Roddeloverzicht: ‘marriage problems’ for Yvon, and everyone is mad at Kim

The marriage of Yvon Jaspers is on the rocks, with Job Gosschalk, again, in public, Kim Kardashian has come up with a whole lot of people to him. For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

As everyone knows by now how to Yvon Jaspers in april, was seated at a table with Others. The host told us be emotional about how hard it had been when it became apparent that no one trusted her, had once to the office of the Commissioner for the Media, decided that its position in the ForFarmers is against the Law to go into. It was a little over the top, especially since she is in front of the family, Anne Faber, and Yvon had a hard time of it.

This week, it was announced that there may be something else, that the emotional outburst was over, we thought. The Story says that there have been problems in the marriage on the show, and that’s the reason for the violent reaction to it.

In the bedroom, where Yvon lives with her husband, Pieter van Beukering, and their two young children, it is the presenter’s topic of discussion: the couple are rarely seen together, and there is a separation, there seems to be sure to get it. Peter is wearing his wedding ring no more”, said the newspaper.

Also, the car will give away just how bad it is: they were in the past is always in front of the door, Yvons car for weeks, barely seen by the observant neighbors.

Now, of course there are all sorts of reasons thus Peter’s wedding ring is currently not wearing it, and Yvon just as busy with all of the pictures of the Farm and the Farmer wants a wife, and for that, balance is put in the magazine itself, but still, they are great!!!

Yvon has in the past said, not wanting to talk about her personal life, as well as its spokesman, wishes to say anything about the potential marital problems. Fortunately, the neighbours in the close into the holes, and we will soon have an update to be expected.


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Good friends support each other

A true friend is still there, we learned this week. Do not let anyone the slightest a fall, the decision was more to be heard, or to remember friends, and that’s a good thing: being able to laugh and cry with one another, which makes the person good.

It’s not always easy to make friends and to know the celebrities as well. With their busy schedules and back-and-forth traveling, there is sometimes very little time to just drop in for a chat with a good friend or a girl friend.

On top of that, about other CELEBRITIES of have read in various magazines and journals, and is a quote from soon wrong, it can be read. And with many of the “scandals” that are frequently cited, it is even more difficult.

Fortunately, there is a lot of evidence that this is indeed possible, friends. Job Gosschalk, who has been accused of unwanted sexual harassment was for the first time in the Netherlands is seen in public. And that’s all to the wedding of Katja Schuurman, and Frank van Noortwijk.

The director of the film is, there were people being forced to have to dress up at auditions and would be regularly limits have been exceeded. In several well-known Dutch for many years, worked with him and were good friends with him, was asked what she thought of it.

Katja Schuurman was from day 1: they approve of his conduct, but the Job has been, and continues to be a best friend. And that turned out to be so, however, when Katya and her company, gave it was a Job just like other good friends of the show.

“The Job was to be present on our wedding day. He had been on a Friday in the wedding ceremony, the dinner and the party. Actually, everyone at our wedding, our guest of honor, but the Job was to be a special one. He was sitting next to me at dinner,” says Katya, who, for over twenty years, friends, Job, and so they will continue to.

Has changed over time or changed over time?

You say you changed over, say, Kim Kardashian. Don’t? If it were up to Kim, is going to be. When most people think of Japan, geisha, and beautiful, colorful, japons, will, Kim, that we have to think about shapewear underwear.

The realityster also has her own lingerie line developed in a variety of skin tones, and is proud to have changed over time-line, but when people are mad, because Kim is going all the way over from the traditional clothing, and the insult thereby, in the Japanese culture.

Kim is going to take this one step further: they are on the ‘kimono’ is a registered trademark register, and therefore the term itself. Outraged people on social media, that they are over before you realize it you can go with a long tradition. No it’s not about the huidkleurige shorts, tank tops and suits with clean lines.

Kim was shocked at the response as she made it to The New York Times namely, but it is not at all going to a different name. Why do they choose this name, it is gone, she said not to, but that’s probably just as Kimoji’ (emoji’s that are turning to Kim) is a play on words.

“I have a lot of respect for the kimono, and I’m not going to complain because they have changed over time, or that the term has changed over time to use when it comes to traditional fashion,” said Kim in an reaction to it.

The sale of the shapewear that will undoubtedly be little, and that’s Kim, of course, would be in order. If the money is coming in.

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