Roddeloverzicht: Giel is ‘skittish as Bambi and OG3NE quarrels with the BAND

Roddeloverzicht: Giel is ‘skittish as Bambi and OG3NE quarrels with the BAND

Giel Beelen is skittish as Bambi, Frank Masmeijer feel like Donald Trump, OG3NE quarrels with the BAND and barbie’s friend from porn star to gas station attendant. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

If we have Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are to be believed, every man is intensely happy. Sunny holiday pictures, charming selfies, and wanted to feestkiekjes: everything is better with a filter. Nice to hear that everyone is happy, but in reality, of course, that is not the case. Everybody has a day when everything goes wrong, but you see nothing of this on social media.

This week, a surprising thing happened: several celebrities shared the suddenly less flattering photos of themselves. Not in a beautiful prom dress or sixteen filters over it: photos of CELEBRITIES without make-up, with tangled hair and sleepy eyes. And even more: also a candid story about the difficult moments in life.

Singer Dotan took the time to what is authenticity on social media and asked some famous friends with him to join in. Giel Beelen jump there are absolutely stood out: he told me that he through his acquaintance “skittish as Bambi” has grown from within “but also just a little boy that’s as good as his heart tries to follow”.

Now Giel, of course, always pretty “open” about his doings: we can no other radiodj think that so often strange things done during the live broadcast (oral gratification by a prostitute at the beginning of 2000), but the story of Giel at his picture, it did have a scoop on top.

“I’m already a while in the mediagame and that ensures that it all just should be. But to be recognized and everyone that is of course an opinion, is not normal,” says Giel.

All of the comments that Giel on social media and in real life receive him, touches him after all these years still. “But yes, I’m that tough guy who for the show also verbal blows out. So not believed Beelen or something.”

Giel will find it difficult to be kind to themselves. “Fortunately, there are real friends. Nice to share this with you.”


What appears to: the Netherlands has its own Donald Trump! With a little less power and a slightly more natural color, but the statements are the same. This week has appeared the Frank Masmeijer to the Trump of the low countries: he used the term ‘fake news’ in an interview.

Just like Trump go there are all kinds of stories, which, according to Frank nowhere to store it. The former presenter has been embroiled in a case in which he suspected of being in cocaine to have acted. Previous week would be Frank, in court, have admitted being involved in the smuggling of the drugs, but this week, he claims exactly the opposite.

According to Frank, there are all sorts of issues “by the media-inflated” and knock the stories now of no side. “It is apparently fun things to blow up. Firstly, I have absolutely no seven year. There is, if I am convicted of, a whole lot from. I have been ten months in custody sat. For far too long, also my lawyers. And all of them purely on the basis of a presumption, eh?!”

“And the sad thing: everywhere you can read that I would have known. Not true! I have not known. That I’ve known is fake news. Media have unquestioningly inherited. I know a number of people in this case. The only thing is that I have a couple of people in my case with each other.”

Frank, the the last few months very difficult. As if the lawsuit is not yet sufficient stress in his life is concerned, he will now also have to separate Sandra and have two different women in the magazines said that they have a love affair with him.

“You can say that this whole thing my marriage has cost, were already Sandra and I were already in a declining period. In the cell I began to reflect and came to the conclusion that it was better for myself to choose,” says Frank.

All to himself to choose he doesn’t do, because since a month he has a relationship with the Amsterdam Jaimy. “I met her a few months ago against in a bar where I after the match Ajax-Feyenoord a sateetje went to eat with my uncle. I’m not one: I pull just one from the café, you know.”

After the lawsuit is Frank plan never to Belgium. Also a reason for the end of his marriage with Sandra: she wants to stay in Belgium to live. “The way I am treated and how the mentality of many Belgians.”

Dreams of a television career does Frank not more, there is he to be realistic. Afraid that he did not have more money will earn, however, he is not. “Immediately after the statement is a terribly exciting book, with my full, real story. There are multiple parties with interest for a movie or documentary about my life. Of Showmaster up in prison. Media entrepreneur Richard Otto, who is also busy with a tv series about V&D, help me.”


Eleventh in a race is never fun: you fall just outside the top ten that everyone is talking about continues to have, and it feels a beejte like you for bacon and beans have competed.

Amy, Shelley and Lisa of OG3NE know the pain of eleventh are but too well, and can since the Contest to tell everyone how to it can be: they were here for the announcement of the votes of thuisstemmers still fifth; they dropped very quickly at the moment that it became clear that the sms messages for the girls were nice.

As if that wasn’t acid enough, there are always people who afterwards call that they the much better they could do, that they have better ideas and that people do look at them and start listening. Paskal Jakobsen, singer and writer of the band BLØF, told this week that he had written a song for the three sisters, but that the number was not chosen.

“Though I’m still much better than the song with which they now participated. That was made by their father, I understood. I wonder why they than at all the other composers have been asked to write. Apparently, they knew in advance what it was supposed to be.”

Because that, apparently, was not enough, did bassist Peter Slagter it a step further: “I should maybe not say, but such a choice provides for the family, of course, in terms of royalties.”

Desolate were Shelley, Lisa and Amy when she had the interview with the band read. “You mean the attempt that unanimously’t get through the first round of the selection committee? Unfortunately it continues to be ‘t all but the Band.”

Also their father, so the number Lights and Shadows wrote was not happy with the comments. “Whatever audience or musicians/writers of my song, everyone knows that my wife and her suffering is the inspiration of Lights And Shadows.”

The song is about the terminally ill mother of the sisters and according to their father, but also “deep from their hearts”. According to their father would be the embrace of the song by the Dutch public, sufficient indication should be that it is a good number.

“But compassion and empathy has given way to complacency. Twistbaar remains or other songs were better than me, but that ‘t us to be royalty to do would be the most outrageous statement from the entire piece.”

The gentlemen of the BAND have not commented on the matter, and that is perhaps better: this should not be a riot within the Dutch music scene.


It can go fast in love: the one time you decide everything for yourself, the next time you let your career depend on the person whom you love. You say your job on? You move to a different city? You can see your friends no more? These are all questions where you as a single not think about it, but in a new relationship suddenly have to think about.

Rolf Tangel, friend of Barbie, runs there is now suddenly against it: now he has a relationship with Samantha, he finds it is no longer fine to be naked by picture walk, and on camera to have sex. Are pornocarrière is a thing of the past, and so he must be looking for another job.

In conversation with Story tells the Walibi-lover that it was time for something different: on camera having sex with strangers is still less fun if you have the same daily can do with someone you really find attractive. And no: he has never made an effort together with Barbie for Kim Holland to work.

“It is nonsense that is now being said that I Leave this world, would drag. They would of me are not even allowed to work on such a set! I think that, if you are a mother, you work not need to do. And Samantha finds it more pleasant when I don’t more such movies make. That I have for her.”

How sweet also that decision cost Rolf claws with money: he now works at a gas station to come around. And with the operate of a benzineslang you earn well once a lot less than with handling of genitals.

“But that I love,” says Rolf, who still does not know whether he might soon money binnenharkt with other things to do for the camera: it is unclear whether the reality show Barbie a sequel. And also know that Rolf is not or he is in such a way can ‘reveal’.

“If Samantha wishes to do so, I say no ‘no’ . But it seems to me to be scary. While I, as a famous porn actor so much for the camera have been. However, I know that I am in a soap naakter feel on the set of a seksfilm. I know exactly what is expected. As I daily word followed, and a small microphone to wear, I go on my words to pay attention to. I think that I’m very uncomfortable feel.”

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