Roddeloverzicht: Charges all around Famke and We get a lot of money

Famke and Louise have to stick with Fabiola, Sylvie Meis it has to be a difficult summer, and We can be her eighteenth birthday, however, is very exuberant and celebrating. A summary of entertainment news from this week.

Not only are the bad guys in the films are very good, in revenge, is also well-known for people to know what they are as fresh as possible to make it.

That was a huge hit record with a song about your rival, such as, for example, Taylor Swift was Katy Perry or indirectly, to black, to make it to social media sites, but one thing is for sure: the end justifies the means.

Famke Louise gave us a week to twice a lesson in revenge. The singer has used the well-known socialemediatechniek in response to an interview with her ex-manager, Bizzey. He was in the q & a said it is a shame that the lead singer were with him, go out of my way, because it is now so much less, and went on with her career. But he took the hand in his bosom: in a conversation with JFK he told me that they were strict for her.

The singer did, there is only one way to react, and she shared a picture of them with a slice of pizza to eat. “Do not be too hard, eh”, she added. Even though they are in the picture, then, again, deleted, made, they, as it is undoubtedly a new socialemediaruzie between Bizzey-and its new owner, Ali B, at. In march, fighting the two of them on Instagram already start a fight.

That Famkes revenge, even less subtle, knowing Fabiola. In the former Temptation Island contestants is a waste to Famke, as she made sure that the blonde already, it’s a club that has been turned off.

It has something to do with the stories that were told Fabiola, has spread out about her alleged affair with Famkes then-boyfriend, Ronnie Flex.

Famkes of revenge is not without consequences; Fabiola threatens to be in the News for the club and complain that its there, at the request of Famke would have made.


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If it’s a life just really unlucky

If we wanted to, we could each and every week, Sylvie Meis to write. The host of the one-by-one eye-catching statement, proving him / herself in the face during one of her morning ritual, and the magazines are full of it with each new lover she takes a stranddagje.

Well, this week was a hit once again, the media has had a lot of fun in her column in Grazia magazine all the way through. Spoke to the host about two weeks ago that it was the life of an influencer isn’t half as easy as people think, now that we have learned is that even a real holiday, Sylvie is an incredible amount of stress and headache.

Anyone who automatically thinks of the forgotten tickets, lost passports, and children who do not have a package, think again. By Sylvie creates the stress with her own case. As an influencer it is fitting, will, Sylvie is always too much, and that it doesn’t work with all of the restrictions that may be imposed by the airlines.

“It’s not rocket science, but it has made me seriously for three days to learn to order in all the chaos,” said Sylvie, who, as a whole, the strategy to put everything in her trunk to get it.

“My inpakstrategie starts off with a bunch of night, with a pile of ‘day’ and a ‘ stack ‘the beach’. That’s three big mountains. All the changes will be, and then with the shoes, doorgepast in front of the mirror. A rigorous selection process to follow.”

That’s Sylvie for two weeks in two bags to carry, it doesn’t matter. Even after this careful selection process to weigh the two bags are about 30 lbs. And once you are on the holiday, concludes Sylvie fact that they are the best, with a little less furniture would have.

“And I’m like, why do I have the stress of life? By the half, I was released. I’ll try to keep that in mind for next summer. (I’ll have to try to remember for next summer-ed.)”


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When you finally grow up

Where the eighteenth birthday for most people is a big party, it’s the perfect opportunity for celebrities is even more important. The majority of people are happy that they are finally in the car driving, or allowed to drink alcohol, but for celebrities to hang out, an extravagant party to it. Kids are getting out of their well-known mom and dad an expensive car, and the artists themselves to give still more money than usual.

Even though princess Bella, of course, is not a normal life, trying to be her parent, but to make sure that in the future, the queen has somewhat of the same experiences as her peers. However, when the responsibilities of a fifteen-year-old princess and her sign will, of course, also a lot of things that her fellow classmates could only dream of having.

Not only will We have the whole world to see it, too, is a part-time job as a cashier at the local supermarket is out of the question. On december 7, 2021, the day when We are eighteen, will they be immediately available to a large amount of money.

The Weekend, wrote this week that We may be at the center of a national rel is in the following year, at the end of September will be published, what will be the amount that the princess is receiving at the moment is that they are an adult. That’s what happened, according to the magazine in 1984, when her father on his eighteenth birthday.

On the 7th of december directly to 100,000 euros transferred to the king’s daughter “for the first few weeks as an adult, to be able to get through”. This is followed by a monthly salary of 25, 000 euros (tax-free). In addition, they charge a fee to get in, staff to hire, regardless of whether or not her parents are still living.

There is also a reisbudgetten and kledingbudgetten-free, all of them in order to make sure that We own a life, you can build it up.

Her father received a few years ago it would have taken a lot less, but life in general has become more expensive and this must be compensated for. The magazine made a prediction in The city is still a lot of discussions have been held on the remuneration of the king’s daughter. It is up to We to hope for, that she has had a bit of a must to enjoy on her birthday.

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