Roddeloverzicht: Bass and Andre in the clinch, and Raymond, really loves Julia

Bass-Smith talks about the limits of the Cockpit, Merel Westrik make the switch, and Raymond van Barneveld will see themselves together with the very best deals. A summary of entertainment news from this week.

It must have been a very busy week for Andre Hazes. The singer is enjoying a well-deserved break and would be back to the edge of the pool, a drink, and to enjoy it, but it is now working on a real-socialemediavete.

Where André is good friends with the Bass for Smith, it seems, was this week still in the hand, and the Bass made a joke about Andrew’s sister, and a mother that is not working with the singer as well. Or so it seemed.

News wrote on its website that the “argument” between the two men would have been determined, after the Bass have a picture of them, along with a painful and a text under it put: “to be Very honest, I don’t get his mother and sister. #walgelijkegozer”, and was accompanied by three of the emoji’s that are crying with laughter.

“Honestly? It is best to be sensitive, though. Get hold of a lot of jokes, but this one…,” according to André, the message that has been deleted. News found that the Bass here, and the border was gone, but the opposite turned out to be true, and the two men were together before in detail.

However, the picture is gone, but the lash out over and over again to continue to Instagram to fill. Andre was the Bass continue to look ridiculous with a picture of a few years ago, which as you can see, the lead singer wet pants, got in the pool. “Despite the fact that Andre will have his tenth of potty training he had at a later age, he might have a ‘little accident’.”

“There is only one man in the world, the most funny jokes ever is allowed to do against me.” And that is the man, Nicolette van Dam,” said André, with two very old pictures of Ourselves.

This “feud” seems to be still a bit to go on: the Story of the two men have taken. Free of charge, entertainment for everyone.


Experience: Nikkie and Andre hand-in-hand Relatiegerucht Olcay

Vrouwentelevisie is created by women for women

Even though the tv can’t handle without having your well-known women such as Barbara van Dyke, Linda de Mol en Chantal Janzen see it, is to a large extent is still male-determined women are to want to watch it. And that has to change.

Janzen has written her own production company, and The Mole will begin soon, with its own radio station. Net5 was always going to be a vrouwenzender, but as it is, the channel is also made by women for women. Linda and her trusted right-hand, Jildou van der Bijl, going to be the station all the way to re-design it, but it is about the content, we knew we were still there. Up until this week.

Merel Westrik is the first name of the new Net5 links. The presenter’s departure after five years at the breaking News, and will include a talk show in late-night. And there will be more.

In addition to the standard dull messages from Blackbirds of current employer (s) and, by default, critical decisions of the mediakenners, there was also a story that, Net5, with an English version of the talk show The View.

At the launch, talking to, among others, Whoopi Goldberg and Sharon Osbourne on a variety of topics that women encounter. The men come sometimes to visit, but the table must be filled with leading women.

With the arrival of Charlie, are there opportunities to in the Netherlands as well as Olcay Gülşen, is to use the new version attached. Talpa would have had nothing to confirm it, so until then, we can only guess.

House, tree, animal

It was all a bit complicated, but in the meantime, it is all the more quiet: and Raymond van Barneveld, and its relationship with the Uk’s very best deals.

At the beginning of this year, Raymond announced that he and his wife, Sylvia, after being married for more than 25 years, parted ways, and soon came the rumors about an affair of the darter. The woman with whom he had that affair, it would have been, it was a 21-year-old porno, that some of the stories in the British tabloids.

His manager was quick to get to to let you know that this is absolutely not the case. I think Raymond was a woman of 35. After telling Raymond that he really, really was in love with his new girlfriend, and this week, he’s even more official now: he loves her and wants her to move in together.

“It is, of course, are never planned in advance, things are running as they should be,” said ‘Barney’, who mostly do not want to rush into things, because Julia is also a very important job on the London underground. For the darts player said that the two are a lot of interests. “Getting there, good places to eat. We have never had any words are exchanged.”

The entrance to the Most, that is, through the media, about the relation it had to teach, it is yet to be. But by the end of the year, have been arranged and in the meantime, Raymond, and the Scene is again a good touch. “It will be for her, of course, is not too bad, I’m trying to get her to help them as much as you can.”

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