Roddeloverzicht: He’s state-of-the-luxury-wedding-and what about you Eve?

All of the details on the extravagant wedding He goes; john doe loses his friends and his job, but is win as possible, elders, and Eve’s home cooked apple pie, leaves, but who is it for? For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

A wedding is, for most people, the most important day of their lives. A big white wedding dress, with a tight grasp, many loved ones are around you, and have a wild night to party with. The romantic act performance, the joy is in the air, something so beautiful, you make very little.

The wedding reception is the ordinary people a hell of a job to have to prepare for it, but imagine if both of you travel around the world and also have to take into account to keep up with the busy schedules of all the family members and friends.

To forgo it. In the case of Tiësto (real name Tijs and his new wife, She must be a great relief to have been that, if you have a lot of money, and people you can hire who can help you with a monsterproductie. On the basis of the huge organisation, it can not be otherwise than that there are a lot of people have been hired to make the party what it was.

On the 21st of september, in the fifty-year-old dj and producer will be in the company of friends and family that have been married at the age of 27, younger model. That was, of course, a very special place, with special decorations and a special photographer, someone from American Vogue, explained it all and made it into a special.

In the desert, in a state-of-the-art hotel, the great expanse of the pillars, though. Decorated with hundreds of candles, flowers and gold-coloured chairs, the huwelijkslocatie that looks like heaven on earth. She was wearing it during the ceremony in a very expensive dress by Berta, to be used during the party, in order to redeem a creation from the Oscar de la Renta, and He looked like a real James Bond suit by Tom Ford.

After the ceremony, during which He and a massive gold ring, with diamonds set in order, and his wife, played by the tiny gems on her dress, and went to the party until the wee hours of the morning. An elegant menu, with all sorts of cuts of meats, Belgian chocolates, and wine was served to the guests, and then during the party, specially for She made a song for the first time, you know. At the sound of A Million Years of dancing, the couple and their marriage. That’s something that’s just as spectacular as the ceremony.


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Als de morgen is gekomen

You have to have one of those days that really anything is possible seem to be. You can place your keys are nowhere to be found, in the walk, you will at the door of your car won’t start, and if you’re driving, there is a file. And that’s a whole day of work.

It is at this moment in time is difficult to break, because it all seems to be an acknowledgement that it is not good to go. By john Smith, you would be able to say that this week was: well, the bad news kept piling up.

The Story, wrote this week that he and his close friends, Nick Schilder, Simon Keizer en Kees Tol of each other has grown, and that a friendship is no longer there it is. Have a beer on the levee, there can be no more, and have a nice tête-à-tête in a restaurant, not at all.

Even though the lord of all the four, refusing to comment on the rumors, it will help during the week of the Jan not go. This week, he told me even though he wasn’t asked to the launch of the Eurovision song Contest.

In the interview with the Flemish, in The News, he called it “a dream”. “If the opportunity arises, I will take hold of that, for sure, with both of his hands. I’ve been in nine years as a commentator on the Eurovision song Contest for the Netherlands and is involved in the selection committee that will determine what song we send. So, my involvement is very, very high.”

Interested and have not contacted: is that by a variety of media, however, as well as significant considered. And then it seemed to us that he is the Televizier-Ring Gala will not be allowed to present Dionne Stax will take the reins from him.

Fortunately, there are other fun things, Jan is ultimately a positive one, this may be the reason that he is the Televizier-Ring Gala, this year was not able to present a great reason for this: the presenter, with the Best Singers in the chance to win the top award of the night, and then it will be a lot more fun to be in addition to your co-workers to be able to sit down.


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Who’s going to be in it, who will?

Eve, home cooked apple pie leave it to the RTL, and that is because each and every newspaper, in every news section, and of every program of entertainment was there in the past but now I think of it. The queen of the night, leave after a few years, the public service broadcaster, and that’s quite a step up.

Late in the evening, at RTL, the last few years, not very successful. Humberto Tan is made for the first time, a very good-RTL Late Night, but by the end of the year the editors decided to open the station, that He City, the time needed to save the day. That turned out to be not nearly as easy as they had hoped, and therefore departed He again, quickly.

After He arrived, Art Rooijakkers, who with the season with the Art of the table, the road climbed, and with a pleasant hour of trying to make it. However, the viewers of RTL, had in the meantime moved over to the other channels, and so ended the summer in a program that no-one really feels sad for it. Try Beau van Erven Dorens, and even though the reviews are positive, the numbers for the most days in a row.

Now it’s up to Eve, who, in January, her new job starts. Her last, late in the evening, when the NPO took over for more than three months, and sat on it, and so she can be with renewed vigour in the place of the Beautiful take over. The idea is that every month is going to be done, even though it is a bit out of the question, or the Beau in the first place saves the day up to that time.

At the NPO, they are now on Eva’s chair is still warm, it is already looking for a replacement. Fidan Ekiz has already been approached, and it would be an honor to do so. Nadia Moussaid took the block and has been on his own, so I could be a possibility, as well as Margaret, van der Linden, in the corridors-sometimes referred to as.

Provisionally, the NPO is still no statement about the substitution, first of the new season of the Others, but even to start.

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