Roddeloverzicht: Sylvie soon only and René ‘too important’ for Dries

Roddeloverzicht: Sylvie soon only and René ‘too important’ for Dries

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Sylvie Meis is later “only” at home, Yvonne Coldeweijer informed fans on, Floortje Dessing weert “ordinary people” and René Froger feels too important for Dries Roelvink. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

Sylvie Meis it seems to be clear: in Germany she is as a presenter and extremely popular, she is happily engaged to a very rich man, and her photos are enviable.

Appearances are deceiving as we the Private this week may believe, because even though Sylvie for outsiders all good for each other, wait for her a solitary future.

“Sylvie loses Damián”, reads the magazine to a picture of a verdrietigkijkende Sylvie and her fiancé, Charbel Aouad. Around the 11-year-old Damián would be a “secret scheidingsafspraak” are closed, allowing the presenter to her son “lose”.

That his fierce words to write about a mother and her child, but whom the story reads quickly discovers that it’s all actually pretty easy. Sylvie gets Damián all is not lost, she and Rafael van der Vaart have made clear agreements about their son and the events that the situation around Damián, from next year, something else is.

Damián has after the separation of his parents in 2013, always with his mother lived, but according to insiders, there in the when signed paper that there after his twelfth birthday change. On may 28, 2018, when Damián twelve candles may blow out, and instead of presents, unpacking boxes packing. Damián pulls at his father in.

If we Private may believe wanted Damián actually always been, but would Sylvie there a stick for the application. To create a kind of compromise, it was decided that the first child of Sylvie and Rafael until age twelve, when his mother would live and then his father would pull out.

To really lose is not, and also gets Sylvie to her son, not lost, but her home will suddenly become a piece of army. Rafael will soon have your hands full: not only Damián is living with him, but also his girlfriend Estavana Polman, and their daughter, Jesslynn. Cozy lot.


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Find someone who you not have spoken, fall in love with someone on the basis of a photo and a conversation, share everything with your loved ones: social media has so many positive, beautiful sides making the world a little bit better. It brings people together through shared hobbies, photos, and videos.

This is a whole new career option for children arise: they can now not only in the fire brigade, in front of a class or in a kitchen work, but they can also famous vlogger, a blog to keep track or make their money with advertisements on social media sites.

Children can also do something differently, learning of all these capabilities: how they are so easily possible, as many people as possible belazeren. Because in one way or another, proves time and time again that it is very easy to get people very hard to sew.

We had already vlogger Snapking that thousands of callers are deceived by them for a long time via a 0900-number to let him call, that he is such a 13.000 euro binnenhaalde, we have now fashionblogger Yvonne Coldeweijer that her fans conned with brand-name products that are not of a brand of bleach.

Yvonne worked for a long time, wreaks havoc with Telekids, participated in Wie is de Mol? and it has about 138.000 followers on YouTube. Her audience will be mostly made up of young girls exist that the presenter idolizing, and you would think they are in there very securely dealing with it, but this week proved the opposite.

Yvonne has a long time her fans sewn, by powerbanks to sell in the form of a Chanel-lipstick. And really, it was “almost a kind of relief” when she was caught, says Yvonne now Chanel her summoned has to stop and damages to pay.

“The whole time I did this, it felt good. Somewhere you know that it’s not allowed. You are all the time be on guard and ask yourself: is today the day they find out?”, according to Yvonne afterwards, who also adds that they are there all the time stated that people “understand” that the powerbanks are not really of Chanel.

Yeah, but how do you know? How people recognize a product as ‘real’? And get a girl of thirteen years old? Yvonne is, in any case, glad they got the stuff now don’t have to sell. And the profit she has to Chanel need to transfer.

In her story at RTL Boulevard talked to the presenter, especially her relief, but was not spoken about any disappointed fans. It was Yvonne still curious about how the in Chanel place. “Because I have the word ‘Chanel’ nowhere on my site.”

Hey bah

We Dutch people are a normal people. We wear normal clothes, drink normal drinks, normal dances and we act normal. No hassle, nothing exaggerated. Do but just, you do already crazy enough.

Vegetarians are difficult people, hipsters are aanstellers and gluten-free-food is for spoiled brats. If we are Story are to be believed, had Floortje Dessing quite enough. She turns the roles around and weert ‘ordinary people’ from her campsite in the village of Zandpol.

It prohibits children and ice-cream with a lot of sugar to eat, there is no bocce ball on the campsite and also a fries is not on the menu. Indeed, the Story should not even come in for a tour, because if we, the staff of the camping are allowed to believe it is a location for “certain people”.

And that while Camping Abroad intense little has to offer. According to the magazine, the pool is poorly maintained, the tennis court and not user-friendly and the swim lake is not suitable for children. That Floor there are also the full mep to ask 400 euro for two nights for a mother and her daughter, according to the Story totally ridiculous.

The leaf has the solution for this vakantieleed: go to a different place! Somewhere where “ordinary people” are welcome and you just you roddelblad should read the papers and enjoy French fries, ice cream and throwing a bocce ball.

No longer friends

Guess what: René Froger has more enemies than just Gordon. Dries Roelvink has a bone to pick with the singer. René and Dries were years ago, the best friends, but now speak two more.

Where Gordon quite a uithaalde to René and him accused of aggressive behaviour as soon as René a beer behind the molars, loves Dries it neater: he is especially sad that it turned out.

“We were in our twenties and thirties the best of gabbers, he coached me in café Bolle Jan, after which we drank of the Rembrandtplein, danced, and René was a witness on my marriage. But with his emerging success grew slowly, the distance between us that now irreconcilable seems,” said the 58-year-old singer in conversation with New Revu.

The fame increased René min or more to the head. “Went with important people and had the royal family went skiing to Austria. It fits that simple Dries from Amsterdam not more between, he should have thought.”

Dries has René never dare to ask what, according to him, the reason is that they have grown apart. Even when he was the singer a while ago came across at a restaurant could Dries, the question is not pronounced. However, he discovered then that René is a jealous man: Tino Martin, opposite Dries in the restaurant was, was by René viewed suspiciously.

“I saw him a few times watching us and thinking: oh dear, there is that Dries with Tino. The singer in terms of looks and voice just a little too much like me, and actually many times better than I,” said Dries, the situation as “very uncomfortable” surveys.

“René is there personally was responsible for that Tino never at The Top has occurred when Gerard Joling in the group threw. He would categorically not have.”

How René also thought about his lost friendship with Dries, after the rulings this week of the latter, is the chance that it ever will be well are probably quite small.

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