Roddeloverzicht: Bonje between She and the Lil’ Tiny, and Britt and Angela

Since that time, and a Lil Small, may not work At the Lot will be on the tube is removed, and Britt Dekker, and can’t take criticism. For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

In life you come across people who do not botert. Not everyone looks in the same way the world is, and that’s fine, but it gives them good exercise. A fight is never pleasant, and in the workplace, it is still more problematic: it is not only those who suffer from it, but also all the other colleagues who are in the middle seat.

Famous people are, ultimately, only human beings, and so it goes with them, or even wrong. Of all the actors, singers, and presenters of this world, the audience is often expected to always be entertaining, but the fact of the matter is that those people have even bothered to have an off-day.

An argument can be enormous opluchten if you take all the bad thoughts out, and we move on. However, if the two people don’t have to be on their last cases, you can get out of hand, and as we have seen last week, when She and Lil’ Small-happen.

The singer in the recording of The voice of Holland, said that the rapper is not a very good coach, and that is, of course, is completely going down the wrong way, shot at him. During the night, it was said that in a Lil’ Small, and then chose his colleague in calling for ‘ the oldest profession in the world, which, in combination with a severe disease. And what is that exactly, you can think of.

That there is some advantage to sitting in a relletje, because people still have the tv turn on in order to see how the members of the jury to each other’s style of fighting is a nice bonus, but it will have to be larger. If two people absolutely don’t go together in the same room would have been, for the moment, there seems to have been, after all, it is hard to have a great finish to the film.

At Lil’ Small-is not, as he was Thursday, obviously, in The Coen & Sander show, he just wants to get through. “I would like to focus on The Voice. I don’t care to argue. I think that the media have been raised, and I think that She herself has been raised and I’m fine with that. As long as you know that I’m not up for the fight come on, just for The Voice.”

RTL has good and hope that it will once again follow, but in the cold and it is not yet out of the blue. We also have the live shows to be as late as 2020 is included.


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The hope is totally lost, isn’t it?

Everyone is allowed to have the Jan the Hope, after thirty years, in the morning, when people are at home, in the news, and now finally have their own tv show. This is more flexible than the Ontbijtnieuws was a contest of will present in the RTL-5, and we all had to watch it.

But where Jake’s fan base is huge, it turned out not to be large enough for viewers to reach the. In the first installment of the Mar Hold of Hope, it was due to 173.000 people look at it and was devastated written by the reviewer.

The program was developed in accordance to critics, is far below the level of the Dutch’s favourite newsreader, and was, in fact, it is completely unacceptable that it was sent out. Those who had thought of this on tv, couldn’t, it was just crazy.

That was in Jan as well. Which is called after the assignment to RTL’s ceo, Peter van der Vorst, and asked to stop the broadcast of the programme.

“I was so happy with the end result, that I, Peter van der Vorst asked for the tube to pick it up. He, too, thought it was not good, and decided to give it the right to quit. We will continue to talk to you about a program we are glad of it,” said Jan, on Twitter.

His colleagues thought it was a little weird. He ran when the shooting is not all that it’s not so good? Or Mar, at least, not in the broadcast can be seen by the quantity of it was sent, and he, in public, for the fun of it was put together?

The answers were also in the RTL’s programme, and Promenade. The problem is that the hope is very fortunate to not have lost, and continue to believe in a new format that did for him.


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Not everyone can be you like it

In live sound it is most like, everything you do is great. Your job, your home life, or school, so it’s no surprise that social media is enough of the success stories. Life is a lot more fun when things are going well.

Be criticized is silly. When you have the feeling that you put a little bit in order to have, you know, that something wasn’t all good, went to, or that you otherwise have to deal with. Yes, yes, yes, from the error, you need to learn, but making mistakes is just not fun.

There are some people who criticize their work, have been made. Looking up with a calculating gaze, watching movies, listening to music, or eat out of a plate blank to a restaurant and decide what they think of it in a lengthy piece of, or tv show. Apparently, we as humans need: and why would the newspapers and the magazines, otherwise it is sufficient to have opinions?

Britt Dekker understand this principle, but it really is like they don’t like it. In the show, and realityster example, this week, is furious about the review, which is an AD-writes with Angela, the Young, and wrote about it in her new reality tv series on SBS6.

“Many of you will be familiar with her, but in our business you have to be late. What they often are trying to do, it is the presenters and the programmes breaking up with her, fine. Sometimes she writes so much about a person, and that person there, all of it is. I’ve been reading it quite often with a rock in my stomach, because the person will not be grateful. I wanted to be there for a very long time to say this, but you’re afraid of them you have to take it, but that’s still the case,” said Britt on Instagram.

Even though the host tells them that they will understand that Angela has her money to earn and a family to run, she found it odd that it was on the backs of others. Some people get angry and react to this column from her, is said to Britt as “good”.

Angela is meant to be the all of them are really not made it clear in the ochtendshow of the AD: she thinks Britt is a very nice person, but it was just not well put together, and that it is a waste of the talents of Britt. Seems everyone is a fan of Britt.

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