Roddeloverzicht: Muscular Giel and bickering over The Luizenmoeder

Giel Beelen is completely inflated, Khloé Kardashian, is now in the ‘family’ cheated and there is bickering over The Luizenmoeder. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

Liters of cola, a whole pack of cigarettes, and barely any sleep; there is one name where everyone automatically thinks of in this description. Giel Beelen was for many years not exactly the example of a healthy man, and such an image remains on your stick.

Of pounds of vegetables, daily exercise and a six pack; no one to Giel thinks, but that is really the case. The radio dj took the challenge and wanted in fifty days a blokjesbuik. And against his own expectations in that he succeeded.

The radio dj is now ‘dry’, as the sport is called, and is one hunk of muscle. That muscles do not per se the man, is evident from the reactions of other famous people. So was Albert Verlinde that Giel his head to lean had become, and found Jan Versteegh, it is there but weird looking.

Fortunately, there are plenty of people who the action of Giel can appreciate, and as if he suddenly with good talk shows shirtloos sitting at a table. “This is my life”, he told by Twan Huys at the table. Giel has his life changed, his life turned over a new leaf. And that is not a moment too late, because even though the table only about his great performance went, it was there that day actually something much boeienders report: Giel should not be more behind the wheel.

The radio dj had drunk in the car, sat down, and exactly on the day that he is proud of the world wanted to show how ‘dry’ he was, decided the court in the judgment. Giel may provisionally no car to drive. Still a luck for Giel: if the judgment was previously been, had everyone talking about it. But now we could not stop on his six pack.


Giel Beelen reveals after months of training the end result

Familievete or kijkcijferstunt?

With the Kardashians, you know it will actually never be sure. Is there really something going on, or is the quantity staged for the reality show? Momager Kris Jenner is regularly portrayed as a criminal mastermind and would be going very far to her daughters in the spotlight. The leak of the sekstape Kim went according to sources, also really don’t by accident; everyone knew suddenly who the family was.

Also with the new chapter in the reality show is doubted whether it is not just a smart strategic move of mama Kris is, however, a lot of people are involved, all of which have their mouth should be able to keep.

Khloé Kardashian is, according to insiders again deceived by Tristan Thompson. The basketball player decided when his girlfriend turns up very pregnant was all that he was entitled to something as well, and even though that’s been discussed at length, and especially were ok between him and Khloé, it would be Tristan according to the latest rumors, again, have had difficulties of his trousers to keep with other women.

It Was the last time a drama, it is now much more violent, because the woman with whom Tristan this time the bed has shared, is the best friend of Kylie Jenner. Khloés half-sister knows Jordyn Woods for almost its whole life and the two are even living together in one house. Jordyn is all part of the family, as is seen in the reality show, and get all kinds of expensive gifts from her well-known friends, but if we take the rumors would believe they would all have the game put in for one wild night with Tristan.

That goes on in families that we know everything, no one confirmed that there really is a hassle, but it continues to be cryptic messages on Instagram, unfollow each other on social media and in this case, a discount offer on the entire Jordyn-collection in the make-upmerk of Kylie Jenner.

Undoubtedly will soon enough turn out how it all really is. And otherwise, we see in the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians.


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Absolutely no luizenleventje

If there is a weekly four million people to look at you and look back again a million on top, you can wait until a quarrel arises. Everyone wants a bit of the huge success of the action.

Whether that is a bit of a scandal to arise about possibly departing cast members, or earn money with what knick-knacks; if we are but able to lift. For instance, The Luizenmoeder.

RTL Boulevard got this the anger of an actor Diederik Ebbinge on the neck. The program knew through media-expert Ron Vergouwen exclusively report that the announcement that Diederik nothing in a third season will not only see to want to stop at your peak, but he also found that there was not enough money.

“This is total bullshit and have my agent and this afternoon, I passed. That they still claim is very rancid. You need me never again to call. Bye!”, was the message of Diederik on Twitter.

And there was yet more hassle, because a day later it turned out that all of the hard work of Diederik and his colleagues by a drugstore is used to earn money. And that while Diederik nothing knew!

‘Let them shine’ and ‘do I look like I have humor?’ grace products of the chain, and although the actors knew nothing, was broadcaster AVROTROS on the height and a portion of the proceeds again to the producers of the series. Everyone is happy then?

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