Roddeloverzicht: Lil’ Small is father and Roxeanne get Twitterhaat

Lil’ Small see wishes immediately come true, Domien Verschuuren is tentative, still not dating and Roxeanne Hazes will get quite a Twitter about him. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

Good intentions: almost everyone has them. In 2019, are you really going to more sports, less food, more things with the family, enjoy more, working less, etc.

In the middle of the year you come to realize that the scale, while any other number indicates, but that is just not the right side on jumps. You think: that drink less, there is still not come, while you yourself have a glass of wine for him. And that more rest is really still once, it is now just not very good.

Lil’ Small is different from others: he takes his good intentions directly. He says on Monday that he father wants to be announce on Tuesday that it is successful. That’s taking initiative!

The 24-year-old rapper and his five-year older friend are not only engaged, but to be in 2019 for the first time parents, of a son. Lil’ Little, who actually, Jorik Scholten is called, is incredibly proud of Jamie Vaes. “What are you a wereldvrouw, and what am I to you be grateful that you are our child wants to wear.”

Where Jorik in the past you had money to spend on expensive watches, cars and extravagant dinners are going to now all the attention to Lil’ Smaller. On social media let him know that his life from now on in the character of Jamie and his not yet born son.

Also fun: a good friend Ronnie Flex is also, of course, not so long father, and the two dads will soon be working together for walks with strollers. The hits then you may not be on drink and drugs, but about diapers, child benefit and sleepless nights.

Jorik and Jamie have something to look forward to in 2019, but there to toast with champagne will not happen: apple juice with bubbles is also quite festive.


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Now (still) not

Tinder, Happn, Bumble, Lexa, Relatieplanet and Inner Circle: if we use the internet may believe it is nowadays almost impossible, single. How can you know you’re not the best partner on earth to find if there are so many possibilities to her or him (online) to meet?

Domien Verschuuren, who this year after eleven-year relationship saw beaches, really has some things tried. In november, he told me that he did some left and right geswipet. “Yes, the offer is fine. I especially like the first line of the biography is important before I someone like.”

Domien told him also all that he is in any case a date had, but it still doesn’t work for him. We are now a month further and guess what: Domien is still there.

“I have no sense in it. I have it now as well with family, friends, a new love is there for me, not yet,” said the radio dj, who by fans is regularly linked to Qmusic colleague Marieke Elsinga. The two have on the aether is said to agree with each other on a date.

The transition from 3FM to Qmusic calls Domien directly as the highlight of the past year. “That gave me a very well-done. I have long and deeply ponder. Was it the right decision? I took that at the right time? But from the first episode, I felt good, happy.”

Or Qmusic him to do more than work, we are going to undoubtedly notice in 2019. For when is that date with Marieke again on the schedule?

Nice and anonymous ridicule

The greatest heroes to sit on the internet: nowhere is it as easy as people wish for death, the skin full of swearing, or to express your feelings. Behind your screen you can fine to remain anonymous and thus never know a person how big your hate for the neighbor is or how long your angry blogs about ex-colleagues.

People seem thus occasionally to have forgotten that there is someone who is all those terrible messages to read. Especially if it is about well-known people: yes, they get per day, hundreds of messages, but you bet that they are a very large part of that is simply seeing and also injured by the things that are in them.

Roxeanne Hazes can, of course, discuss these things: they regularly receive hateful messages that they would rather ignore, but they will see it, however. It just happened to her after her participation in The Smartest Man last week, when she was in her first episode had to compete against’s Chris Helt. They won’t, and knew according to some Twitter users, however, very, very, very little.

“A mollusk has more historical knowledge”, “André has not really helped in the overall development of Roxeanne” and “The Smartest Man is the smart candidates”: Roxeanne was faced with very hard words.

On Instagram she exclaimed, furious. “We have managed to get our happiness out of the tearing down of others. Applausje for that! Yet I see it still as something which is very and very sad. What must be a lonely existence, when you online galspuwen as a full day’s work.”

At RTL Boulevard, they found that a bit strange, Roxeanne would now have something used? Roxeanne is that crap. Why should they used to be, only because they are already longer in the world, each on one side?

Her participation in the quiz in the Top 2000 a Gogo has also not helped a lot for her image. Twitter was shocked at himself blankly when it turned out that Roxeanne is a translated version of her father’s hit I live my life the way I want did not know to recognize. How could they be so stupid? And went again the los. “You would think that they are after The Brightest, however, was done with quizzes.”

Peter R. de Vries knows the solution for all the problems of Roxeanne: “The best cure is to just not read it.”

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