Roddeloverzicht: Family Verstappen discredited and Rick regrets

Roddeloverzicht: Family Verstappen discredited and Rick regrets

Max Verstappen wants money, Jos Verstappen finally separated, Rick Brandsteder has real regret and wonder that the relationship of Jim Bakkum and Bettina Holwerda hot. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

Fun, playful action, thought grocery-shopping service Picnic: a lookalike of Max Verstappen hiring and groceries than have them delivered in a advertising. Hilarious of course, because Max is fast, and everyone wants to get the groceries in the house.

The advertising has no day online stood, but long enough to by the team of Max one thing very clear: what Max finds funny, does not match what Picnic finds funny. And another thing: where money can be earned, will always be addressed.

In september 2016, the hotel’s grocery service in the infamous video, where almost immediately a reaction followed: this was not allowed and they had to pay. Max is in fact considerably sponsored by supermarket chain Jumbo, and this could be for lack of clarity is going to create in viewers. The supermarket chain was the day before a reclamereeks began with a starring role for Max.

Picnic had nothing agreed with Max because they thought it was a parody and therefore, there was not a problem, but team Verstappen saw that different: Max was here can earn money and ran that is now wrong.

“We have to calculate what the commercial value of the movie would have been if we advance agreements were made. This may be what concerns us really is not,” said the lawyer of Max at the time, in conversation with Max and his team wanted money and not a little also: 350,000 euros.

This week were the parties against each other in the courtroom and proved that the team Picnic, not for a moment expected to see the advertising so much money would go to expenses: they had for 200 euro a funny movie together and now had to suddenly cost thousands of dollars?

The conversation that the two parties had argued, could the argument not to solve, and so the court must decide how to proceed. In september we will know who is right.


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The stories about the family Verstappen flew us this week to keep the ears: not only Max was in the news, Jos knew the entertainment programs to reach. Daddy Verstappen continued this week finally a point behind his relationship with Kelly van der Waal.

Really amazing, the separation is not: if your relationship starts with quarrels whereby the other tries to drive you start with a disadvantage. In 2012, ran an argument of Jos and Kelly so out of hand that he attempted to drive away.

“At a traffic light, I wanted to get off. At that time, Jos is full of gas and I was sprawled out on the street. I made it on a run. But Jos was looking for me. He touched filled me with the front of his bus. I had dead can be,” said Kelly in 2012.

Jos offered his apologies and said it’s all really not as evil to mean. And or Kelly the please do not in the police force wanted to report. Kelly was there in the first instance, no message to: “He will love me, therefore, he is also such a haze before his eyes. He must have deserved punishment.”

Two weeks later, Kelly to reflection: Jos now had sufficiently paid the price for his actions and so she moved to the criminal complaint. Two years after that, had Kelly Jos really forgiven and gave the couple their company, in the company of friends and family dressed according to the dress code: jeans with white.

“Perhaps people are skeptical, after all what happened with us,” said the former Formula 1 driver at the time. “But we will choose with full conviction.”

With someone to marry you a few years before tried to knock down to drive, not many people do, but Kelly and Jos were there at the time, full for. There was a daughter: Blue Jaye, but in the end it still not peaceful end.

‘Really sorry’

Really regret of something can be very difficult to convey: how do you get sincere about, and you make clear that you are really not as intended?

Rick Brandsteder tried it this week in the courtroom in an indirect way: he had his lawyer apologize to read for an assault in the nightlife in 2016. Rick is in his own words “older and wiser” and have absolutely no intention of even around to meppen.

Rick hit at the time to say one more time, the victim said two times hit. Rick said the man provoked, the man says that this is not the case. They didn’t and so everyone had to go to the court.

In september, it was Rick, are sentenced to a week conditional prison sentence, 750 euro fine and a compensation of 250 euros: low found the prosecutor, and so there was an appeal pending.

The requirement fell Tuesday, a lot higher than what Rick now on his name. It wants TO that Rick a prison sentence of four weeks, of which two are conditional because this is not the first time that Rick the wrong.

In 2007, became Rick and his brother Robert were involved in a brawl in a snack bar, a year later, Rick was already involved in a brawl during an afterparty of the Toppers and in 2011 he was together with his brother arrested for public violence.

Rick is a little rascal, but really: he has his life turned over a new leaf. He hopes that the judge excuses you accept and he on July 18, not yet two weeks in the prison.


No one knew it, but it is actually a miracle that Jim Bakkum and Bettina Holwerda already ten years together. Because guess what: Jim and Bettina were together in the beginning of their relationship, not skies or see.

In a call with Dragonfly told the couple this week that it is in the first instance, not for a moment it seemed that they were so happy to be together. Bettina: “Yes, that I him cases I’m, I’m really surprised about. He sure was a cute kid, though. But really: totáál the opposite of what he now is. There was a lot for Jim and noticed you also to him. Zero responsibility.”

The first year and a half it was not fun between Bettina and Jim, only later was it really nice and now are the two “together as one”. “It is also in our wedding rings. What is the matter? Together one or so? Something with always one. So it feels real, that we are one.”

That cover actually came when together they went on vacation to New York. The holidays make for Nice, doubted she was still too much. Bettina: “From that holiday was really great. Suddenly it was good. I hear of lots of people. That first love is a few months of fun, but then there comes such a stage where that is life in need of change. Then it is just only crap.”

Admittedly: the beginning of the relationship of Jim and Bettina was not half as bumpy as that of Jos and Kelly, but that she was ten years later, still together, had they both not be able to predict.

Now, six years married and with two children, does it set everything to the happiness that they are on their second vacation for the first time felt, forever to hold. And that’s what you do, as we, Jim and Bettina may believe, by taking a weekend out for each other.

“That schedule we also, regularly, weekends away. Until we went to London. Something we try every three months to do, or eat together or a day out. You see so many couples who give each other a little lose, that is going to be very easy when you have children. All the attention goes to them, and in the evening you are tired, if you both work hard. That time claim is so important.”

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