Roddeloverzicht: How about between Ruud and Olcay, and Gigi is now a mother?

Ruud de Wild and Olcay Gülşen (not) a couple of, The Voice may be punched out card and Gigi Ravelli is probably mother. An overview of the entertainment news last week.

In BN’erland, there is one rule: if you even one time together to be photographed, do you have a relationship. A cup of coffee together? Relationship. With z ” n two a walk in the forest? Relationship. A night at the cinema? Relationship. Everything in between does not exist, just to have a good dating is not an option; a serious relationship is the only possibility.

So if a well known producer and a well known presenter hand-in-hand to be signaled, it can be really no different than having each other’s loved ones. Not so, made Olcay Gülşen, this week clearly. They have been nicely dating be asked.

The rumor that she and Ruud de Wild something with each other, been around a while, but Olcay loved the stories outside of the door. Really, they can just be good with each other. They are friends, not more. Not really.

Ruud sees that different. He told Albert Verlinde that he and Olcay are busy together even better to get to know. “How fun is that? For the first time, gives Ruud that something is and that they are together in a relationship are building,” says Albert, the rumors are already months heard but there is nothing wanted to do because Ruud first denied, in 6 Inside.

Olcay was that evening, faced with the words of her new lover and what turned out to be: they saw it a little differently. “I have a lot of fun, with Ruud, but for now cling to a relationship… I did just not as much need for. If Ruud does, then I hope that he will give me tonight call me neatly courtship calls.”

Or Ruud has called, we do not know, because Albert has left us with no update given and Olcay says nothing further about it.


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Is everything a lie?!

Moon the Steenwinkel, OG3NE and Duncan Laurence; just some of the stars without The Voice may never had known. The talent show has not only numerous artists a platform, but also for beautiful television ensured and established singers and singers were given the opportunity to help other people with their talents.

The media and music world shaking than on their foundations when Nieuwe Revu this week came forth with an exposé: the whole show seems rigged!

Anonymous participants told the journal that they had already executed to learn how far they would come. “I fell of my chair when they suggested that I be sure in the semi-final would come when I would do.”

“During my participation in the program, I had always the feeling that the moods, it’s not fair to expire. Then something happened during a live show what my impression confirmed; during my gig ran John de Mol to the chairs of Nick & Simon, where he snijgebaar for his throat made as if to say: this should not be,” said an anonymous participant.

Also singers Dewi Pechler and Dev Paton, who both joined to Idols – the latter is also in The Voice, both were not mild on the program. Dewi said that it’s a pretty normal state of affairs that CELEBRITIES are guaranteed to continue to advance and Dev said prefer not to be reminded of the participation.

The message caused immediate commotion; Talpa is considering legal action and Dewi is furious, because the conversation has, according to her, never took place. Editor-in-chief Jonathan Ursem is in any case no worries, he still has nothing of Talpa heard it and knows for sure that Dewi with one of his journalists has spoken. Continued.


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Possible mother

Gigi Ravelli was for many years one of the most beloved soapsterren. The actress played in Good Times, Bad Times, was on many a red runner to find, and expanded her career from starring in movies.

Gigi was incredibly popular and then all of a sudden, after a role in the Hartenstraat in 2014, we heard nothing more of her. The actress had a new lover, the wealthy Roger Hodenius, and not on the media. The businessman would Gigi have asked to stop acting and they gave there at the hearing.

In 2018, there seemed to be just now have the chance to be that Gigi would be back in the entertainment business; the actress was seen in a tiny roll of film in All You Need Is Love, and that offered possibilities. Would Gigi returning to the world of celebrities?

Well, no. At the end of november came out that she was pregnant and that confirmed Gigi, but now Weekend, this week her and her partner managed to photograph with the baby, she says absolutely nothing more. It seems that Gigi gave birth, but because of the photographer the images are so shot that it is impossible to see whether there is now actually a child in the Maxi-Cosi is, we’re not really sure.

Gigi is no longer reachable for comment and so we have to do with it. If they do not spotlight want more, we get ‘m gone?

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