Roddeloverzicht: Patricia has to endure a lot, and Andy appears separated

Roddeloverzicht: Patricia has to endure a lot, and Andy appears separated

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Patricia Mine gets all over him, Roxeanne Hazes longed for a very long time for new friend, Andy van der Meijde appears to be separate and even a Hollywood-twins on arrival. An overview of the entertainment business of the last week.

If your retirement age is reached, still a busy sexual life, is that something to be proud of. Many people get in a rut in a fixed relationship, and after one or two times per week in the missionarishouding to have hung, it is fun again.

Such an active sexual life is very fun, but if everyone unsolicited can enjoy, it is a different story. It just happened to Patricia Mine this week. The 67-year-old diva has a number of relationships with much younger men, but is now married and doing it again a bit easier. Patricia was just going to of her marriage to enjoy, when this week someone a spanner in the works threw.

Different media were intimate videos of Patricia sent. Patricia bath, Patricia in bed. And getting naked and getting sexual. Where it first seemed that the “ordinary” audience, the images are not to be seen, and the images of journalists were left hanging, was there Thursday someone suddenly that the videos shared on social media. GeenStijl was quick and shared the images as the only and first great medium of the Netherlands.

On the images was Patricia with a (former) partner in different poses. Suddenly everyone could see what David Bowie years ago saw. Where the presenter first denied that it was she on the images and through her attorney let us know that it almost had to go to photoshopped images, she said Thursday that she did not know that the images were made.

Although Patricia on the one video a bit more obvious to recognize than on the other, was on everyone’s images. In the late night programs, it was about the violation of privacy, about that Patricia well had to know whether she was filming or what sex they had, but especially that no one had the right to those images without her permission to share.

Patricia has already reported to the police and the investigation is in progress, but for a large part, is the evil (unfortunately for Patricia) had already been done. It is to be hoped for Patricia that she’s ultimately more convenient than they are now. It may be that Kim Kardashian, the leak of her sekstape something positive made, as inspiration can serve?


Valentine’s day is around the corner, kinky film Fifty Shades Darker is out and after seeing the images of Patricia Mine has everyone need some love. Roxeanne Hazes don’t have to look far if she just wants a cuddle: the daughter of deceased singer André has recently made a relationship with Erik Zwennes and no love deficiency.

This week it was revealed that Roxeanne, who since december has a relationship with Erik, for a much longer time to wanted him to do. “Ultimately, the goal is reached.”

A remarkable statement, because as we well remember had Roxeanne, for a moment, it is officially “on” was with Erik, still has a relationship with Nick van Delft, who for five years was. Now, of course, that Roxeanne only told about the end of her relationship with Nick after a while, but as talk about a long-cherished desires is very special.

Roxeanne was not the only one who desires, already felt, the 31-year-old Erik was already much longer that it really would be. “If you end up together and ‘yours’, then that is really beautiful. She is an incredible strong woman, that I find so attractive about her. If you life to share than you are as a man very happy.”

Real love is so. But we knew that already. By the end of 2016 placed Roxeanne after all, a picture of a tattoo that the two both had to put: they have a ‘E’, ‘R’. Than it is for always.

Separated but not apart

It was a confusing week: first Patricia, then Andy van der Meijde, who suddenly called out to be separate. Although he and Melisa are made for each other seem to be, are the two really is since 2015 to be separated. Just a few months after their dream wedding!

The two are still together, as we have all seen in the reality show, but married they are no longer. That rhymes with not at all and so went Shownews explanation will pick up at Andy.

What is clear: the marriage contract of Andy and Melisa were not optimal, and so could Andy’s ex, Diana is also a claim to the fortune of Melisa. By posing in Playboy and her participation in Paradise Hotel and The Golden Cage has Melisa quite a bit of money when raked together, and Diana would be there, just can claim.

Diana was the first wife of Andy, and got together with him two children. Now she lives in Italy and sees the former footballer’s two daughters barely. “That is my own fault, but it is heavy and must I learn to live with.”

In total, Andy five daughters. Currently, he is especially actively involved in the lives of his two youngest, which he together with Melisa got: Lily Fay and Roxy.

For the love of Andy and Melisa, the separation very little effect and so we wonder whether the marriage vows again in the future again will be closed. Includes white dress with sexy accents and helicopter.

Even more twins

We were last week, delighted by the news of Beyoncé who is pregnant with twins, went there this week even better news. George Clooney is after all these years, the eternal bachelor, ein-de-lijk father: Amal, too, are expecting twins.

The 55-year-old actor and his brilliant wife, the news itself is still not confirmed, but thanks to best friend Matt Damon, we know for sure. The set is not typically very open about such things, and it will undoubtedly take some time before we truly get confirmation, but Matt has given us enough details that we’d be able to.

So was George so excited about the arrival of his children, that he was far too early told about the pregnancy. After eight weeks, he spoke to Matt during recordings about his future fatherhood. Matt was crying, George was crying: it was a beautiful moment in a mannenvriendschap.

All that time kept it secret and that while with all the paparazzi that lurk in Hollywood that almost seems impossible. Guess what: just you shut your mouth to keep help.

“The only way to keep a secret, is by simply not discussing them with others. It is not a higher mathematics. My wife and I have talked about this before and we are very happy for them, but we found it also to them for sharing the news,” said Matt about ‘the secret’.

Although we still will have to wait for confirmation of George and Amal, we know thanks Matt for sure that they are fantastic parents will be. “I’m so happy for him. She is also fantastic. He has really won the jackpot with her, she is a special woman. They are very good parents, who have children already happiness.”


Matt Damon: George Clooney and Amal will be fantastic parents’

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