Roddeloverzicht: John caused mediarel and his wife Steffi’s Roel popular

John de Mol is throwing the world of media together, the ‘quarrel’ between Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton is over and his wife Steffi must compete to Roel. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

The Voice goes away with RTL, Linda de Mol at Talpa and a private news app: John de Mol knows how to be generous caused a stir. The mediamagnaat sat Wednesday with Jeroen Pauw on the table and told not only that he is “very occasionally” with Mark Rutte belt, but also that he has all sorts of plans has meant that television, news and radio presenters in the coming years really require a lot of hard work to get to The Mole-empire back.

John is not only a set of the most popular programmes on Dutch television, but has in the past years, many well-known names by competitors. Albert Verlinde is going in the new year the competitor of RTL Boulevard, the lord of VI left earlier to Veronica and Gerard Ekdom no longer makes radio NPO Radio 2, but now for Johns Radio 10.

Johnny is all for his father, but sister Linda is still missing always in the now huge list of famous people who for John to work. There is still change in the future? “Maybe,” said John, who immediately adds, he might be quite other surprises for 2019 has in store.

The Voice, a succesformat in dozens of countries and here in the Netherlands still good for 1.5 to 2 million viewers, is still in RTL. But if the John is a must that program as quickly as possible to SBS. He wants it so gladly, that there are 44 lawyers are busy with the relocation of the zangprogramma. There is a substantial contract, where RTL earlier on said that they, in principle, the first law to have a new season order.

“We are very surprised that we now are faced with legal wrangling while we are still very good contractual arrangements”, said a spokesman at the AD. “If you are 44 lawyers need to make your point, it is perhaps better to rely on the arrangements that there are.”

John battle, however, and will not rest until we are about two, three years, all to SBS to watch, to the radio stations, listening and our news through its own news app. Another moment, and we can’t to John, as decided by Peter Pannekoek: “He is the Berlusconi of the low countries.”


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Everything for the sale

Kate hate Meghan, Meghan all about between brothers Harry and William, Meghan is spoiled: just some heads that we the past few months the British media have been able to read. If we the tabloids are to be believed, there is something thoroughly wrong in the British royal family, and it all comes by Meghan Markle.

Meghan would already have several personal assistants have worn and would make impossible demands on all of the items they want to borrow from the treasury. And brother-in-law William would Meghan is not good enough for his young brother.

Of course, these stories, some exaggerated, but if there are so many rumors and so many people not more for Meghan to want to work, there is a core of truth in it? Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Everything is on the basis of sources written, and the royal house confirms something never really. Because the royal family on such matters, no statements, can the British press just as much about the situation to write as she wants.

The BBC spoke to other sources, who say that they do reliably would be. They told that actually all the stories on nothing based, and sometimes even outright lies. In a story about Harry that will not participate in the hunt would want to stand so many accurate details, that it is impossible can be correct.

Harry would be according to the rumor, no longer have pheasants like to shoot, in order to prevent his wife sad or angry. Meghan would according to the article, namely vegan and therefore have no animal products to eat more. Nonsense, of course: who remembers, after all, not the verlovingsinterview in which Meghan told us that they chicken was when Harry asked her to marry him.

The BBC assures us that there is nothing to the hand: Harry and William are still good with each other, and Meghan and Kate may be excellent with each other. Was a nice christmas thought.

Fight for your man

Do you think after the whole series of Farmer wants a Wife ein-the-body your partner for yourself, turns out he is suddenly immensely popular with all women. If you finally no hordes of cameras around you, you must have the women of him to turn.

It happens to Steffi all: first time on national television, falling in love, while there are still two other men walking and Yvon Jaspers continually asks how things are going, now they suddenly have to deal with women who are behind ‘her’ Roel sit down.

“And I think: ha yes, he will be going home with me”, said the farmer’s wife this week in interview with RTL Boulevard. Já, other women want Roel, but Roel wants only her. Steffi tells pride that they celebrate Christmas, with the friends that have made Steffi last year, gave up for the adventure.

For anyone that butterflies in the tummy of Steffi and Roel and now hopes that there quickly a marriage and a baby will come, have to wait: Steffi has a wedding not on her list of good intentions for 2019.

Fear not, because there are plans for the future. Next year want to the two live together.

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