Roddeloverzicht: Ronaldo wants to be a team and Yolanthe (a little) homeless

Roddeloverzicht: Ronaldo wants to be a team and Yolanthe (a little) homeless

Cristiano Ronaldo works hard on his own team, Barbie is still not a porn star, Wesley and Yolanthe are even (a little) homeless and Patricia Mine offers her apologies. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

A lot of people on our world are the result of an ‘accident’: the condom snapped, the pill didn’t work or it was just unsafe gevreeën and hoppa!, there is a baby. Also celebrities will regularly face: why are there different so often children are born just for actors, singers and models to announce, however, to get a divorce?

Whether it be at Cristiano Ronaldo’s the case, we do not know, but that his girlfriend this week turned out to be pregnant, makes us suspect that it is also for the footballer a surprise it must have been. Two weeks ago he was still the father of twins via a surrogate mother.

If we the tabloids are to be believed is Georgina Rodriguez is now five months pregnant and that while the couple only half a year together. Ronaldo’s surrogate mother will then just have known that she was expecting a child: pregnancy was definitely planned, but what about the child that now grows in Georgina’s belly? A month after your relationship has begun already pregnant, most couples don’t in the agenda.

For Ronaldo it is without a doubt no problem: with his oldest son Cristiano Jr. he has a tight band and also of the twins (trying to), he now regularly the diapers to change. Also football clubs will don’t mind that Ronaldo one after the other child on earth: with such dna, there must be really good soccer players come from?

Ronaldo has probably other plans; with the announcement of child number four, he is well on the way to his own team together to save. Why football clubs? Ronaldo starts his own team.


Barbie, the doll, has in the past sixty years in many different jobs. Stewardess Barbie, Lifeguard Barbie, and fashion designer-Barbie: nothing was too crazy for the blonde. Or well yes. Her eponymous Dutch friend seemed to need a lance to go to break for a new career: one in the porn industry.

Unfortunately: we will be Barbie (the doll if the realityster) probably never in bright pink martelpakjes see, with whips to see waving or Know once the handcuffs to see. Samantha de Jong sees negativity of the fantastic proposal of Kim Holland porn star to be.

No spicy adventures with Barbie and that while Kim was willing Barbie 100,000 euros to pay to a starring role in one of her racy movies. Barbie looks off, so told her friend Rolf this week.

“There is a lot of fuss about an old production film of me on the site of mrs. Holland. (…) Mrs. Holland thinks there is an extra pocket money to save all of my old movies extra to bring attention so that people once again are going to pay.”

Of course, it was the woman in the video Kim is not, and Rolf, who himself spent many years in the pornoindustrie sat, is we shall that side of Barbie, never are going to see. “This work can you do if you are single, but not in a relationship. Our love for each other is worth far more than any sum.”

It is striking that Barbie herself does not need to do in this whole thing: Rolf tells us about the carrièrekeuzes of his girlfriend. Not that Barbie is something else used, and her ex Michael did, after all, exactly the same when she was still happily married.

Barbie says that every time something else about her writing and that one thing is clear: they will not do it. Many Dutch men undoubtedly continue to be hope that there is still a 18+movie. If we Kim may believe that, in fact, exactly where everyone yearns. “Barbie has been for many years the wet dream of many Dutch men, though they may not all be honest out loud dare to admit.”

New shelter

As a footballer you know not where you are. As soon as your contract is about to expire at the one club, but the question of whether they will you a another want. So is it possible that you at the very last moment suddenly from one side to the other side of the world should go and your wife and children in rapid speed at the back.

It can be even more annoying: Wesley Sneijder could not be otherwise than his contract with Turkish club Galatasaray let dissolve. He was, according to rumors already a long time not paid for by the club and played for a long time already.

And so Wesley and his wife Yolanthe in Istanbul to leave, which they did with pain in their hearts. Yolanthe: “A country that I love, that the heart for me has opened up and where I feel at home. (…) God gave me the most beautiful gift in Turkey: a son!”

No house in Turkey, but where should Wes and Yo or go? Fortunately, the couple also have a house on Ibiza, where they can go and where they, according to Private the “successful” Xaxa running. The club is barely a month open, but according to the magazine, we can already speak of a success.

Yo, the club and loves every moment of the day, you can check whether or not the planters, benches and tables still in the right place.

And that can sometimes become complicated: if the rumors are to be believed, there is a chance that Wesley will soon be available in the United States should go to play football. Ibiza is suddenly really far away.

Preliminary need Yolanthe in each case, there is no have to worry about that: Wesley says in the coming weeks once hard to start thinking about what he now wants to further his football career. Until that time, Yolanthe is the queen of Ibiza continue to call.


A purse, a phone, money: people with their hands away from other stuff. And that’s just as true for personal data, photos and videos. If it still happens can you get mad do things out of anger.

Patricia Mine, of course, has the most horrible year that they’ve ever had. With the leak of her sekstapes lay her whole and keep it on the street and that they are angry for him pointing out to everyone that may be guilty is not really all that weird.

Useful is not, however,: without any proof, recall that you do know who the lot nicked. Patricia had, for that reason her words this week, ingestion. She had really the wrong designated.

Patricia offered her apologies to her former next-door neighbor, and said in a statement to know that her claims “false, defamatory and highly damaging” for Maarten Oostvogel.

Who the videos or has spread, we know still does not. And this must be difficult for Patricia: if you have something to lose if you want, after all, nothing more than someone to blame for it.

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