Roddeloverzicht: Dionne shall be disappointed, and it will not be up for This

Dionne Stax know the hotel where you have to make CELEBRITIES into the cell, and it won’t work for the Whole of the Face. For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

The 200-day, 5,000 hours, or up to 300,000 minutes of your time; no matter how you look at it look at it, it will be some time before the Eurovision song Contest for the first time in more than forty years ago in the Netherlands will be organized. In Rotterdam, they’ve been hard at work on the preparations for AVROTROS, and the NPO will be discussed with the artist, who, on behalf of the Netherlands, is going to occur, and the fans are still lining up to buy tickets.

The big Dutch events for the 10 of the month of may could be used as a dress rehearsal to be seen. This is especially true for the Televizier-Ring Gala on Wednesday of last week. As we were there, so it is also with all of us for: we’ve looked at how presenters like Rick from the Westelaken, Herman van der Zandt and Dionne Stax warmdraaiden to the Netherlands in the year 2020.

And where is Herman, has confirmed the discussions to the presentation, in may, hold the Dionne’s exciting. This meant that even as the show was over to her male colleagues. Her blue Greek tunic, with holes in it and its plain to her she would fall, not so much in the televisiepubliek. And we haven’t even talked about all of the criticism of her presentatiekunsten.

Dionne believes that viewers have not yet met the NOS is going to have to tear it out. They found her to be a bit stiff, and is discussed extensively in the awkward silence during the transmission fell out.

The RTL put right, that This is some of this great gear, but had to go and do it. SBS did not immediately have someone from his own stable, but also, in SBS’ he was not nice. If Dionne is still not enough negative feedback, it had been via social media and television, it was the next morning, the newspapers also said that it’s really better to have.

Dionne is lucky that there are still more than seven months, in which they have been able to prepare for the time in which they live-event, and beat her way to find it. Otherwise, there are plenty of other televisietalenten that will allow you to jump to a location.


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Robin Imanuelle not only famous, but infamous

In some of the famous people, it’s hard to think of where we have already been familiar with. It Was the one role in which soap opera? That’s the one song from many years ago. Or at least the relationship with the other CELEBRITIES who have long since gone to?

Even though a lot of celebrities have undoubtedly not seen, it is often the negative things that will stick with the general public. What do you mean, big role or a good album? The damage and shame, in there, we know you will be!” Robin Martens, and Imanuelle Grives be able to if there are no other to say this: the two actresses have been in the last couple of weeks, and in the case of a Imanuelle have been more in the news than ever before.

Robin will She be able to know the people of the Good Times, the Bad Times, or, for example, her contribution to Dance, Dance, Dance. However, by the news of the past few weeks, however, more and more people in her name to the politiemepper do. The actress had an argument with a cop, and being accused of assaulting an officer on duty.

Robin denies that the agent has taken it and loves it, she only pushed it to. However, the Public Prosecutor’s office (om) TO be sufficient grounds for a prosecution. Currently, it is in the bales: in the next few weeks, it will be very difficult to get the stories to escape.

Imanuelle Grives heard this week that a sentence of imprisonment of two years, you can demand it. The Dutch actress, in Belgium, with the large amounts of drugs taken away. Even though her lawyer says she does not have to be the best of the seller’s, there is plenty of reason for her to be prosecuted for drug possession, and drug trafficking.

Imanuelle know, eight ecstasy pills and to sell them at a time, in a total of 100 euro for early in the morning. According to her lawyer, she’s no merchant, but a user. The actress turns to professional help in order to look at the situation is doing to us.

On the 8th of november will show whether or not they are in Belgium really only have two years left.

Is This a bargain?

Just a couple of months, is Wendy van Dijk bij SBS6 and it is mediakenners a bargain is mentioned. The viewers know that the program of the show still can’t be found, and this is what The figures from Flirty Dancing and Dance, Dance, Dance, just fall.

That may be possible consequences for her career at the station by John de Mol. Dance, Dance, Dance, did, at RTL 4, Chantal Janzen as a host of a million views in the app, but drag it on SBS6 the half. Whether this is due to the transmitter, the competition, and This is the question.

The fact is that the Heart’s Action, of which This is the first Televizier-Ring on the SBS binnensleepte, in spite of several notices have been returned to the tube. The night did this week, to tell you that it is still unclear whether it will be back. SBS said it, but now it is said that the first selected is to be sure you have enough subjects to adjust the number of transmissions to complete.

Meanwhile, it seems that This is not evil, aware of the fact that at the News she was very happy to tell you about the party to the Chateau, Meiland, is the latest winner of the Televizier-Ring”, and the second is the winner of the Dutch television SBS6. “My husband, Erland (He, ed.). it has turned the party to what turned out to be, it was bound to Meilandjes, and all the men of the SBS is around, and he said: “The atmosphere was so good, everyone was really very happy with the results and very happy.'”

There, she said, too, that the position of the rings for the SBS6 tentative, and again, on one condition: This is her a while to lose it. The gold one is a year ago, it was stolen. “Yes, it very much isn’t it? Yes, it is a really, really bad. That is the way I have to actually do something with it, because it is quite a shame. I have to actually ask or that could be created or something like that.”

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