Roddeloverzicht: Drama, due to This, and This, and will stop at Chateau Meiland?

Wendy van Dijk Chantal Janzen make up for a lot of work, as members of the royal family, there are also people, and given the Chateau, Meiland, however, have a sequel? For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

Being so close to the end of the year, and think a lot of people in the last few months, and make a plan for the year 2020. You have to learn from your mistakes, and you want to share your past behind you, and with a renewed vigour.

Not everyone is like this, at least that is how it seemed this week. As it is now any well-known the blonde presenter, it is fitting, Chantal Janzen and her own magazine, &c. The editor of this journal sent out this week for a very special press release from: Wendy van Dijk talks about her cocaine addiction.

It is now for quite a while now that the show’s been linked to the drug, so in case you have forgotten: The complaining once in a Quote, because they have a story they’d written about the alleged cokegebruik of the show and it was the same. So that the Whole sum could have been about her cocaine problems seemed to be all that logical.

Well-known Netherlands came on top of it and it quickly became clear: there are many Wendy van Dijks in the Netherlands. And, as chance would have it, one of them with a cocaine addiction, and, coincidentally, it was in C. But, with the history of This, and This, this was something a little more complicated.

The likete this year, several tweets in which Chantal Janzen brought down as it was. It wasn’t me”, said Wendy, in the memorable words of Scooby-doo and the don is someone in her immediate environment as the culprit.

And now it is there, and so the leaves of This, and in response to expressed regret in the way in which they were written, for it was by no means their intention is to make The break. Decent response, but Linda, the Moles are in doubt however, with a little bit of. “I thought it was very unique.”

They are just like people

Actually, we know it all, but still, it’s a strange idea, that is, the members of the royal family, like a normal human being. They, too, are up in the morning and drink a cup of tea, they must also be under the desk, and the princesses are going to be just like her classmates to bike to school.

Many foreign countries are not, of course, is completely normal and to be living in a palace, is not it, but this week’s been proven to be two of the members of the royal family, but, once again, that they are next to you on the bus could sit in the queue for the ticket office had been able to stand up.

King Willem-Alexander, took a trip to the radio and told me that he, like many of his peers and a generation later, with much anticipation from the radio to a cassette tape recorder, in the hope of his favourite songs, to be able to take it.

“With the well-known bands, the TDK-90’s. You had to get them to turn around and try to do that in order to be able to,” says Alexander.

Even though his daughter probably didn’t even know what a band looks like, proved to be troonopvolgster Its that they are the same as the time when they come for a visit to the house of representatives, is boring, she just is.

The princess sat on Thursday, the public prosecutor, but did not necessarily have to be very interested in what will happen in the Second Room, it was being discussed, and I was more concerned with a phone call from a friend of mine. The RVD did, otherwise knowing our princess, it has been more of a go, purely out of interest.

32Prinses We sit on the gallery’s Second Room

No, what is the most

More than a million people have looked at this summer, every week, for the ups and downs of the family, Meiland, and even this winter, and look at all the people with a lot of fun, is how chaotic it goes to the chateau in France.

The reality show by SBS6, the televisieverrassing of the year, and won in October, the Golden Televizier-Ring in place. No one seems to be the question for now is going to the Chateau, Meiland really quite a while.

But, maybe it isn’t? Lord German told me this week that he did not yet know if there is a new season. And this despite the fact that kerstspecials has long been recognized, and the latter, after december, which is desperate to get back the will to look, because they are no longer a weekly “wine, wine, wine’ by the living room to hear the sound.

With the departure of the previous one and Place the other realityknaller SBS6, centre for next to nothing, it seems sensible to get One or it will be destroyed in the next five years, but that proves to be so, I to stay.

Really sad having to years: John de Mol, there is no more bread at all, and there will undoubtedly be other channels that are like that a million viewers from running away.

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