Roddeloverzicht: it is furious about the rumors, and Fabrizio says, ” sorry

André Hazes was pissed off about all of the stories in the tabloids, prince Harry, and Meghan Markle go to the room with the baby, and Archie, and Fabrizio, of the Temptation Island offering its apologies to Pommeline on. For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

“Did André Hazes is also a secret date with Imanuelle Grives?”, “André Hazes intimately spotted with the daughter of Mario Going”, “Being a student of Romy, however, mrs. in the Cockpit?” and “the Cost of private liefdesgerucht Hazes, this gezinsgeluk?”. In the past few weeks, it was André Hazes a bit at each of the blonde-haired woman in the Netherlands is linked to it, as long as it does not have its own, Monique, was.

Nikkie Plessen might be with him, getongd in an Amsterdam bar, is the daughter of Mario in the Leg with it during a long walk, and with Romy, he went on vacation. A Week after it was written, how the heart is so broken, and how Andre, there is nothing on it seemed to attract them.

For Andre it was the measure the week of, and so he made a clear statement on Instagram: “there is no evidence of an affair has been. None of the blonde beauty.

“I’ve had times in my mouth because it’s to me a little interested in what they write about me. I know that Mona is strong, in her shoes, and if there is one thing we will always have that trust in each other. However, it gets out of hand,” wrote the 25-year-old singer in a series of photographs of the roddelvoorpagina’s.

Andre thinks that the Story is a “teringhekel” to him or her, or obsessed, as some of the stories that emerge are very far away. “I ask for these pages again to reflect on the consequences of this Wednesday, because the books are out, period.”

The lead singer, van never been cheated on, and it should be ready with stories to tell. The editors-in-chief of the Story and we recognize it is not in the picture of André and duties. The editor-in-chief of the Story and called the News bullshit. “He has called us to, because we’re on top of the forefront of the news, and we asked him a couple of weeks to follow. You can, of course, not only in the sheets that appear when you want to, or plug-in you can do.”

According to the editors-in-chief of the magazine, they are new to it and would be in the Andre to do well, if he’s even responded when she asked. The probability that the Andre this is doing, however, seems to have lost it: he says it’s better on its way.


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We went out for a beer

A fairy tale wedding, a dream of a child, it seems that prince Harry and Meghan Markle all the pretty to be. It is, fortunately, the British press seems to be a little less mean to Meghan, and now it turns out that there was little room for free time.

The education is not too early to start, and so are the British royals, son of Archie, who, on the 6th of september, the fourth month, the world celebrated the bar. The photos appear to be from a couple of weeks ago, so if you want to join, it is too late, but it is good to know that it’s going to be in a pub near the Course for the Cottage, where the family lived.

On Sunday evening, the couple, with a baby in a car seat in the cafe for a bite to eat. Meghan loved it, but Harry had a couple of beers and a traditional sunday roast. The food was in all the rest, served as one of the attendees told me that anyone with alone, and even seemed to be, no one she recognized.

In total, I got set up for more than two hours in the pub, who is there as a worst case scenario by seeing a crying baby in the wrong, and Archie was at all times neat, silent, and even then, his mother, his diaper had.

The pub will no doubt be a popular place to be for fans of the British royal family, hoping to catch a glimpse of the couple and the Image. With the busy schedules of the beam, however, it may be so again for four months before he is even inside of a bar.


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I’m Sorry. No, but really

In the year 2019 at the latest, you can really arrive up with a bouquet of flowers to apologize to you. Even when It is, I’m Sorry, it is the centuries-old bouquet and the door in the meantime. The digital one can be sorry to say it, and have the additional advantage, then you can see how sympathetic you are to them.

Fans of Temptation Island, the last couple of weeks and will be surprised by the four couples involved. Thomas decided that he Yasmin no true reason to be, Channah turned out to be pregnant, Had made it half way through with Damian, and Orfeo did so, one after another bizarre statement.

It is only reasonable to the normal pair looked like Fabrizio and Pommeline. Even though the ex-good girl didn’t seem to be able to stop crying, because she’s her, “Manufacturer” if it missed, it seemed that the two are still intact from the battle to come. Fabrizio asked, his Pommeline again at the wedding, and the fairy tale was written.

Even die-hard fans know, of course, have better things to do: Pommeline, announced earlier that their employment after the recordings the band was grounded and later, there were all sorts of stories about Fabrizio. He had an affair with a seductress, Julia, turned out to be a child, and now, together with Miss Belgium finalist.

After watching the last episode, who is since Thursday on a Video is commented Fabrizio, however, that he will feel guilty. On Instagram he wrote: therefore, it is an open letter to Pommeline, where she was a moment later on the balcony.

“I’m so sorry, so sorry, sincerely. My mistakes are not easy to talk to, I know that. But what is a craw in my throat at seeing that fire. How lucky we were, and what a moment in time. I will have the memories to carry them and they cherish it. I was well, but that’s pretty apparent.”

In the meantime, it is Pommeline be happy with a new husband, but because she and Fabrizio, along with a free wi-fi feature, they would still be together. We’re about to change, because it will soon separate their ways permanently, but in the meantime, you can also have it with a melancholy look.

“It is for you to be forgiven. Just forget it, it is very difficult, but I can tell you, for it will always be in my heart. The hope is that you will ever have, you are lucky to find it and you get something beautiful out of your life, you’ll be fine. Just keep believing in yourself, and you’ll have a big one.” Still, nice to hear that we are now witnessing can be.

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