Roddeloverzicht: only one thing was missing in Farmer looking for wife and Jan in glitterpak

Roddeloverzicht: only one thing was missing in Farmer looking for wife and Jan in glitterpak

Farmer wants a Wife gives everyone once again, uncomfortable but fine feelings, mutual vlogwoede about lipfillers and botox, André van Duin makes it Very Holland Bakes and Jan Smit pulls a glitterpak to the Top. An overview of the entertainment business of the last week.

If someone participates in a television show to find love, is it not a strange assumption to make to assume that the person flirting is not too well controlled. Yet it is every season of Farmer wants a Wife is a surprise to see how bad some people are in.

Most people will do everything they can to be good to come on a first date: a new outfit, hair neatly and quite a lot of compliments. If not casanova’s Mark, Riks, Herman, Olke and David. Farmers remain farmers, and during the recording was obviously great weather, and for the lord no three-piece suits, but no: a shirt and a pair of jeans is chic enough.

And okay, those outfits are actually quite nice, because the men are at least themselves. But the conversations in which they engage are so off and very uncomfortable. Herman of surprise back saves as he Anna, of which he previously a beautiful modellenfoto has seen, in real life met and then that surprise also pronounces is already in the books as one of the most uncomfortable moments on television. “What you can do with such modellenfoto is incredible. They are two separate faces.”

Fortunately, Anna had to laugh and the two (spoiler) one more time with each other on a date. Hopefully Herman than his awkward comments keep.

Also the dates when David didn’t go off without a hitch: the best farmer hates horses, but invites only but paardenmeisjes! Then complains he that one of the ladies would rather her horse than family and friends, but invites her out for a vervolgdate. Hello: if you have any such problems with paardenliefde, then choose someone else!

Farmer Riks makes the extremely awkward note, “How is it that such a nice woman to be alone?”, after which his date tells that her husband died and in her letter stated. Reading is essential, as is a proven fact.

The ups and downs of love, the five farmers will in the coming weeks for plenty of amusement on the Sunday night. Keep the lord as uncomfortable or they develop to real rokkenjagers?

Sneak peek new episode of Farmer wants a Wife


Thick lips, full buttocks and tight bellies: nowadays, with ladies in exactly the right places what curves and for the rest as tight as possible. The influence of media is always great on the schoonheidsbeeld, but by the advent of social media is becoming even more important.

Anyone can now BN”: just a phone call and a good story are needed to enable thousands of people to your video to make them look. Little crazy, or very handsome, and you’re there.

Modevlogger Yvonne Coldeweijer, that two whole episodes in Who is the Mole? sat, know how much influence you can have on young girls and is, therefore, always be careful with what she has in her videos.

So at the ex of Ben Saunders for a long period only junk food, but its viewers have not seen. “I knew that I by a phase had to go, so I’m going to something not in my vlogs.”

The presenter will find it, but nothing that her vlog colleagues seem to attract the influence they have on young girls and boys. “What must a person of fourteen thinking, like you, their example, the signal that you are not beautiful enough? Just be happy with who you are. I do not exclude that I am on my 45th ever have a little botox’m going to use, but come on say, some of those girls are not even 25 and can no longer frown. I think that’s really bad.”

Yvonne finds it but nothing, the teenagers who increasingly are confronted with how their appearance could easily change if they have the money. The question is whether the vloggers have some idea what impact they can have on such an impressionable group, perhaps they think really: I just share everything in my life, so also this.

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All of Holland Bakes with André

Almost as unfamiliar and therefore almost as popular as Farmer wants a Wife is all of Holland Bakes. With z’n all in a tent, baking cakes, two clumsy members of the jury and a spontaneous presenter that there in between walking: what more do we want?

Martine Bijl made the program into what it is today: a kijkcijferkanon with typically Dutch cosiness. The presenter knew the candidates to reassure, resulted in a slightly critical voice-over and knew exactly the surprise of the viewers at home to bring if it went to the works every time the oven came from.

Where the host for years in the background remained, she was with all of Holland Bakes all the way back into the hearts of Dutch viewers and so it came hard when it turned out that she had had a stroke. Now it is been almost two years ago and it’s already much better with Martine. The hope was high that they now, after the last season absence, would return to all of Holland Bakes.

Unfortunately: this week it was revealed that Martine is still not strong enough to make the long days pass. Fortunately, fans of the program have nothing to fear: André van Duin takes, just like the previous season, the honours where.

Where initially the fear was that André be funny would be for the program quickly proved that he is the best replacement was that Martine could wish for. That the two know each other well heal too many wounds: Martine does not need to be afraid that André finally the stick takes over.

“In the hope that they will by this extension of her recovery again at all the old will be, I will Martine like a season replacement,” said André in a comment.

The coming autumn we can so again with André the tent in and see how beautiful creations are made. And then hope that 2018 is the year of the return of Martine Bijl.


Every meezingplaat that there is singing in the Arena, a deck with a lot of glitter on and arrive on a suitable vehicle: a moment it seemed that André Hazes Jr. or Waylon that this year would be allowed to make. De Toppers (Gerard, Jeroen and René) were looking for a fourth member, and everyone there was to chicken to guess who that would be.

Monday night came the redeeming word: Jan Smit joins the Top. The Volendam has apparently very much need to be in cowboyoutfit lifting and horse Arena. The theme of Wild West, Home is Best pulled him sufficient to final in the mens.

Jan was in fact every edition is already with once in a while, but now he is going to be real every time with his good friends to Amsterdam to attract. For the nose of every time more than 50,000 visitors will Jan his biggest hits and those of others, start singing.

This year there is a “baptism”. “I can make this year a little bit of acting,” says Jan. Or are Their friends Nick & Simon and the 3J’s also of the party, we know, unfortunately, not yet.

With the new acquisition, will the cards from the Top certainly know even more than they have in the recent years have went. Especially now that Jan is also in a schlagertrio is, he should feel right at home during the meezingavonden.

Tickets for the Toppers are still available, so if you always dreamed of has Jan Smit in “glitter country red”-outfit to see may have a chance yet to intervene.

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