Roddeloverzicht: Never more Geer & Goor, and still hope for Wes and Yo?

Gerard Joling and Gordon will never have a duo, Bertie still has regret of Farmer wants a Wife, and there is hope for Wesley Sneijder and Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau? An overview of the entertainment business last week.

Imagine: one of your best friends throws you out of the band that you have started. Or: one of your best friends calls you in his book an old pervert. You will stay friends?

Few friendships in the entertainment business are at as much file as the friendship of Gerard Joling and Gordon. The two singers may be the one time the skin is full of cursing, for two seconds later howling with laughter on the ground with z’n half.

“My mother said,” you still with that guy going to do, you here for the time being not more across the floor to come'”, said the ‘Geer’ to us a year ago after Gordon all sorts of untruths about him, the world had hurled in his book. But a moment later, sitting her son next to ‘Goor’ in the jurystoel on The Voice Senior.

Friends, they would no longer be guaranteed Gerard, but work together for the elderly certainly could have. Up this week: the singer signed an exclusive contract with RTL, and let Gordon well done the same in the stations of John de Mol.

So never Geer & Goor? Well, never say never, both men assured. “He has two years signed, and it is a pity, because of course, we had a very nice program with Geer & Goor: where to, what for?, for the oldies. But that may be about two years.”

Is it, then, anyway, so that true friendship overcomes everything? Because when you have so much trouble between each other can have and yet still can say that about two years might works, then there must really be something?


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Still a little regret

With all the technical possibilities in order to find love, it seems almost impossible, but there are still singles in the Netherlands. People who fail to use Tinder, happn, The Inner Circle of Bumble the find love, who never succeeded in the pub and who dating with friends and colleagues has not worked.

For all those people, there is fortunately a workaround: you can still find love on television. First Dates links people to each other and let them eat together, Temptation Island offers people the ultimate temptation and Farmer wants a Wife helps farmers to love.

The success of the latter show is unprecedented; every season there are farmers who, years later, still together with the partner they through the program have found. Negativity about the liefdeszoektocht with Yvon Jaspers hear you barely.

Anyway, there was this week’s farmer Bertie, who in 2014 took part in the program and not sure if they are with the knowledge of now would participate. Although Bertie is not together stayed with Esther, she thanks the team met, she is now together with Rosita, who also wrote a letter. Without the Farmer wants a Wife had the two together, perhaps never met.

“I wanted to participate in the program because I like to have a girlfriend. It wasn’t that I like on tv wanted to come.” The impact of the program could, however, not estimate, but that fell dirty to. “One day I drove just take it easy on my tractor through the field, the other day layers, in a manner of speaking, the photographers in the bushes on my yard.”

Nevertheless, it is Bertie really arrived and very happy that she Rosita now in her life. “I have enormous admiration for how she does it all. She is with her whole family to Zeeland moved, that is not easy. But that is also what I like about her: they just do it.”

From each other, not separated

2019 seems to be rapidly becoming the year of famous people who, like ordinary people, not know what to do with their relationship. Wendy van Dijk and Erland Galjaard have a marriage that is in heavy weather condition, Nicolette Kluijver and her husband Joost divorce, but not really, and now say Wesley Sneijder and Yolanthe Cabau all of a sudden, there is no question of a separation.

What is happening? Nicolette made immediately clear: there is to the marriage work, a divorce is premature. And although in the first statement of Wesley and Yolanthe the word separation is not caught, it seemed more than clear that the marriage was over. To Wesley on Instagram to put that they are “not yet separated”.

Also Yolanthes manager immediately said that the word ‘divorce’ never fell, but how it is now, however, it was not quite clear. When the statements of the manager this week were picked up, there was also little clarification. “More than I previously told you, I have nothing to say”, let them know to AD. But keep Wes and Yo still together? “For this I have nothing to say. It is my case also.”

Now is Yolanthes manager, of course, no advanced training in relational matters, but they do understand that the reader does not accept this? Who wants to know: is there still hope for the couple?

The viewers of RTL Boulevard, thinking in each case of up to two-thirds of the visitors of the website is convinced that Wes and Yo ‘just be’ together again to be happy. Then believe there in any case someone in.


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