Roddeloverzicht Marco’s treachery, and of those who keep Linda under control?

Marco, He was cheating on his Leontine, Jennifer Aniston makes a Instagram break, and those who love to Linda de Mol in order? For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

“Oeh you, I thought you knew better. I thought you were better than that of the oeh, you are so naive and so lost. If you fall in love on the ears, and he will, no, no, darling, he says, it is not with you. And he’s not worth it. What’s it to you, and says, says he is in the home against her will.” Ironischer could not at the time of Marco Borsato is hit with a song about an affair, is a story that the singer himself is also guilty of having an affair.

Ten years ago, into the largest Dutch hitzanger his Leontine, with a pianist Iris Hond. Indeed, the same Iris, the Dog, who is currently on tv, love trying to be found in the Iris, and the 12-leads. How will the two meet each other, it is not at all clear, however, in 2009, was the piano player at the same stage as Marco, when she played a solo during the Symphonica in Rosso. Very nice, it seemed, was not yet behind-the-scenes: in a home of a pianist is that Marco is not with us.

While Marco is singing, that the people ought to know better than to enter into an affair, did he know that ten years ago, so it doesn’t. The singer, who was then 42, was at the failure of his business will BE a difficult time and needed a shoulder to cry. In this case, the shoulder of his own, Leontine isn’t good enough, so he tried it for twenty years, a younger Iris.

The then-22-year-old pianist, who is this week as well as Iris, the 12 dates, have said it should never be with men of her own age, to fall in, it would not be an easy one, and found out that the two of them, in spite of their significant difference in age have a lot in common we had.

It was, for a moment, but for all of them, he said to Marco this week, as a reaction to it. But the resources of the Private, the better to know of the affair, it would be really handy to just close. The break is so recent that the Iris is at the beginning of this year was sad, and just a little too much of her story has done so far.

Since the Iris has been confirmed that in the case of a short-term, was, it seems, the end is now, the tabloids have a lot to speculate, and in the night cried out, Ruben Nicolai that is now “covered with sand” as he could. The question is, of course, is whether the anonymous sources are just that way of thinking.


On Instagram: Child support He picks up his Daughter-dist-Kylie Jenner

Alex breaks down the internet

Move over Kim Kardashian: Jennifer Aniston is the new internetbreker. The realityster regular basis from the clothes, to all sorts of records to break, it was for Her enough to only have to log on to Instagram.

For many years, pleaded with the good friends, and hanging out with the Friends actress to finally create an account and a personal photo to share, but still it was not to be. Peer pressure is, however, a lot of a human being, and so it was on Wednesday, the liberating image.

And for what: everyone’s favorite Friends-the actors were suddenly in each other. Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Joey and Monica in the same bank in which we had been for a long time, not any more. The ladies have always been good friends, and it was already well known, but the men were lacking a regular basis. They now have it all together, it was for the fans, it was such a relief.

Within a very short time, the actress and the millions like her first photo, and her page has so many people that it is temporarily not available. Everyone wanted to be Jennifer’s pictures, and all of them wanted Her to follow it.

Now sitting Her at about thirteen million followers, and that is for a person with three posts. Many of influencer is looking on with jealous stare at the numbers on the page, and it will yet do Her no bikinifoto having to post or have a product to sell, and it is now one of the most popular people on the platform.


Experience: Soundos shocked the public Meiland fire

The boss terugfluiten

You are in: your boss will tell you that he or she really need to dim it. How do you tell the person that is your destiny to decide that it really is a step too far, and it’s time to take a step back? It may seem like an impossible task, and that Merel Westrik, according to reviewers, among others, the NRC, and an AD soon, really need to finish it.

The former RTL News show, this week with the new program, Ladies Night, and the critics were very enthusiastic about the show, but her guests are less. Linda de Mol sat down at in this episode, and it was doing something, too.

“With all of the opportunities she is about herself and her experiences, right up to the pinnacle of an actress, Elise Schaap, with a Televizier-Star. Because The Mole knew exactly how to deal with Sheep that successful character, Ruxandra had come up with. Even more painful was the time when The Mole had begun to mourn for a lost court case between Talpa and RTL, its former employer, the rights of the two programs. In the case of a part of one of the two sides, very hard-lined zenderstrijd, The Mole, gave the impression of a business interest and wish to disguise the emotional card to play,” according to the NRC.

In the AD, it was noted that Linda might have the tendency to play the role of a tv presenter is about to take over. And so it should be Carol of the work they need her to be my own boss in order to make sure that it is a little bit less of Linda and every other person.

Linda is now program director for Net5, and, therefore, would be to please each and every program will be able to set-up. If they wanted to stay in a Ladies for the Night, she, it, one has to submit the following: they have to decide.

Ladies ‘ Night, according to the televisiekenners, however, a great deal of potential, and it would be a shame if there would not be listened to. Humberto Tan was put to the sword by the critics, and saw it on RTL Late Night, out of his wallet, extracted, and Beau van Erven Dorens was afraid of the anger of the fans, so he eventually decided to walk away from its bank, the experts, can be your program is still broken with writing. Next week is a little less, Linda so, then it should be fine.

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