Roddeloverzicht: Peter R. the door will be turned off and Q3-Karen on breasts

Roddeloverzicht: Peter R. the door will be turned off and Q3-Karen on breasts

Peter R. de Vries is a house turned off under the supervision of the police, Gordon dissects the entertainment industry, Yolanthe is a child more important than appearance, and Karen Damen on her breasts. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

If misdaadjournalist you should not be afraid of dangerous situations. Occasionally, you will be a threat received face-to-face with a top criminal, or hard up behind someone to have to run that you have just unmasked as a villain. Risk of the box, shall we say.

But if you just wants a drink do to someone you know, you don’t expect you a few minutes later, being filmed, being made to look stupid on image and is yelled at. It happened to Peter R. de Vries last weekend. The securities and exchange commission thought for a moment to drink with “a knowledge” but left moments later, without a sip to drink at the table of the house again.

Peter was in Hoorn on the sidewalk when someone that he is invariably “a knowledge” refers to in the talk while enjoying a drink brought. He was the threshold, however, not yet over, or the ex of the woman stood in the house scolding and filming to Peter good for schut.

The man, who on the video opdringeriger than Peter or any misdaadjournalist ever been filmed Peter for a few minutes. Meanwhile told the man that Peter is a dirty old man was, that he had sunk and that he as quickly as possible, his house had.

The police came and eventually Peter, in consultation with the agents but to leave. Where the video mainly showed that the cameraman is extremely annoying was, told Peter later that he and the woman threatened.

In a statement let the woman know that she and the man is already a year and a half from each other, but tied together by the house. “Peter was not yet five minutes in or he was already there. He was pounding on the windows, screamed, and ranted, and continued to repeat this. I felt obliged to open the door to do. He burst in with bolt cutters and started in the right to threaten.”

Terribly annoying situation, where Peter normally not pay any attention to would give, but because it is “widely reported in the media”, he found it necessary to respond. The man with the bolt cutters would be against RTL Boulevard said Peter to want to sue. Or he has done, is not known.

Backbiting in the picture: Melisa wants new breasts, and Fred of Leather posing as a woman


Actually, we thought that we should have a little bit of everything from Gordon knew. The singer is always very open about how he sees the world around, in realityseries we see exactly what his ailments are and in tabloids we read more than once about his love life.

Anyway, there’s apparently still more to tell, because this week, the former singer and current coffee bar owner known that there is a book about him. Marcel Langedijk, who had once interviewed for the magazine FHM, is the writing.

“It is ten pages and is about my life,” joked Gordon Tuesday on Facebook in a video of all proostende people.

Ten pages of the book shall not be: in the interview with Jeroen Pauw, in 2015, told Gordon all sufficient news to a magazine of forty pages to fill. Former Topper-colleague René Froger was given to the pillory hung and Gordon did reveal that Jeroen van der Boom a nepperd is that him from had worked.

If that for years was a secret, and in an interview a few hours advance, we can only guess at the huge gossip in the book. The publisher of the book called the “the total deconstruction of the entertainment industry”.

Gordon has in any case already defined, nothing to withhold. “He just wants a good book. This biography is part of a series in which we have high-profile people to highlight that both high and low culture hit.”

The book will be published in February of 2018: just too late for under the christmas tree. Might be a good idea for Valentine’s day?


A fabulous look is not everything. It is certainly very useful, because you get things much faster, but it is not everything. Beauty fades, good looks will disappear and ultimately you need to have a fun personality.

Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau is, according to most people in the context of ‘good looks’, but this week she told that it all would throw it to another time mother to be. The presenter and football wife is very happy with his son Xess Xava, but she has of course a very national football team.

“If the doctors indicate that we need help, we’ll do that. Also, I find my appearance and line in it does not fall in the happiness and the love of my family,” said the 32-year-old presenter this week. “We will see; still a child is welcome and we are ready for it.”

That Yolanthe willing to do everything for a family we knew, of course, is actually: Linda de Mol told them in 2015, all that they are incredibly difficult found that people are so unkind about her appearance on RTL Late Night some time previously.

Everyone cried when that Yo her face had volspuiten with botox, or that her make-up over-the-top was, or that she was terrible arrived. Eventually proved to be the side effects of the hormone therapy that she underwent to become pregnant.

A comforting thought for Yolanthe is, perhaps, than that also if you are almost fifty are still the most beautiful woman on earth can be found. Julia Roberts won this week for the fifth time the title of People Magazine.

And what does that do with her? “It is embarrassing, but let it for now, keep in honored,” said Roberts. So you see: for a nice appearance you can generate.


That K3 is not only fun for children, we knew for a long time already. The lyrics are occasionally best sexual (“I want you, you want me to. I know a place where they do not find you, you should me devour,” and “Heatwave in my heart, let me come tonight come to your room, thousands of hot dreams”) and also the dad’s were able to truly enjoy the short skirts of the trio.

Now Klaasje, Marthe and Hanne the baton of Karen, Josje and Kristel have taken is for the latter trio, a new era has begun. Not only can they finally do everything she had to leave because of the tight touring schedules, and their image, they can also fondly remember the millions of drawings that they might receive from sticky children’s hands.

The ladies undoubtedly really will remain are the many complimenteuze cans of fathers.

Karen told this week that they are the most popular member of the formation, and also that she knew exactly how that had come: it had simply the largest breasts. “I’m quite vain: that men me sexy find, stroking my ego. I will never forget that a baby, once said: “I have last night you dreamed of!’ To which the mother: “And her daddy.'”

Although the latter reaction as jealousy can be seen, there is according to Karen no question of hatred and envy between her and other women. “On the contrary, women seem to me always to give:” I see you like to be busy!’ Or: ‘I wish I was as confident!” People are very kind to me, now I’m on tv get even more than before. Very amusing. And if you, as a woman, compliments of a different woman, you also know that without ulterior motives.”

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