Roddeloverzicht: the Folder ‘chase’ on football and Beyonce ignore Olcay

Gaby Blaaser is sitting behind the players on, Dutch actress Carice van Houten announces himself for the nomination, and Performed ignore Olcay Gülşen. A summary of entertainment news from this week.

After roles in the Road to tomorrow, the Gas, and the Good Times, the Bad Times, plays Gaby Blaaser is now in the role of her life: that of the influencer, and the potential of football wife. The former actress and deserves, and now her money is in the lower left corner of the photo on Instagram and gets a lot of attention from men because of her seductive photos. However, if we the sheets are to be believed, she would love to go somewhere else to look for.

The folder is doing on a range of parties, namely the very hard working to be a football player, on the hook to save them. Story and wrote up a few weeks ago, the influencer, who is not of itself a 33-year lists, but in the 26+7 years of age, along with Jasper Cillessen was at a dinner party.

A beach club at Curacao would be the Folder all of its beauty in the struggle, have thrown up, and the tent will end up with the player having to leave. To the News did she later know him as, indeed, to know them, but let them remain unanswered if there are romantic feelings involved.

This week, throws a Story in there was the icing on the cake. Rather, it was the Folder already linked to the Rodney Sneijder, the brother of the Former, and think it’s roddelblad to know that it is actually otherwise. Rodney could, in fact, just when the weather has been. Everyone was talking about Rodney, but it was, in fact, it is His that the Folder search criteria.

“Brad and Gaby are pretty intense on the terrace of our restaurant, The Harbour Club is Close to seen,” said a source at the newspaper. The two would be a bit hidden, but there are two celebrities of this caliber are at.

Even though the Folder is not in the detail wanted to join her night with Jasper, she was on her tête-à-tête with Brad, however, is very clear: she is never with him, kissed on the terrace of the hotel. “I would not tell a lie.”


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You can do it, but it is better to do

You know how it goes: you ask a co-worker, a friend or a family member is something you have to do is get there a little later to find out it had been able to do so. It was, at least at one time have been good.

Dutch actress Carice van Houten you can about this and talk to them. The star found out this week that sometimes it’s better to take matters into their own hands, instead of having to wait for other people to do it for you are going to do. The Dutch actress won her very first Emmy nomination, and she’s shown that she is completely self-derived.

Carice has been a lot of seasons to be seen in Game of Thrones, but now that the series is over, it’s your last chance to get a prize in the prize with her character, Melisandre. HBO chose to make the film, not to be in the competition, but at least there is still the possibility of signing, and that’s exactly what they did.

Also, colleagues have Gwendoline Christie and Alfie Allen, who is Carice knows the name of the set of Game of Thrones, and put it in that way, and had a nomination to win. As it turns out, but again: when you have to wait for the others, it may not ever, while you do indeed deserve it.

The team at Carice, paid 225 bucks (around $ 200) to get her to sign up. The Hollywood Reporter did say that the people that usually do it, but it’s not very often that it is really a nomination for the results.

This is the ” take matters into their own hands and take it in for Carice. Along with a good friend of mine, Halina Reijn, she also has its own manufacturing set-up and she is now in her own work. That is girlpower.

How famous are you really?

Walking down the street, without the recognized to be for the average DUTCH is not there. At every turn there is, however, a paparazzo, a person who has a signature at all or with someone you really want to tell you how much fun you had at such-and-such a film.

That’s ” our ” celebrities are not always affected by their fame, it is a fact of life. Not a lot of CELEBRITIES houses in foreign countries in order to get away from it all, and not even in the supermarktrij to be a selfie too!

This week turned out to be two times how to be famous ‘and our’ personalities really are, king Willem-Alexander and queen Máxima were able to without any problem, nice for an afternoon of shopping in New York, Olcay Gülşen, had a hard time with the approach of other famous people at the international premiere of “The Lion King”.

Although the pictures were published by the Dutch king and queen, was able to Maxima at Sephora, quietly inquire about the variety of hair products, and Willem-Alexander will be quite stocked up for the GAP.

To Olcay took a less positive one: she was empty-handed. The show was the night to go to the premiere, sent it and was hoping for a tête-à-tête with Meghan Markle, or to have a little chat with Beyoncé, but came up with nothing in return.

Seth Rogen was just in front of the camera at Olcay, however, when she asked him what it was like to sing together with Beyoncé was for the actor to get ready, he had not sung together with Beyonce.

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