a day trip, not the whole of the year, and more than 2 tons.

Even though a lot of people are critical to the salarisconstructies on the public broadcasting system, had this week a lot of credit for This, and the quality of the program, and that he has been more than two years. It will take until 2021 before This on the Saturday night show, so there is still time for the great posts about the taxpayers ‘ money.

254VideoIn of the sheets, the Marco is sleeping with her mother and a few bands at Leontine

A “rare high” interview

It was quite the week in The World of Running, because the program was a remarkable conversation, where you’re just not talking about it with her. Ilse de lange, was on a visit to the gains of her nine Edison, and her new album, someone to talk to. Everything seemed to go well, until the table host Hugo’s Chest, broke into the conversation.

There was, however, something has to win it in the ninth Edison? And it is only known to be in our own little country’? And how long was She actually on the stage? As the years start to soon, still have to count it…

“What a rare and high-in conversation with Ilse DeLange bij DWDD, comfortable with just. High boomergehalte. But again, just to see what women artists have to make”, wrote, ” Saskia Noort is on Twitter. She’s got the support of dozens of people.

She seemed to have little problem with that: even though she’s just an eyebrow raised, she responded simply, Hugo, and got a applausje of the audience in the studio, where the direction of the conversation, clearly quite uncomfortable, it was found to be.

Hugo is oblivious. “That is teasing me I have found that there are many people. It’s even a little bit, but it is a plaagstoot can still be respectful of it. I can find nowhere that I have to perform. Genuinely don’t. I can find all of the relevant questions. I have no funny questions asked.”

Stones out of your body

Supermodels have to be all the things to do in order to be as beautiful and slim as we used to be. Diets of hot water with lemon and chili peppers, for hours every day to exercise, and corsets to make the thing as small as possible, to make it seem to be more the rule than the exception to the rule. No one looks at it more of as a model, something new can come up. At least, that seemed to be the case, because this week, we were really surprised by Doutzen Kroes.

The Dutch top model taught her to vlogvolgers all about it in her liver cleanse. With a couple of gallons of apple juice, vegan food, and the grapefruit juice goes a long way, but it is really important to your intestines to let it flush out. “I can feel the pressure deep in my belly,” says Doutzen in the room.

After the rinse cycle is to follow a diet of not much more than salt and water, and a kuurtje of grapefruit juice with the olive oil. The most important thing is: your body hit rocks off. Doutzen felt like a whole new person, but the crowds of her followers, to the heart, it is not intended to be something that you, as medical advice see.

In the comments, and in a variety of media, it was asked whether this is really so clever after all, was someone with as much influence as Doutzen, who talks about how great it feels and how good it is. Then it has to be said, everyone’s actions?

Doutzen has the video, in spite of the comments that could be harmful to your body, just leave it and it does not appear to be going to have to remove it.

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