Roddeloverzicht: the double life of the king and Patricia leaves

Roddeloverzicht: the double life of the king and Patricia leaves

King Willem-Alexander has a double life, Humberto Tan finally responds to the affair, Freek Vonk returns to the scene of the disaster and Patricia are Mine, says the showbiz goodbye.

Ribbons to cut, people sworn in, museums to open, and ships baptized: as a member of the Royal House, you have a wide range of tasks. The king, the queen, and their family members running around the country to be there for all kinds of organisations, to banquets, to open, to stress the importance of the existence of a variety of organizations and to call attention to important issues.

With all these responsibilities, you would think that there is hardly any time left for other things, but this week was the talk of the day that our king regularly sitting on the plane! And that is not in a privévliegtuig where he relaxed, slumped sitting and waiting until the place of arrival is achieved, but no! The king seated himself at the helm of the KLM.

As a co-pilot, he flies twice a month with Dutch passengers, to their place of destination, without that they often have some idea who will be in the cockpit. “September 11 was the door of the cockpit open. Regular people came to take a look. And then found people to be fun or amazing that I sat there. After 11 september, the flight crew compartment door closed, and there is much less contact between the cabin and the cockpit. But yes, some people can recognize my voice by the broadcasters during the flight.”

The presence of the king in the cockpit has never hysterical scenes made, simply because people often don’t even recognize. “No, not that I know of. Also, if we from the bemanningscentrum in KLM uniform with cap by Schiphol to walk, there are very few people who recognize you.”

The netherlands responded surprised, while still best for a while it was known that Willem-Alexander will be a round flew. Abroad, they appeared there this week even more impressed. ‘Who is behind the buttons at KLM? Sometimes that’s the Dutch king, headlined The New York Times.

Dutch king reveals secret flights as co-pilot’, reported BBC, and even in India, they were surprised: “No wonder that the Royal Aeronautical Society, the king flies himself at KLM.’

The king remains sober under. He was Thursday, just another one of his other tasks: the issuing of the Apples of Orange.

Humberto responds

For weeks could be the nowhere else about the alleged affair between Humberto Tan and Dionne Stax. Was Humberto real way with the mother of his children? Would Dionne really so its best to have done it to the presenter to conquer? Had the spark been skipped during the new year of 2015 to 2016?

The sheets were full of it, and on the basis of photos was quite a speculation. The big missing factor remained, however, the reaction of the two main characters themselves. Not once did the two directly on the rumors, and never was there anything confirmed.

That there is a lot of effort was done in order to get a reaction we already knew: for the door of the apartment complex where Humberto would stay by paparazzi occupation and from the balcony of Dionne were photos taken.

And there abode not in, and so it proved this week when Humberto for the first time responded to the many rumours. The presenter said, still not or the stories accurate, or not, but spoke critically about the way in which paparazzi to work.

“The only thing I have can say is that I really wonder what meaning it has for my son of nine to chase. Then you have to ask yourself: how do you leave the house in the morning, if you are going to do this?”, according to Humberto during an interview at the School for Journalism in Zwolle.

Although Humberto here is still relatively clear, he was later vague in his answers when he was asked what he thought of the further notice. “Because you’re with your head on tv, there is an expectation that something is going on at home, whether or not the hand is, that you give this tells. I have never done and that I also never do.”

Answers of Humberto, we will never get over the alleged affair. And it seems that the blades would not more so fascinating: they are all busy with the affair of Frank Masmeijer.

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Shark, I’m back

If you have something horrible thing happens you will try everything to avoid what to do think. After a car accident, you don’t want to quickly get back behind the wheel, if you fall from the climbing frames at gym you will do everything there is not yet a time, in having to hang up and if you have once given of a particular dish, you’re ten times think before you have a time to eat.

Nevertheless, it is often said that it’s good to face your fears to face and that you do not need to be stopped by that which you are afraid of. Freek Vonk, who thought cleave: the biologist swam a few weeks after he was bitten by a shark again with the beasts, and now, he even returns to the scene of the disaster.

“We’re going to finish where we were to have started,” said Freek. The biologist feels no fear of the sharks. “I’m never afraid, and there is no fiber in my body that are in doubt about this. Nothing prevents me to follow my passion. I love sharks and always will be sharks.”

Freek was the beginning of February smashed up quite badly by one of the sharks, where he is not only an extremely bloody wound to left him, but also a problem with some nerves in the arm. Happy seem the consequences of the bite. “The wounds are very well healed and the only thing you see are the thick scars.”

The feeling in the Freek is still not back, though it seems that he was not so very much to care. “Maybe it comes back, but if not: too bad. There are worse things.”

Hopefully Freek this time without a scratch back and his other arm is spared. Now in both of your arms are no feeling is very fierce.


Patricia Mine at the beginning of this year, a lot of about is not obtained. The presenter was long-time call, the day after types of xxx sex videos of her surfaced, which we just thought that they were there not more would come.

What is clear: if the next scandal is to have a few people still busy with the previous scandal. You for a while (keep, also want to still help and so pulled Patricia to be sure to go to the abroad.

With her brand new husband was enjoying they beautiful weather in a hot country, and when they saw them, according to the sheets, been a lot better off. What a bit of rest all a man can do.

Enough, it was unfortunately not; the shame remains, and so decided Patricia is as little as possible in public places. But yes: a man has need for some entertainment, and must, therefore, at a given moment by the door.

Patricia did that in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, where Wesley Bronckhorst action gave. Where Private first positive was the fantastic look of Patricia, noticed them halfway through the concert, however, that it was not so good with her. The blonde would uiteindeijk behind her program have hidden out of fear of the critical gaze of onlookers.

Story know sure: Patricia leaves. In the village where she lives is no place for the presenter and her scandals, and so she goes looking for something else. Where she and her husband must go to live, to know the initiates.

Patricia would love to get in the way of her family want to live, and so is Rotterdam, for the hand, but according to the sources, the Story is at least as likely that Patricia to Belgium departs.

Meanwhile, says the presenter itself nothing more to the press. She has had enough of all the thrill-seekers out there.

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