Roddeloverzicht: ‘the Affair of 2.0 to Humberto and Songfestivalwoede

‘Humberto Tan) again, the error is in, Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau will be back on social media after the relatieperikelen, and Cornald Maas takes to the Door-past. For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

“Once a cheater, always a cheater. Although this statement is not completely wasted when we get to various studies, is a well-known saying, has become. And the one that’s been confirmed again and again, seems to be, if we look at the relationships within the entertainment industry.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is, in the first instance, a lot of seem to be with their loved ones, and meet new people on the sets during the shooting of the music and the party, and hey presto: a friend has been put in place. Sometimes that was on a very new relationship, and forget that we were people first, and sometimes that is the one big move the drama.

By Humberto Tan, we can have no doubt of that in the second version of the talk. His alleged affair with Dionne Stax and no one has been confirmed, caused raised eyebrows in the entertainmentland, and many, many, many, many questions that remain unanswered a year.

Weekend, writes this week that Humberto has not learned from the many nights that he was in his vrijgezellenflat in Amsterdam, groningen, and also in the evening on the couch, and sleep did not help: he’d just go back to the error in the process.

Once again, with a co-worker, because the next presenter was Humberto is now also a photographer, and the lady in question is just that. She’s also 28 years younger than Humberto, and would be a regular “adult appjes messages” from him.

Humberto, with his manager and let them know, do not want to comment on the rumors, but the photo on Thursday shared on Instagram is a good example: a photo of his partner, Ineke, with a heart as the caption. Alleged beloved Spice is a little more talkative, it’s implied in a comment in the News that there was indeed something going on there, so in this way, the experts of the program.

“We have to get to know each other, from the photography, it has always been the intention that we have together in a beautiful photographic projects would have to go and do it. But, yes, that’s what it is, this story will eventually come out and I’m going to do is not to confirm or disprove what may or may not be accurate. However, I do think, however, that there is enough for it is written, and that there was no more need to be added. The one that says yes and another says no, and I will not return. Since then, there will be re-established automatically as a reaction on this.”


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The pictures of the beaches, the cute photos of the toddler, and take pictures of us pointing out the wrongs in the world. We don’t really have to miss it, because Instagram is full of it, but now that we have them now and again by Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau.

Since the 1st of march, it was still in the socialemediaplatformen of the show. At that time, were she and her husband, Wesley is known that there are some problems in their relationship were possible. Kill put after that, I took a photo of his family with all of the text is that he has more than once screwed up and even then he still updates, Yolanthe has remained conspicuously absent.

On father’s day, there were fans and followers have been surprised by a notice of Yolanthe: they are honored, while her husband and the father of their son, Xess Xava, he used the opportunity to highlight the importance of the Free a Girl, a charity with which she works.

Slowly, will Yolanthe, from its socialwinterslaap: take a picture with the Xess Xava, in a tent, and a photo of her kindercollectie in the Store. Suddenly appear and once again, Instagram Stories of the year, and it’s almost as if Yolanthe is never stopped loading.

The people are very happy with the return of Yolanthe, but the main idea to click any further than the new ones, and then there’s something on it: His is not tagged in any photos where he is, and XaXa.A Boutique shop that belongs to the restaurant, and it is set up on the island, has a very empty Instagram account. The Instagram account for the restaurant is still there, but the rumor is that XaXa is sold, seem to be confirmed to users that the airport will be closed for good, it is.

All in all, it shakes and the return of Yolanthe in the entertainment business, in each case, a bit of a wake-up call. In the next few weeks, the messages were critical of searching on the hints as to what the relationship is.

‘Community ‘stakeholders’

For many years, neither one wanted to be famous for his or her fingers, the burn of the Eurovision song Contest. After the flops of the Hind, and The Winners were allowed to Sieneke en Joan Franka in the attempt, and even with the 3JS was no escape from the downward spiral of eight years, we met in the finals, not once.

Up to a few times in 2013, I decided it was time to take action, for the first time in many years was in the Netherlands in the final, and She knew her Birds and even a spot in the top ten places to pick it up. The Common Linnets went on the following year, on top of that, with their second place, and apart from Trijntje Oosterhuis were the Dutch artists, still earlier, to get hold of.

He didn’t know She knew, just as everyone in the Netherlands is very good in the main has been this year, at last, the profit of them. And that’s what makes the Eurovision song Contest, next year is here, and it’s got a fan out here.

Also, CELEBRITIES are suddenly very enthusiastic about it. Even though the applications for Program on the stage, to be followed by the community to be done, there are more and more people who feel called to the party to be present.

Wendy van Dijk and Anna Nooshin, Chimène van Oosterhout: can you name a famous Dutch person, and there is a sign on the inside. If all goes well, does anyone want to join in, so it is a proven fact.

Cornald Maas, who had for years been connected with the Contest, in the comments for the contest and the selection committee, it may be that it is not appreciated. That was a tweet that he was this week told: “it’s Funny what sorts of community parties concerned, and a candidate for presenters” who have never a penny to make the entire Contest, gave of himself, now boldly push forward for a place on the front lines.”

By john Smith, who, in addition to Cornald in the commentatorhok, has already been established that he is, in 2020, the stage will be in the polls, concerns, and notifications seem to be forgetting who is there always has been.

The NPO makes the moment nothing is known, so for now we just have to guess who’s going to do is: to be an influencer or to be a presenter?

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