Roddeloverzicht: One gives the wrong example, and He has a problem

Martien Meiland has been a bad boy, Andre Hazes, confirms that it is wrong, and Frits Wester delivers the RTL all sorts of problems. For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

That’s a nice glass of wine, not all of your problems, we have made it as a result of One of Meiland taught. Enjoy that wine, wine, wine”, but if we are to verslavingsexperts are to be believed, it is the way it is at the Chateau, Meiland done great evil.

The night went on for a couple of months ago, it was still nice meewijnen, but for now it’s a family a couple of times, no comment, wanted to participate in the program, the tide has turned, and it was an item about the hazards of as much as a glass of alcohol in the avondprogrammering.

Each and every week and watch almost a million people, how, One, She, Maxim, and now Caroline, with a bottle of wine, open it, and in no time at all, to the inside of clocks. Most of the people find the phrase ‘wines, wine, wines’ is a hilarious way to spend the weekend, but representatives of Jellinek, and STEP out to find it, but dangerous as well.

“It is potentially addictive, it is a carcinogen, so you’ll have to make a lot of sense how to handle it. In this series, it is absolutely unwise and risky,” according to a spokesperson from the STAGE. Also, Jelinek warned that having a glass of wine at 11.30 o’clock in the afternoon is not the best idea, and encourage one another in the well.

“I think you have the Chateau, Meiland is still very good, it can make talking about wine”; however, the Jelinek-ms. get around to it.

Fear not: a spokesman for Talpa has already had to let you know, that’s One, and its just plain nice can of wine. “Well, this is what we can all fall into the category of responsible drinking and it has nothing to do with the excessive use of alcohol, or the incitement to do so.”


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And how do we then proceed?

For several weeks we have rumors about André Hazes and Mona read it. It was, for they were sweethearts now, Andre had another one, and then they were back, all at the break. It is kept guessing as to how it actually was, as well as some fuzzy posts on social media, he said neither of them is anything about the status of their relationship.

After stories in the tabloids about the affair with Nikkie Plessen and the daughter of one of Mario’s Leg and decided that André, in Dutch glossy magazine Beau van Erven Dorens, however, still have to respond to all of the stories.

“I’m there, it’s not because it’s anything between us, and we have no answer shall be due. We love each other very much, perhaps too much, so we often sat out,” said the 25-year-old singer.

André and Monique don’t live any longer, because of the singer’s own words, “not the easiest thing to do is” and then sometimes it is better to use an aside in which to live. “It’s better to take a moment out of life. I am now away from home.”

In the many, many rumors about possible relationships with other women are said to Andre on the radio nothing on, Van has been for the past few weeks of silence on social media, and so there is still a lot of questions about it. André and Monique, keeping in good contact and the relation is not yet finished, or follow is another matter.

Too tired and/or drunk

Not only Martien Meiland was in trouble due to his love of alcoholic beverages, also to Frits Wester was the talk of the town. On Twitter, they spoke about the activities of a political reporter to be on the show on Sunday night. The reason for this? It seems as if He has a drink too many in him.

He has made it very clear that this is not the case, it was this: he had a show on very little sleep, and after a frantic day and need to take, so it’s not like he used to. The AD knew about it, however, is certain: He is struggling with an alcohol problem and are not willing to admit it.

Sources in the RTL would have been many years filled with fear, see how He has one drink after the other, to within the press and in the broadcast, it was already noted, the political reporter is not at all good, his words seemed to come out.

The deputy editor-in-chief of the nieuwsplatform, it helped that the case does not go against the newspaper, saying that he was worried about Steve. “This was not a good thing. And for the last time, too. I would like to know what’s going on.”

In the meantime He has been for a while now, not on tv, because he will need to take a break, take. If and when they return, however, is not clear.

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