Roddeloverzicht: Bella’s “first friend,” and Estelle dumps ‘thief’

Princess Bella has her first boyfriend, to her She is not nearly as popular among viewers as among letter writers, and Estelle Cruijff breaks off a relationship with a man who may have a horlogedief it is. For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

Hormones, pimples, rings: your of sixteen years of age, it is generally not the easiest thing to make. Your body is weird, your head is run over by a if you don’t want to think about it and you’re growing still. And at the end of the day, it is also true that, for the first time ever, to fall in love with and to think about.

We have a additional an obstacle in everything that it does, it will be interesting to be found by the media. So, if it is possible, for the first time, fell in love, everyone talking about it. And it is not limited to the united kingdom. In Germany, it was last week and mentioned that our crown prince might be her first boyfriend would be.

Brent, the boy with whom We are in december 2019 at the latest, the Second Room will be visited, according to the German 7 Days of its first love. Weekend, writes this week that the two of them already have years and years of being friends, and not only for a visit, and brought to the hague, but also in their christmas musical and wrote.

There are in Germany, meanwhile, will be convinced that this is the first love of the New, the country was less and less convinced of sources around the Royal family, to tell of the Weekend is that there’s really only a question of friendship.

“They are good friends and have a lot of fun, but they are certainly not to fall in love with. Where are the girls of that age in the past, especially as a friend had it for this generation may well be that they have a hartsvriend have. That’s It for the New,” says an insider.

The king and queen would have It already, especially since Amalia and her best friend a lot on it and have been following the christmas musical. The two were promoting the same in construction, and so it came about that the princess and all of a sudden social media was on it, and without the people in charge of the publicity for the royal family, but of them knew.

We may never know whether it’s going to be a first love or a good friendship; the Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst (RVD) don’t want to make statements about the private life of the king’s daughter, and he did that when there was evidence of a possible first love, that of prince Willem-Alexander years ago.

304VideoIn the sheets: the New affair is He? | Candidate to dress jack off’

The farmer is looking for a way to thaw out

Contestants from the Farmer wants a Wife thought of it before, might not be enough; they will get a visit from the Yvon-Jaspers does not only have a chance at love, but also in the whole of the Netherlands, is recognized.

In total, to watch every week, three million people will visit the Farmer wants a Wife, and these people all have an opinion. They will find the one you like, or don’t, and that’s kind of hot. Social media is to avoid it during the broadcast, it is not a bad idea at all, for She, Geert-Jan, Geert Jan, and Sebastian.

As it turned out, after the transmission of the last week, that She was very shy at the men, who they themselves have chosen. “I think that speeddates is very difficult. You will notice in some of them a bit to thaw out,” said She, that even the difficulty seemed to be, to do, every call you make to bleeding to death.

Viewers will find, however, that She is that good, you should do just a little warmer, dress up, or be closer to the heater, and that the lords be very hard to do.

New programmaformat: for all 633 men’s and stay a year on the farm and We hope that one can thaw,” said one fan on Twitter.

It is to be hoped for, Eric, Steven, and Martin, that We at the logeerweek íéts redeemer to come. Then it’s going to be quite a pleasant couple of days.

A very, very bad luck

Estelle Cruyff regularly appears in the magazines, because there’s a lot on the basis of her financial life, and it threatens her home, to get rid of, and frequently, the question is whether or not it is not the time for a job, the ex wife of Ruud Gullit.

This week, it was about another favorite topic of entertainmentliefhebbers: how to love by Estelle. In december, 2019, she had known that, after the relationship with the Faculty, and Badr Hari, now that the love had been with a businessman Morad. “For me, it’s been years since I had the happiness I have felt before. With Morad, I can have the whole world as it is.”

That liefdesgeluk was unfortunately short-lived; this week, Estelle is known that the relationship is over. “It’s true. I did and our relationship will be terminated. We are just a friendly split up,” said Estelle opposite of the Story.

News did, however, report that there is a Morad more to it than that: “he would have been arrested in Ibiza on suspicion of the theft of an expensive watch. He was accompanied by another Dutchman, it’s a clock on the wrist of an Italian woman, stealing, and making use of the old-fashioned red herring: it would be the woman flirting.

For Estelle, this is all very, very close at hand: in 2018, it was still bereft of her beloved Rolex watch, and jewelry. For her, it was a lot less kind to it, as it were, by three of the men attacked, then they are not the same like.

Or in the interests of Morad have to be counted at the end of the relationship, it is not known, but it is still a very, very bad luck.

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