Roddeloverzicht: The liefdeslijst from Sylvie, and He catches the crooks

Sylvie Meis is already married, Dave Roelvink is a single, and Ronnie Flex boevenvanger. For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

Rafael van der Vaart and Guillaume Zarka, and Samuel Deutsch, Maurice ‘Momo’ Mobetie, Charbel Aouad, Sander Klieverink, Manuel Campos Guallar, Bart Willems: the ex of Sylvie Meis are not, on the one hand, and to count. Its employment, however, are only three of them. Once betrothed, she is, of course, with Rafael, after a marriage of eight years with a hit came to an end. After that, Charbel, the man in charge of the show undying loyalty would be to promise, but their marriage did not go through. And now she is engaged to number three: “by Niclas Castello.

This time, however, to be a sprookjesbruiloft is, you know, we are, of course, but when Sylvie is in the office, there will no doubt be again, the bets are completed over the duration of the relationship and the marriage. Fortunately, Sylvie is there, even for a laugh. “In my business, as well as in any business, we had a chat. I know that they are betting will keep it if I was with someone on the dating site am: “how Long does it take it off? And where does Sylvie’s exit?’. I think that’s just great.”

It’s very strange, is it not, that even her employees will be transferred to the bets with the seven-business relations in the six-year period of time is Sylvie herself, although as a nun, and the rest of the world, it seems there is something else to it to look. That’s Sylvie, and Niclas are now four months of being together, it helps the case, and that Sylvie is at the beginning of this year, said Bart Willemse, perhaps, was the right one too.

It seemed that Sylvie had learned from her last relationship; by Niclas puts it, different than all of her exes, themselves, have no photos of it on social media. On her Instagram account that, apart from the massive ring she’s been recently wearing it, little evidence of the early liefdesgeluk. It has also failed to respond to the wedding. We were invited this time to the manager about it.

For Sylvie, it would have been nice if Niclas is really true, and they have a long and happy life with him can be made. For the tabloids it is, the less they have to wait six years, and now seem to be looking for a new target?

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Be completely removed out of your life

Looking for a creative way to get your friends and family to make it known that your relationship is over? Learn from the stars! Step 1: ontvolg your ex directly in any social medium, that is, step 2: delete all of the photos that you have, in the past few years have made. What else do you need everyone to know what’s going on.

In this week’s let Dave Roelvink and see just how effective this method of disclosure is. The dj’s son and Daughter deleted the pictures where just a little piece of Julia ” Mekkes said, and removed her account from the top of the list of people he follows.

The gutter was on it like a flash and be called father Daughter to make a statement, but he said he was in the first instance, it is not better to know that his son is very happy with the very best deals. That is, on Julia’s account, all the pictures were, and they have the Dave, however, still followed, which made the matter only more complex. How did it happen?

The results came finally from the Country. With the acknowledgement that it had problems, he was also a rumour that most of the rounds in the world. Julia, would Dave have been deceived. Nonsense, said He, but beyond that, the major media, not even for a moment it was told, and helped the thing.

Julia was aware of the policy of doing everything possible to remove it and throw it in rapid succession, each a reminder of the relationship between the three-year accounts. One post put it correctly, a picture of himself and Dave, in which she made it clear that it will no longer work with Dave, and that’s why they are out of one another.

Daves schedule, Julia free, Julia’s schedule, Dave-free, but at least there’s one beautiful reminder of that for a very long time and will continue to exist in the relationship between dog and Jeff. The four-legged friend doesn’t have bosses to say goodbye to; Dave and Julia have decided to co-parenting.


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Take matters into your own hands

If you want things to run smoothly, you can always be the best, but to do it yourself. You know what, when, where, why, you would like to see it, and you can just say whether it’s good or not. And if you do it yourself, you will, at least, even if you want it to do. But the only problem.

Ronnie Flex, must have been thinking when he made this week that three men from his front door to find out. The one dressed as a pizza delivery boy, and the other two are behind a mask. She didn’t open it, because he hadn’t had a pizza, and it turned out to be a good decision as the men had planned for him to come to his own house.

Furious was He; he works hard for his money and his stuff, and a couple of the men thought about that for a moment the misuse of to be able to make it, and with the force of their money and stuff to do. He called the police, but I decided that this was not enough, had to go to the next level.

On his Instagram account, he shared a video of the men at his door were promised a reward for the best suggestion. Your friends will betray you, you do not, of course, just like that, but He is hoping that the € 10,000 should be sufficient for people to be able to convince them that they really need the identity of these mysterious men must be trusted.

Because men are never home, are coming in, we don’t know everything that had been before She: let the raids, or at one time in the thousands of dollars changed hands. Hopefully it does She never get to know. That’s it, men, for your home, it must be scary to be.

We are sorry for our love, Ronnie and his manager, Ali, is that the video will be shared to their followers, are not of the same height. We don’t have any idea whether the bad guys already caught it. Hopefully, we will soon have an update.

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