Roddeloverzicht: Gerard no longer welcome, and Matthijs is the blonde god

Roddeloverzicht: Gerard no longer welcome, and Matthijs is the blonde god

Gerard Joling has an argument with RTL, Johnny de Mol on one knee gone, Kate and William are parents and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk unrecognizable. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

The bags are tidy, the furniture are back in and the grill does not heat: the summer break is over and normal life has started again. Everyone needs to go back to work and in the media world means only one thing: CELEBRITIES who are weeks behind each other is not the way to save his television, radio and magazines because they have their programs to promote.

At the table with Matthijs, Humberto or Eva: all the attention is welcome, because ratings matter and so it is important that everyone knows that Expedition Robinson, all of Holland Bakes and Betting that I can start again.

Gerard Joling saw last week plenty of places where he Geer and Goor Solidly Built could promote. A talk show here, a show there, and, of course, his own home became the stage for the RTL program, in which the two friends, older people, and a fun day deliver.

Last week Friday was Gerard Eve, home cooked apple pie to a tradition, in her last episode of the season to talk about his life and talk about what else is going on in the world. To his own surprise if he is there, on the late night at the NPO, there are no pictures to show of his new program. Reason? These images were exclusive to Humberto Tan promised that Monday would begin.

Gerard was furious, but the bomb burst only really when he by the editors of RTL Late Night got the call that it was no longer needed, he sat night would come in the broadcast. “Unbelievable, how arrogant and petty,” says Gerard.

The biggest problem: Gordon was still welcome! Gerard was the editor of Humberto not yet a time can come, because “two of the same story within a few days is a bit too much”, but Gordon was there for the promotion of the same program? Would that then not at the same amount?

The argument between Gerard and RTL Late Night seems to be so also yet to be run on an argument between Gerard and Gordon, and that we should not have. What cheerful duo must then old people a happy day by giving?


Johnny de Mol was for many years the man who had but not wanted to bind. A bit of a false man, a beautiful women by his side had, and very much in love looked like, but where it eventually with love. One after the other well-known wife (Bridget Maasland, Chantal Janzen and Josje Huisman) was the girlfriend of Johnny, and then it came to an end.

With Shima Kaes looked different. In april 2014, hit the spark at a festival. A half year later, said Johnny “a fire” and he told proudly how well it’s between him and Shima sat. The interviews he gave about his relationship were nothing but positive and the love seemed real. When they became engaged in april 2015 everything seemed to finally connect well: Johnny was happy, his father called all that “the time was” that Johnny once would bind and a wedding was in the offing. A month later, the relationship suddenly was over.

It was not a fine fraction, as was discovered later, and it seemed like Johnny a lot of shocked how it was all gone. Shima told in the media that it’s “no chic fracture”, while Johnny doesn’t seemed to want to have.

Now a year ago, in september 2016, told Johnny finally something about his romantic life: he was in love with! With Anouk van Schie, who was previously in the girl group KISS was, he had “a great summer”, and now it was time to share it with the outside world.

In the next few months they were both clear: the infatuation was intense. Anouk told in addition to her daughter from a previous relationship and loved it as a child to want to be with Johnny. “Johnny feels like my big love. But to know for sure if you do that, of course, never. My parents are from their fifteenth together, that is my ideal. If you ask me, I hope that Johnny and I have been awarded.”

Five months after these statements lived the couple together: Johnny had his penthouse in Amsterdam is exchanged for a villa in het Gooi.

That Johnny Anouk’s great love, we now know for sure: Thursday went to Johnny for his girlfriend on one knee and she said “yes”. Friday shared Johnny proud the news via Instagram, using the hashtags let us know that not only he, as a future husband was approved, but also the ring he bought for her.

When the wedding will take place, it is not yet clear, but we expect the next few months there about to hear. And hopefully that baby what they want.


If we the British media are to be believed Kate Middleton is already about three thousand times pregnant: every time Kate’s dress bulge, if they are what fuller seems to be in her face or her coat tighter seems to sit, they know for sure and there will be a third little prince or princess.

That last weekend in one or another magazine reported that Kate really was pregnant, expecting child number three was not taken very seriously. Yes, there is another onzinverhaal again about a pregnancy. But that roddelblad proved to be the right to have: Kate is pregnant!

Monday announced the princely couple, George and Charlotte, a sister or brother. Kate is now twelve weeks pregnant and already huge burden of zwangerschapsmisselijkheid. She had with her first two pregnancies also have been suffering from and that is now not less.

Poor Kate has such a problem that they even have the first day of school, George had to miss this week. Dressed in a neat school uniform complete with high socks, left the 4-year-old George to the hand of his father William to the school in South London.

A bit unsure, but still curious, he introduced himself to his new teacher and he ran to her hand and that of his father. The images of his first day of school went around the world and also his grandfather Charles got it just to be evil when he George to within saw, as he told later.

When George finally arrived and there is not more sixty cameras on him were focused, he appeared to his first day of school really fun to go find. “There was another parent who is more had problems with his children. I was glad that I was not,” said the proud father.

The prince and his wife will this process in the coming years, so in any case, two times experience: to Charlotte is about two years of the turn, and then her little brother or sister two years after his or her first steps in the school will convert. But with a big brother or sister at the school that should be a lot less scary.

First day of school prince George

Prince George starts Thursday, to his first day of school.

The 4-year-old little prince shakes his new teacher’s hand.

William brought George to school: his mother, Kate could not be there due to zwangerschapsmisselijkheid.

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Blonde god

There sat he then, Monday evening. There was just no blower á la Hans Klok, but really: the hair of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk was enviable. It was full, it curled nicely to the side but most of all it was very, very blond.

Matthijs said nothing about it, that was just as nonchalant as always at the table and clearly had fresh energy after his vacation. On Twitter it went, however, he-le-maal los: what did Matthijs in the hell is in his hair greased that it looks like saw? Lemon juice? Blondeershampoo?

“The Farrah Fawcett of the low countries”, was Matthijs mentioned. Or he Hans Klok sometimes had eaten, it was on Twitter asked. Hans Kraay Jr, Adriaan van Bassie en Johan Derksen without moustache came over as possible options that are actually at the head of the table had been during the first episode.

Matthijs had there during the broadcast not very in, but it was possible to smile at all the comments. “A hilarious stormpje,” says Matthijs in conversation with AD.

“Tomorrow is the excitement gone and my hair again, something grauwer, because this Italian summer – souvenir of sun and sea ahead of us, unfortunately, quickly of color, I know from experience. In October is that the weather is so gray as a paving stone,” added the blonde presenter to that.

Matthijs considering a kleurspoeling to “the fun to extend. “That would be my first and I think the chance of that not as well large. But well, never say never, I still have two blonde weeks to think about this.”

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