Roddeloverzicht: Imanuelle in the foreign country, and Gordon is in rehab

Imanuelle Grives distinguished himself as a drug dealer, Gordon, let it absorb for substance abuse, and Fabrizio, on Temptation Island turns out to be a baby. A summary of entertainment news from this week.

Working in the netherlands: many Dutch-the actor doesn’t want any better! It is, Imanuelle Grives and now at last we have succeeded, though, the question is whether they are happy themselves with the way in which. The actress has now made it official in the foreign country is made, because the international will be over written, but it has little to do with her acteerkunsten to do.

At the beginning of the week started in Belgium, in the Netherlands, it is surprised, and now know they are in the United Kingdom, who Imanuelle: the actress that drugs are dealt in life is to have a role in this. What is the role that was meant to be, it is not known, but it is the methodactrice was all for it.

One-hundred ecstasy pills, 20 grams of cocaine, 11 grams of ketamine and MDMA and marijuana. The quantities in which the Belgian police force, so I had to conclude that it was not for his own use, and could be. Imanuelle gave up at the same time, that this was not the case and that they have a lot of friends, she had sold it.

“My client has the habit of being very, very good for you to prepare for a new role. If they ever have weeks on the street have lived for a series on the homeless. In preparation for a new role, they wanted to know how it is to selling drugs. They are, however, a complete misrekend,” according to the lawyer of the actress, in a reaction to it.

In the Netherlands, it was the skeptical response to the reason for the drug trade. Peter R. de Vries is mentioned in the story, and even undermine your credibility, and also in social media, people have been asking how someone is doing, the idea was to come up in order to the drug to go out for a role in this. And even with these volumes, as well as in Belgium.

While it’s not the only place to advance is joined to the Imanuelle have to say that they are in the movie or the tv series, the lawyer of the actress holding on to the story.

If, however, a producer that feel like there is still at least a month to get the story clear by Imanuelle last Friday heard that they are in the process of the cell will have to wait and see.


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No pill, powder, or the port of lake Gordon

Not only Imanuelle will have to think twice before they have a pill to do, Gordon will be in the future, ” say no to drugs. He has never been under the car seats or couches put it that he likes to party, but now he has decided that his life is upside down.

He has been moved into a rehab house. “Like everyone else, it sometimes happens in life, that some things that are not good for anyone, but it just goes to the pain to soothe it, I’ve decided to create a rehabkliniek for a visit.”

That Gordon has to be included, it is not entirely clear. Even though he is Privately told me to quit drinking, the singer, in his biography, even described how it was a great evening with in this study.

“I’m just fine with that,” asked Gordon ” is still in the future. But, there seems no question of that.

On social media, the singer, acclaimed for his or her choice. Estelle Cruyff, Jan Versteegh, Lange Frans, Ali B, Chantal Janzen, Ferry Doedens, are just a few of the well-known Dutch people who are the decision by Gordon to encourage it on Instagram.

An employer, Talpa doesn’t want any details about the situation in which the presenter is, as they say, that’s a personal problem. “What he was about to say, he has not shared it. In so doing, he expressly asked for his privacy to be respected. For this reason, we would like to wish them all the best of luck, but not going to ask for it.”

Band make more of a break than you would like

You might expect that now anyone will understand that to participate in Temptation Island, the end of a relationship, but in one way or another, to know the RTL and the Video each year, four couples will have to find out that it is okay with them to do everything in the game.

Is it for the fame, as they hope to have a long television career, or is it really because they like nothing better than to know whether or not the partner is, where they are now, with what might be called the right one? In most cases, it will look like the first. That will be entertaining television, but the relationship is likely to be less positive.

This year it looks like it is in the Temptation the Island of VIPS at all to go wrong. We’re only on the fifth episode, but they have been a fool cried, and the men have all been a little too long for the verleidsters look.

Online is going to be the a lot more, because what we broadcast is still full of tension waiting for the results, the die-hard fans of the long-since sorted out. And without any spoilers, we can now tell you that Fabrizio would have preferred that he had never been involved.

The tempter on Temptation Island by 2018 to do this season, along with Pommeline, seductress of Temptation Island by 2017, and is given a hard time by Michella Cox, Tempation Island connoisseur.

They know to tell you is that Fabrizio is a true vrouwenverslinder, and that he even fathered a child, it would be for everyone to hide it. And the worst part is: Fabrizio not allowed to say anything. Fabrizio has signed a contract so he has a lot of the problems comes in when he says something to the progress of the Band can give it away.

I’ve been asked to RTL in order to make an exception in the contract, so that my heart may be airing, but I don’t get a reply. This is going to have to end up with a burned-out major depression,” according to the tattoo artist. The RTL has, until now, no exception has been made, and it is, therefore, for Fabrizio, nice to hear that Pommeline, finally, confirmation has to be given to: the two of them are apart from each other, and it doesn’t have anything to do with their level of participation.

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