Roddeloverzicht: Shark bites Freek and Beyoncé get babies

Roddeloverzicht: Shark bites Freek and Beyoncé get babies

Photo: Freek Vonk

Freek Vonk ‘almost eaten’ by the shark, Dafne Schippers and Nicky Romero from each other, Johnny Depp will give thousands of euros to wine and other necessities, and Beyoncé has babynieuws. An overview of the entertainment business of the last week.

As a biologist, dierenkenner or illusionist you can come closer to animals than most people ever will. Your hugs once with an anaconda, you stroke an alligator and you’re going to cozy up to a lion to sit. It’s all because you know like no other how the animals react.

That it is not always goes as planned we saw when Roy (of Siegfried) was attacked by one of their beloved tigers and, of course, when Steve Irwin was stabbed to death by a stingray. Now it also appears that our favorite biologist is on this dubious list should add: Freek Vonk was this week in his arm bitten by a shark.

And just as Roy was said at the time, it was really not the fault of the beast. At that time, someone had the tiger in question is very scaring and felt compelled to bite and now made one of the sharks “a mistake”.

Because despite the fact that Freeks upper arm so damaged look that we are the worst pictures are not allowed to see, he is still very much in love for sharks. “One of the sharks has made a mistake and took a big bite out of my right upper arm”, says Freek. “I knew right away, this is the wrong place.”

On the photos to see Freek’s quite relaxed and there may even been a thumb up, but it was also for the heroic biologist is just as exciting. “After a three-hour surgery, which I fully am under anesthesia, and more than a hundred stitches, I can now back my thumbs up. Of the surgeon I now know that there is nothing vital is hit, the tendons and muscles in my right upper arm are largely in order. I can use my hand, fingers, and my arm moving normally.”

Animal lover as he is, emphasized Freek the most important thing in this matter: he was not attacked, he was bitten. We especially do not think that the sharks, which, according to Freek usually harmless for people, should be avoided.

For those who still can’t get enough of the long Facebookpost including photos, follow a article in his magazine Wild Freek. So Freek, after all, well, except for a tough scar.

Freek Vonk in upper arm bitten by shark

Biologist Freek Vonk is during the recordings of his programme in the Bahamas is bitten by a shark. In the arm of the biologist is nothing vital hit, the tendons and muscles in his arm are “largely healthy”.
© Freek Vonk

On Facebook writes the biologist that he is on the island of Bimini Caribbean reef sharks was investigating. According to Vonk are friendly sharks that are generally harmless to humans. However, things went wrong.
© Freek Vonk

After the bite, the team rushed sailed back to the mainland, because on the small island of not enough help was present. From Miami, is a trauma helicopter of the US Coast Guard were flown to Spark to evacuate to Jackson Memorial Hospital.
© Freek Vonk

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He loves fast cars, they can run very fast. He makes music, they rent it. He has a busy career, she has a busy career. And yet if the love affair of Nicky Romero and Dafne Schippers not stand.

Thursday showed the couple in a statement to know that they are after a relationship of slightly less than a year I had decided to go. “A little less nice post but due to the busy travel schedule, obligations, and personal career goals, where we both filled up for want to go, it is shown that we have enough time for each other.”

In February 2016, the first rumors of the world that Nicky and Dafne each other would enjoy. A few months later turned out to be true: the two had each other on Facebook met, and there were discovered that they are actually quite a lot in common with each other.

“People say very often that our lives are the opposite, because with me to parties running, and at her top level. The effect is maybe different but the ingredients of our careers are exactly the same”, said Nicky there in August 2016.

Yet that is not enough for the relationship to survive. Thursday showed Dafne, in addition to the official statement, via Twitter still know that they are having a good time with Nicky.

“Two hectic lives with ambitious goals, making a relationship difficult”, where they in a hashtag added that the two together certainly continue to support.


Johnny Depp is one of the most successful actors of our time, he has played in dozens of movies and has his name attached to multiple popular franchises.

Despite the fact that he deserves all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and almost any movie by Tim Burton has a role, Johnny is now suddenly still in need of money and demands $ 25 million from the management, because they, according to him, ruined.

The Management Group, where Johnny when connected, it is not very happy with the allegations and has decided to do something about it: suddenly there are the court documents of the case on the street and everyone can enjoy how much money will Johnny spend on stuff he does not need.

As he is every month for $ 300,000 to pay for its employees will be lost and there will be a further amount of $ 150,000 for the security. Anyone who thinks that Johnny will be nothing more to demand, has it wrong: the actor also gives love to spend money on stuff.

So he bought in the past seventeen years for $ 75 million fourteen houses, he travels for $ 200,000 a month with a privévliegtuig and there is a huge collection for which the costs are not entirely clear, but undoubtedly also intense a lot of money is spent.

Culture and travel only can Johnny not enough, however, the pleasure a good glass of wine is important to the day to come. Where most people will welcome with a bottle of a dollar, or 5, gives Johnny a month easy of 30,000 euro from to his wine cellar.

But there is still one issue that Johnny is very, very clear that he with money can strew: for $ 3 million showed the actor the ashes of deceased writer Hunter Thompson by a cannon Aspen broadcasting.

Violently that expense, but if you think about it it’s ok: Johnny has, after all, also about 10 million dollars to friends and family to give away in the past few years.


Those who thought that 2017 is especially miserable news would bring with every day a different measure of president Trump, the miss: 2017 can also best all beautiful things bring. We were at the beginning of the week all pleased by the news that Pharrell, suddenly, father of triplets, followed later in the week, message of Beyoncé that two kids on earth.

The 35-year-old singer is pregnant with twins. Still no three count after posting a photo on Instagram knew the whole world: the picture was in no time the most gelikete photo on Instagram ever, and every newspaper, magazine, or website talked about the babies of Beyoncé.

Where there was plenty of space for sweet messages that people of her day with the babies, there were of course also immediately all kinds of theoriëen about that Beyoncé is undoubtedly a surrogate mother used and really not themselves pregnant. People knew that also to be very sure when the singer “supposedly” pregnant with Blue Ivy.

Also, there were immediately stories about how it came that Beyoncé twins got, and what risks there were. Why would you someone two seconds to enjoy the upcoming motherhood? But no, panic sowing is much more fun and so we could immediately read what could go wrong.

In the meantime it looks Beyoncé is committed geluksbubbel to stay: the singer shared gorgeous photos of her pregnant belly and not responding to the messages. When we got the baby’s can expect is not clear: first, the singer in each case, there is pregnant on the stage of the Grammy’s.

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