Roddeloverzicht Dave about the characters and Meghans dad wants to pay

Dave Roelvink is about the role of women and men, there is the argument about the media code of the Royal family, and Meghan Markles’s father thinks that he deserves a reward. For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I have a quick question for you: am I the only one in the Netherlands, it would be a pleasure to men and women that are not exactly the same thing, is it?” With these opening words, Dave Roelvink is an account on Instagram about the signs, feminism, and the payment of the bill.

The son of a Country looked up to the Edition, and found out that there are road signs have been developed that do not have a male, but a female has to take in. Would be a waste of tax money is, is, Dave, because not every woman is wearing a skirt, and that it will also lead people to feel insulted.

“Why it’s all the same now? It is good that we all have different roles? It is precisely its charm when you are with a woman again, to have the man pay. We should give it another go?”, according to Dave’s.

According to the dj, his men are too stupid to have to do something in the household, and it is, therefore, quite natural that women have something more to do. “We just don’t have any of the roles we have with other beings. I think we are all on a different planet. So, we have to understand each other is not so good, both men and women. I think we are a little bit on the tip of his hear, and feminist practice.”

Even I, as a woman and a man at the wedding is asking. “Do you think it is for you and that you like to eat, and you’re wife is doing a little bit of crazy, a little bit of strange behavior of them, and he takes all this a small box out of her pocket and goes down on her knees. And who asked you to marry him. Do you think that that’s already happening, as a man? I sprint out of the door!”

Now that, Dave, again, there is the prospective for a date, no doubt, in a long line, but it is good to have one more thing to keep in mind: don’t pay for it, Dave. “Don’t you dare to get your wallet or purse to pull out. I think that’s a serious insult towards a man.”

Right to equality between women and men, it’s Dave by the way: he thinks that everyone is the same, it would need to be paid for doing the same job. Nevertheless, it is still a bit of a feminist.

337Dave Roelvink, nothing is said about the roles of men and women

Censured by the king

Everyone deserves to be as normal a lifestyle as possible, including the members of the Royal family. In order to prevent the paparazzi hiding in bushes and in the tabloids constantly, on the sidewalk, there is a media code produced. For example, the princesses just go shopping with my friends, may be Maxima, can look, without make-up, to the outside, and Willem-Alexander will be a piece of a bicycle without having anyone right on top of new ones.

You’re not in the media code keep track of, provides a heavy penalty, and you will no longer be invited to special events. Very friendly and the views from the Resort, so no go on the zomersessie. The night can be about it, and say that they were not at the annual skisessie.

The program showed brief images that were recorded at the Royal Theatre in the hague, where We have a musical for teenagers. The pictures were of members of the Royal family in the private sphere, and, therefore, was Boulevard, a slap on the wrist.

That touch, it was widely covered in the program, and provided that the Dutch Association of Journalists is critical, stating: “This shows once again that the media code is of the Royal House, the crooked, and contrary to the principle of freedom of the press.”

There’s got to be once again critically look at the strict set of rules, so it is said. For the Promenade, it will not be included because they are not really welcome in the snow.

231In the leaves: Was Daley strange? | Man, Bibian threatened

“It’s time for my parents to look after,”

If you have been close to a year of no contact with your daughter, and your grandson have not yet met, it may be a good idea to own your own behavior, even to analyze it. However, if you have a Thomas Markle is hot, if you don’t, and you will create a documentary that allows you to bond with your daughter will not necessarily be improved.

“The royals are in it and cry, and Harry is with me in the chalk, Meghan is with me in the chalk. I would pay to get it, after all I’ve been through,” said the 75-year-old Markle.

Thomas would have to have a heart surgery, not at the wedding of his daughter, and his grandson, Archie, is still not met. He did not have any contact with Meghan anymore since they have him in a letter, it would have begged the press not to talk to. Then Thomas, thinking of nothing else than of his daughter to him several years ago, it promised: “My daughter has promised me that she was worried as I was. I’m old now, it’s time for mom to worry.”

The chance that Meghan will ever have, for her father is to be secured, is, however, very, very, very small because of the statements that Thomas, his daughter, was an Alaskan news. There, he told me that it looked like his daughter, all doing it for the money, after it was announced that Meghan and Harry was no longer the senior royals will go to. “They are the royal family broken. They will make anything cheap, but verslonzen it.”

Thomas believes that he and his family will see it, and that he will be the first time they see a chest is located. After these remarks, it is even a question as to whether or Meghan, there is still, however, want to be.

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