Roddeloverzicht: Humberto’s lonely holiday and Bonnie’s problems

Roddeloverzicht: Humberto’s lonely holiday and Bonnie’s problems

Humberto Tan has a very lonely holiday, Fajah Lourens itself seems also not to know whether they are now living together, Bonnie St. Claire has a problem and farmer Mark should be on the lookout. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

The summer is a season of joy, long hours on the terraces and extensive barbecues. Just a couple of weeks off of the werksleur, just got rid of your daily tasks and the faces of colleagues. Two weeks to do anything, on the Spanish coast, a stroll through the streets of Rome, or want to rent a boat on a lake in France: it doesn’t matter how you vacation, to fill out, if you get there after that but again at all levels.

Also famous people go there. Admittedly: their vacations are often something more exotic than that of the average Dutchman, but they also have been to a couple of weeks well deserved rest. The a is doing an extensive report on social media, while the other weeks have disappeared from the earth seems to be: it just depends on what you find comfortable.

That fully of the earth does not always good: tabloids have all the space to have a nice to speculate about what you are doing during your vacation. Nobody can contradict it, the BN’itself is, after all, on vacation, and that really is the trouble not take to violent action against it.

The Private wrote this week about the holiday of Humberto Tan and knew to tell us that it is a lonely summer will be for the RTL Late Night presenter. After his alleged affair with Dionne Stax, he is only on a trip to Bangladesh.

According to the magazine is the future for Humberto still not sure: he selects Ineke, with whom he has three children by him, or he chooses for Dionne, with whom he according to sources an exciting time to be polite? “What is the answer to that question may be, it is clear in any case that this summer is one of the loneliest for years and Humberto is going to be.”

A romantic holiday with Dionne there is not, and also for a family holiday in Private not on the agenda. And so Humberto in Bangladesh but also what work: he has been photographing since a while and works there to report. That he is that lonely time still “useful” form.

Live together?

For many people, cohabitation is a serious matter. You share all of a sudden a house with someone and so can the other really good to know. Not every relationship survives that step, and therefore it is something that most people a long time to think about it.

Fajah Lourens cried always that they no more jointly with someone other than her children in a house would want to live. Much too complicated a man, Fajah had no pull in. But well: everyone changes his mind sometimes, and so also Fajah. This week we read in Beau Monde that she is her friend Igor at a given moment suggested that, but he had to move in to her house, he was there, after all, very much.

“So I said,” maybe you should come here to live’. We are now seven months working on the house, so I think we have about four months to be in a relationship,” says the dieetboekenschrijfster.

Too fast to live found Fajah not, she said firmly in the sheet. But when News of her later this week spoke, she seemed to have already changed their mind. “I have said that to Igor, since the jobs not gone away. But that doesn’t that you live with a partner. It is true that we really are together, but Igor still has his house in Rotterdam.”

Fajah seems even not to know: why would they else the one at Beau Monde say and the opposite against News? Maybe because in the past they always so positive?

One thing is for sure: with Igor is Fajah happy and she hopes that it always is. “That must have been. I thought it was already in the previous, you know. I want a time with someone.”


Nobody explained that Bonnie St. Claire loves a nice glass of wine. The singer is known to be the day love begins and ends with a roseetje and at lunch one extra glass can also be best at.

“I’m not going to secretly drink. This is a roseetje, cheers! On the life that I still want to live. Here I choose. No one makes me more crazy. I have control over my own life,” said Bonnie about her drinking.

But yes, all of these wines demands its toll and so was Bonnie last week itself quite fun to convert, for example, wrote The Telegraph on the basis of attendees. “They got the frog in her throat, then came the boy who was with her was with a glass of to where gin was in.”

The jenevertje to no avail and as the microphone stand there not been had, had Bonnie in the shortest of times on the ground located. “The high notes, she’s got not and they zwetste in between very much. They put themselves properly for pole.”

Was furious Bonnie: how could the newspaper all those nasty things about her writing without her response to take?

“The story, originating from a individual from the audience, seemingly for truth, accepted, and good affection,” says the singer on Facebook.

“Yes, I drink the occasional glass of rosé, like anyone ever does. Just for me is everything under a magnifying glass was put in and I certainly am done with it now. I want to enjoy life. I am 67 years old and have respect for everyone and let everyone in his or her value.”

Also singer Anita Heilker found the story in the newspaper quite exaggerated. “Together We have been on the podium. It was cozy, but there was absolutely no question of a drunk Bonnie.”

No mangoes more

David, Herman and Marc looked after Farmer wants a Wife all at all for each other: Yvon Jaspers had them the love and nothing be there on that that happiness is still broken. A long-distance relationship is hard work, but the couples wanted it to work.

For David and Mara and for Herman and his Fleur seemed to be a lot more complicated than for Marc and Annekim: although David and Herman, the partners both still live in the Netherlands, is Annekim just like Marc simply in Zambia.

This week proved to be close together yet not enough to have a relationship to maintain: Annekim and Marc have decided without each other to go further. The era of together mango picking is finally over, Marc and Annekim go both in a different direction.

“I noticed the last time that I was becoming more and more at my work collapsed and less the need had to Marc. That has me thinking. Marc and I have come to talk and when to each other expressed that it would be better if we split up.”

Marc wrote: “a great time” with Annekim to have had. “I am the program very grateful that Annekim on my path. Unfortunately our love is not always found and that of course is a sad conclusion.”

The fast settling there the next time in any case not in: Annekim about six weeks “in the bush” for a project. And Marc has been really busy on the farm, so that also has completely no time for the detail to have a rematch of the relationship.

Good news: the two have planned after this period on friendly way with each other to go further.

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