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Chart Position drag you in Private before the judge, Conny Witteman, and Gordon put years and years of arguing finally got in, and how much money was given to Anna Nooshin for a NPO-flop? For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

Tabloids reach a lot of spectacular stories about the famous people at the top. Without the existence of a Personal, Story, Weekend, y, we would be of a lot of CELEBRITIES don’t know that she was having an affair, or that they dislike a person.

It is, of course, that’s Marco, He’s, Humberto Now, and Sylvie Meisen of the world, of the existence of the sheets and tackle and would like to see that, Evert Santegoeds, or Bart Ettekoven a new career in the world of journalism, and the search.

This week we saw two examples in the world of what happens when desire turns into hard-nosed action, and, coincidentally, it came out of the corner of Dutch’s newest couple: Bridget Maasland, the netherlands) and André Hazes.

Andre was threatened before with legal action, after the Private was on the cover with a photo of his son, and used it as the text said: “Little young, how do you get it from?” The singer was devastated to find his son in this way, the focus came in and asked for a correction and an apology.

Then, Evert Santegoeds, in his column, wrote that the argument had been settled and the amount was to be transferred to one of Andrew’s favorite charities, seemed to be the end of it, but it soon became clear that there is still more unease about the magazine: with his girlfriend, Bridget, decided that the opinion of the court, to-day to tell the story that they wrote about her and Andre.

The magazine described how the wedding night by Patty Brard for an exciting evening in front of Bridget and andrew had been taken care of. While Andre just to have something with Mona he would be a very nice feature of the show.

Both of them denied that it’s not that there was anything happening, but the fact that they are actually in a flessenhok end of the nonsense. Bridget swore to her son that it is not the case and it should be up to the 20th december, waiting to hear whether the judge will find that she is incorrect in any way.

Something of her reluctance may not be sufficient to have given much thought to: during the examination of the various sources to the front, set up to set out in detail how that night happened. We will not have anything to repeat, but she said the show was, in any case referred to.

If, Finally, as we have all have to endure: it must not be easy for you to have such intimate details of a made-up story or the truth, under the watchful eye of the press list to get in.

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The money needs to roll

The public service broadcaster, there is always something that has to do with money. It Is not that there is too much being spent on “snoepreisjes’ in the program that it is, though, that the moderators have to make a lot of money.

This week, the Court of auditors with a comprehensive report of the expenses of the public service broadcaster, and it also made for furrowed brows. How is it possible that the cost of producing the programs, by Floortje Dessing and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’s so amazing to have risen more than 40 per cent, since the production is in the hands of?

Not only are disgruntled journalists and programme makers on Wednesday of this week is critical, but it is also the minister of Media, Arie Slob, saw sufficient reason to ask to be put on the production of the program.

In the AD, were asked questions about other NPO’s program. For how much money did Anna Nooshin is actually given to the presentation of the program will be more Beautiful, is it not? The four-part series looked at first, and have 150,000 people, but the numbers dropped this week and is already up to 62,000 viewers.

It can not be that Anna is not well paid for the co-operation with its popularity among young people? But with those numbers, there’s no doubt about that, and they have a whole mountain of money is not worth it, as it was suggested in the paper.

In the coming weeks, we will be sure to have a lot of that it’s only a matter of time before a Slot would also like to know what happened to Anna’s bank account is credited.

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The impossible is made possible

If you like personal telephone calls, have shared it on national television, and then revenge will be taken by phone numbers on national television to call on you once again to become friends?

This. As we learned this week is that of Conny Witteman, and Gordon. In 2013 it was a fight of the two is so high, that they have since then not one time, no longer speak. At least, that’s what we thought. But during the course of an action in the DUTCH first met the two arch-enemies to each other again, and everything seemed in order a lot.

The fight started when Connie, the song Tomorrow from the musical Annie did not want to sing at a benefit evening for the Ouderenfonds. When it has been called, and Gordon might be a good friend to make her point, calling her a “dirty filthy nasty, spoiled secreet”.

That phone call, was made by Connie and then divided into the media, which Gordon is, in turn, is called and felt to be the phone number of Connie to share it with the whole of the Netherlands.

This week, it was all settled. Connie and Gordon are both new, started on a journey, and turning over a new leaf in their lives. And how can you be best way to do so than by means of this kind of hassles in the past?

“We are, of course, for a long, long time, a hassle, but tonight, let’s combine everything and let us do it,” said Gordon, in a direct way. And this seems to be one of the oldest showbizzruzies to always be resolved.

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