Roddeloverzicht: Sylvie pulls out and Giel no longer welcome

Sylvie Meis out to Rafael van der Vaart, Piet Paulusma turns out not to pay and Giel Beelen is not welcome any more as a substitute. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

For more than three years, we have to make do without photos of Damian van der Vaart: for the sake of his privacy, his mother decided, Sylvie Meis, in 2015 no more pictures of him to share. No cosy selfies, no photos of on the football field and all absolutely no vlogs where Damian in the background pass by.

Sylvie wants her son to protect from the paparazzi: if they are not photos, they have a stronger case against intrusive photographers, so they devised and her lawyer. Only then is it of course important that also Damiáns father to cooperate. And that’s not really the case.

Rafael placed the previous weekend, a video of him and his son, in conversation with the NIS. Away all anonymity, Damián could be viewed by Rafaels 128.000 followers and of course for our public broadcaster. Sylvie couldn’t just pass let go and shared a day later, a cozy family where Damián is not standing on it.

“My son took this photo, I do not share pictures with him for the sake of his privacy,” says Sylvie, who, according to her followers, and all kinds of media-a good stitch gave them Rafael. Also Rafaels mother was dealing with it. On Facebook was written by that Rafael is the only one that Damián a stable home environment and knows how to offer and Lolita van der Vaart could not be otherwise than agree. “And so it is.”

RTL Boulevard was this week a step further. They knew, through that Damian not at all that pleasant familiemoment and Sylvie that comment, so really only had to Rafael in place.

Where does this hatred and envy come from? Boulevard had the answer: Sylvie is a bit jealous. Now Damian is older and increasingly shows interest in football, he has more in common with his father than with his mother. And that makes for a painful situation.


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A bob, a job

For the big money, you should not be in public broadcasting, as we now know from all the interviews with “poor” NPO presenters. Exceptions as Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, and Yvon Jaspers to mention, everyone works at stations 1,2, and 3 not there for the money, but mostly because they are beautiful programs.

Not for nothing moves known therefore to RTL or SBS: if your monthly salary to see double, it is tempting to than the same great programs with five ad breaks through it. In recent years we have seen popular presenters like Katja Schuurman, Geraldine Kemper & Jan Versteegh make the transition and although none of them will call out that the money was, is there any time yet again press speculation as to how much extra they get now.

The step to the other side, of the commercial broadcasters to the public broadcaster, happens sometimes. Rik van de Westelaken went back and Arie Boomsma is busy for the EO: you can do quite a lot of money, but if you are not happy, take the days are still very long.

Piet Paulusma was the beginning of this year after many years of faithful service, there is thrown out at SBS. Not right away, and we see him now on a daily basis at the station by John de Mol, but soon it will be ready and so should Pete looking for something else. When it was announced that his contract was not renewed, was the whole of the Netherlands is ready to give him a job to offer: Piet deserves the best.

Jan Slagter, Omroep MAX, the boss, was one of those people. But this week, he said that the negotiations on anything from corpses to walk. Piet has all sorts of requirements where Jan cannot meet these requirements. “The money that we have at Omroep MAX, and what Paulusma asks, is located too far from each other.”

Piet heard this story with astonishment. While he is nice to the cheese cubes and the sausage was at a birthday party, the dirty laundry outside the house. “You know that this kind of discussions happen, and there is of course always talked about how, what and where, but I’ve had sense, and I have never had no said. I find it a pity that I do not at this moment know more than I know.”

Piet then never return? Of course I did! Real fans know him simply yet to be found, even if it does not get something for the tv to do. Piet goes by online, so that he every day just “to moarn” can say.

Completely finished with Giel

As we would like, we would almost every week, write about someone who is angry at Giel Beelen. The radiodj is now once known for his striking statements and makes no secret of his opinion. You kick somebody against the sore leg.

This week the weather was touch and it even went so far that one of his colleagues, infuriated the studio is run during the broadcast and not come back. Giel fell this week, two times in for Wilfred Genee in Veronica Inside, and it appeared to be not huge to click with Rick Romijn and Niels van Baarlen, that next to him were.

Giel was musical guest René Karst, of the hit Rather too thick in the chest, not quite his level and asked while René in the studio was, in the middle of a song, or Wilfred than the whole number turned. A moment later he decided the bells by René’s music, go to run, and Rick and Niels were slowly getting bad.

They felt it was disrespectful to the musician that Giel in this way his work was. Giel saw the problem not so, he found his work as a radiodj to occasionally by a picture to talk. Niels and Rick saw something different and without notice in the broadcast, disappeared Rick of drama.

Wilfred heard it all, from his holiday address on the island of Texel, with surprise. Of the charge he was told that they especially not greater wanted than it is, and whether Wilfred please do not with RTL Boulevard and Shownieuws wanted to sit down.

“‘Keep it small, as if it had not happened,” they said. Well, that is when this succeeded, eh?”, according to Wilfred the day after the fight in his radio program. Or Giel if replacement is ever again allowed to come, is not known, but the chance that Rick is also in the studio, seems to be nil.

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