Roddeloverzicht: Mark is Marieke and Patricia comes back

Roddeloverzicht: Mark is Marieke and Patricia comes back

Mark Rutte can very well find with Marieke Elsinga, Peter Jan Rens get a child, farmer, Bertie is already in love with and Patricia Mine is hard back. An overview of the entertainment business of the last week.

As prime minister you have to be terribly busy. From debate to debate, you are supposed occasionally to an opening of one or the other to be in a foreign country and of any political news, you must be something down. Not surprising that there is little time left for a personal life.

Mark Rutte picks up that well; with friends, he addresses at the beginning of the year in the calendar which his friends know better to maintain than a lot of less busy people that can. Only the love, which stays a little behind. This week celebrated the prime minister’s fiftieth birthday, and so there is again the often-asked question: where is a beloved for Mark?

LINDA knew there was an answer: they have connected the politician on RTL Late Night sidekick Marieke Elsinga. And what was the result: She has always dreamed of a relationship with a Mark. “At Late Night have I ever said that I fantastic would to find a Mark to marry. “Mark and Mary”, which sounds very good.”

During the photo shoot, clicked on it and on the pictures is to see that the two best-a band have been developed. Marieke, which Marks tie is doing well, She is ‘the woman behind’ Mark and Mary and Mark who are very with each other laugh.

Although during the interview there not too thick lies on top of it, it is obvious that the flame he-le-times is skipped. Marieke would like to know how Mark plans to do if they have a child together. “That is a matter of good planning. I see friends that rush hour. So it is aanpoten, with that small Mark of us and those busy jobs, but that we can arrange,” said Mark.

Mark saw a mini-Mark about nine months all around, but She wants the premier to first come to know. “We will meet first what better to learn? (..) Let us to the spring of 2018.” We look forward to it.


There are few celebrities who so doubt news as Peter Jan Rens. The presenter puts so much conflicting messages on social media that it is often difficult to determine is how now really is. He and Virginia now forever apart? They already married? They go apart again?

When Peter Jan this week on Facebook a photo shared of a positive pregnancy test, it took therefore a lot longer than most of the CELEBRITIES before the also by the media was reported. Everyone wanted to be the first check to his spokesperson.

What turned out to be: it is really true. Peter Jan and Virginia are expecting a second child. Thingy: Peter, Jan, in all his enthusiasm, much to fast with reporting the news. Actually, he had another six weeks to wait for it with the world shared. But yes: Peter john is the father and everyone must know.

Virginia would have preferred to wait sharing the news and give her wrong. In 2015 got the now wife of Peter Jan, a miscarriage, and that means that most people are more careful with the sign of a new pregnancy than the first time.

It was Wednesday, no holding back: Peter Jan wanted to share news and so was Virginia not even there when the whole of the Netherlands might enjoy. Later also confirmed it on the news and we knew for sure. Daughter Djelisa get a sister or brother there.

It is to be hoped for Virginia (23), and Peter Jan (66) that the pregnancy this time without any problems and they are about a little less than eight months, a new baby in the arms are allowed to close.

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We wrote a few weeks ago that Bertie again looked to the love, it now appears that they’re already long again! Very long has the woman not done, because her new love she knew, apparently, for months.

Since a while it is Bertie happy with Rosita. Yes indeed: the contestant of Farmer wants a Wife during the broadcast still saw a relationship with Bertie because she fell in love with another. More than two years later ended that relationship and so there was space for Bertie.

The flame struck, apparently, about when Bertie and her relationship with Esther had broken and Rosita her own relationship. “We think about a lot of the same and complement each other. I was actually not at all open to it, but you love it: it has gone so fast.”

One thing was very important: Esther had Bertie told that there is a new love in the game. “I found that Esther is the of me had to hear, not from the media. However, We are apart, that does not mean that I am nothing to her. They found it difficult, but gives us all happiness. I also, of course.”

Bertie is now so in love that they make the most of the roofs want to cry. Rosita feels the same way. “It’s true just. We sit on a pink cloud and I do not think that ever goes away.”

Is she

Patricia Mine since the leak of her types of xxx sex videos in news way to think about it. Each BN ” some of it, everyone has the video’s seen and everyone wants to know: how does Patricia feel now?

The diva kept silent for a long time and let all the spokesman by her lawyer to do, so we only could guess at what Patricia thought that the whole of the Netherlands her antics in the bedroom and bathroom could see. This week came it at the moment: Patricia appeared, with clothes on, in front of the camera at home cooked apple pie to respond to the violation of her privacy.

To be very honest was Patricia. The last week was a hell for her. And yes, they knew that the videos were made. “At that time I found that good. You just don’t expect something to be shared.”

For all the (sometimes really nice) jokes aside: for Patricia, this is of course hell. Intimate images like these that suddenly be seen by everyone, that no one wants to see that. The question that Eva home cooked apple pie asked whether it was wise to create images is not necessary: the Patricia should be nice and do what they want, no one has images to share.

Patricia felt by the police is not taken very seriously, a bad case, so said the police later also. “We regret the feeling that with ms. Mine is arise, especially given the seriousness of the situation that they face. The police and NH take the matter seriously.”

Patricia suspects that her neighbor there of the images to have shared, when we had her ex may believe. He shared of the week, a picture of the man in question through social media very quickly removed again. The lawyer Patricia was mildly amused, but happy to hear that the photo is not too long online had stood.

It is to be hoped for Patricia, who the dealer is, those below stops. More videos will be Patricia’s life not easier.

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