Roddeloverzicht: Estavana pregnant and familieruzie Verstappen

Roddeloverzicht: Estavana pregnant and familieruzie Verstappen

Estavana Polman and Rafael van der Vaart are expecting a baby, the brothers Saunders fight each other in the tent, Ariana Grande finds her clips art and the family Verstappen will fall apart. An overview of the entertainment business of the last week.

The end of the year is for many people the time to look back on the past year: what went well, what could else we want to see and who were already all dead in 2016? In the house of Van der Vaart and Polman, is this season is very different: the two look forward, to the year in which their first child together will be born.

This week the set is known to be pregnant. The 24-year-old Estavana expected the younger brother of Damian in 2017 and everyone should know. Sylvie Meis was via a videotelefoontje informed and the Netherlands via a message on social media.

“Very happy, proud and thankful want Estavana and today I announce that Estavana in happy expectation,” wrote Rafael on Twitter. When Estavana is calculated will they still not let you know. “That’s a secret. I’m of course not telling, because then you are standing back on the sidewalk.”

If we RTL Boulevard believe they keep that date a secret from you because they are actually still at all did not want to let you know that she is pregnant. Nicolette Kluijver reported that the editorial board an offer had been to the echo to buy it for 500 euro. “Of course we do not.”

A well-known in the circle of friends would the picture have tried to sell for a nice sum, and so had Rafael and Estavana no other choice than to have the news as soon as possible to share. Or they actually have to be fast with the news, still, is the question.

It would not be the first time that a known set forced their pregnancy to confirm by pressure from the outside. In 2009 knew Albert Verlinde is already in RTL Boulevard to report that the former couple, Katja Schuurman, Thijs Römer, a child is expected. Katja and Thijs were then forced the news for the first three months. When it became known that the couple suffered a miscarriage had seemed that a similar situation would never arise. It is to be hoped for Estavana and Rafael that their babynieuws better ending.


The family Saunders is never quiet. Brothers Dean, Ben and Jamie have all been in contact with the criminal justice system and also between them seems the family doesn’t always agree with each other. This week it was again touch: the most famous brother of the three, Ben, continued to this time buitenschot, but the other two knew as well to compensate.

“For you, a friend, a very big bomb to explode”, said Jamie in a video addressed to his brother, Dean. According to the youngest Saunders-the son is his brother, someone that most people like to be “under the bus throw” and a “teringlijer”. “You thought I would not do it, eh? Knowledge is power. Let’s have a look where you stand with the things that I know. Self-centered, under-the-bus-throwing sadist that you are. Egoist.”

Now, if we knew where the quarrel was about, it would probably have to understand that Jamie is so hard about his brother, but even though we have ALL the details may hear about how stupid and mean Dean is, we seem not to know why he is.

Dean responded in an appropriate manner: who did the declaration of the threat. “A week ago I got a letter from him in which he of 5,000 euros demands within 24 hours, otherwise he makes me a ‘totally broken.'”

According to Dean faces his brother with a cocaine addiction and he has serious money problems. “He is really able to make a bomb to make it explode. We are scared to death. I hope that he picked up or in a clinic.”

Friends are never fun, but as public we see them but little. Jamie let no grass grow, who immediately sent in a comment to know that the argument has been years. “Why do you place that letter from me, not? Because it says that criminal offences have been committed. In addition, I have no cocaine dependence. Thanks to you, I hate gotten on my last name.”

Now it is been silent for a while around the brothers Saunders: Dean is hiding from him so we shall not soon again hear something. It is to be hoped that the bomb, figuratively speaking, and that we stick to online play. The lord knew that will however not remain the case: a fight in the real is not excluded.

Sexual art

Twisting, ronkend, twerkend and hips turning in front of a camera is art. That everyone knows. The clips of Ariana Grande have nothing to do with that she is sexy, the singer is an artist and tries to express in her performance art.

Dancing in lingerie, the knee-high boots and sultry glances are all part of a larger whole: the artistic portfolio of Ariana.

The singer was this week forced to explain why she still halfnaakt in her clips will appear when a fan of her friend Mac Miller the most normal thing in the world liked to call that Ariana “fucking sexy”. “I don’t get why your with her going to bed”, cried the fan to the rapper.

Ariana (23) was furious: she is not a piece of meat?! Via Twitter, let them know that they are the response of the fan is not appreciated. As always, everyone had there face interfere: if they don’t like to be seen as a piece of meat, she should maybe stop with all those sexy movements in her clips.

The reaction of the singer, that her clips art, felt a bit strange, but that those images not be a reason for her to treat as an object is fixed. As Ariana said: a short skirt gives a man no permission to but to touch who he wants.


2016 looks like the year of the family Verstappen. Max has never been so well done, and father Jos is always there beaming in addition. Missing link: grandpa French.

Last summer was the family like a house of cards when the French at The Telegraph told me that he and his son had been struck. The story he denied later and also was not reported to the police, but then it was evil all the rattle: Jos furious French furious and Max, Well Max didn’t say anything.

Because it’s now been almost half a year ago, and we no more heard, thought, no one in the family had a quarrel. Friday, however, showed that grandpa Verstappen and his son, the hatchet is not yet buried.

“I am currently not a happy grandfather,” said French, in conversation with the most popular transmitter. “A little respect is not to be found at opa.” The new year celebrates the French not with his son and grandson. “That I celebrate with my real family.”

A proud grandfather turns out French however, and so he organizes despite the fight still impressions of the races of his grandson. “For the fans, but Jos it doesn’t interest me more. Because that is not valued by Jos.”

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