Roddeloverzicht: Chantal is doing just as Linda and Rafael had a daughter

Roddeloverzicht: Chantal is doing just as Linda and Rafael had a daughter

Chantal Janzen is Linda de Mol after, Meryl Streep does an emotional call, Rafael van der Vaart get a girl and robbers Kim Kardashian was arrested. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

A sense of humor, intelligent, blond hair, handsome face, talented, celebrated career on television, and successes in Germany. About whom are we talking?

Chantal Janzen made known this week not only in the footsteps of Linda de Mol, to act when it comes to her television career abroad: the blonde presenter, just as the woman she had so often compared, their own media platform to start.

A magazine, a website, videos. And all that under the name of xC. That it is very similar to the strategy of LINDA of course we can’t ignore, and so the comparison was made with that other sheet of a known, blonde presenter: Wendy van Wendy van Dijk.

Where LINDA whole range of topics discusses and Wendy often what is spiritual, wants to Chantal and our amusement. “Just like with theater and television, I want to be with &C, especially amuse, but also to move, think and inspire.”

Or Chantal, just like her blonde colleague’s on each edition on the front is says she’s not there, but that fun can be in all sorts of ways as we may believe. “Fashion, beauty, food, travel, lifestyle, living, human interest, all the rest of it. But through my glasses watched. And I have -5,5, so strong is that anyway.”

Linda de Mol and Wendy van Dijk have not yet commented on their new challenger in the tijdschriftenvak. For the reader it is in any case difficult: for any successful, talented, humorous, intelligent and beautiful woman I go to this month?


Next week is the day: Donald Trump is the president of the United States. Of course, there is no moment where someone is there to be surprised about the exhaust, but this week it was very remarkable. The words of actress Meryl Streep, who by a week cry also hoarse had become, went through marrow and bone.

The 67-year-old actress was at the Golden Globes to be commended for all her work over the past decades. Her, already overcrowded, trophy case was complemented with a oeuvreaward and in her acceptance speech, told Her how pleased she was that people became with her work, but also, more importantly, how they are touched by the work of someone else.

Without the name of Donald Trump to drop, fileerde the actress of the work of the future president of America.

“There was a performance this year that me baffled,” said Meryl about Trumps imitation of a disabled journalist during one of caucuses in 2016. “It grabbed me by the throat. Not because it was good. There was nothing good on. But it was effective and did his job. It broke my heart when I saw it and I still can’t get out of my head, because it was not a movie, it was real.”

The celebrated actress said that she thinks that Trump, through his conduct, other people encourage in such a way to express themselves. “Lack of respect invites a lack of respect. Violence leads to more violence.”

Although a lot of people were caught by the words of Meryl, responded to Trump on the way that is expected of him. “Meryl Streep, one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but fell to me during the Golden Globes.”

Trump did not seem touched by the words of Meryl, but who between the lines read know better: in August 2015, he called her “excellent” and a fine person. If Trump you on a personal level is not allowed, you are automatically nothing more worthy in his eyes. And that can be quite dangerous for someone that’s going to be the United States runs.


Meryl Streep gets in emotional speech to Trump


Knew Rafael van der Vaart and Estavana Polman gives us two weeks ago to rejoice with their babynieuws, this week they did even better on top of by a very sweet video to share of a cake cut by a proud grandmother.

It was for the viewers just as if they were themselves at the time were that Estavana and Rafael discovered or they the parents would be of a girl or boy. Full of excitement we were with z’n all or the cake inside blue or pink.

Really very, very, very clearly pink was the cake, but we know now for sure: Rafael and Estavana get a girl. A sister for the 10-year-old Damián Rafael with Sylvie Meis.

Although the news is great of course, people wonder how Sabia joined feel: a little more than three years ago, the news was that they, together with Rafael, a daughter would get. Solana was stilgeboren and led to much grief with the former couple.

In a comment after the announcement of the pregnancy said Sabia to be happy for her ex. “I know how big the desire to have children of Rafael. I know Estavana not personally, but I wish her a carefree pregnancy and a healthy baby. And I hope that Damian (the 10-year-old son of Sylvie and Rafael, eds.) a little sister gets.”

That comment was before it was clear that it was indeed a daughter went, so how they now think we don’t know. Hopefully Sabia the loss of her own child, now a place to give and can.

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This week started well for Kim Kardashian: in the case surrounding the attack in Paris, seventeen people were arrested. The police seems to be finally getting the offenders on the track and if we have different entertainment properties may believe there is even a chance that Kim is a part of her expensive jewels back.

Not everyone who was arrested has actually done something: it was the driver, Kim only held to be interrogated. And every time we spoke about five armed men, so then a club of seventeen also what’s excessive.

Now, at the end of the week, there are still six people. Five men and a woman. The latter, who would largely be responsible for the plan, but not for the execution.

Big chance that Kim is the men who her in October 2016 upon never more in the eyes having to look: according to entertainmentsite TMZ the judge to Kim travel, and so it is not necessary that Kim the men ever see.

Meanwhile, Kim already quite in her old beat cases: the realityster is active again on social media and has been to Dubai, flown for the promotion of a make-up line.

Large rings, shiny diamonds and expensive chains, we will, however, not over: Kim is a lot more cautious with the display of her wealth. That also explains why all of the photos that they now do on social media put in a kind of barn taken seem to be. Real Kim is very to become normal by that robbery.

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