Roddeloverzicht: Arjen is Well-goes around the world and Drake party by

Roddeloverzicht: Arjen is Well-goes around the world and Drake party by

The netherlands made famous by Arjen Well, Johnny de Mol coming up to the paternity, Winston Gerschtanowitz also runs at RTL Boulevard and Drake party in Amsterdam, but does not occur. An overview of the entertainment business of the last week.

In addition to hundreds of thousands of videos of people skating on natural ice, and videos of people who have that same ice back pockets, was there this week one video where really everyone is talking about: the video to which the Netherlands is fine at Trump explains why the US is priority 1, but the Netherlands really is number 2.

Because the Netherlands has intense a lot to offer, if we Arjen is Well-and the team behind Sunday with Well may believe. Did you know for example that Dutch is the best language in Europe? That we, the Dutch, fantastic ponypark (Slagharen)? That is the Afsluitdijk, the best way is to Mexicans outside of the door to keep it?

The satirical video is not only by us, the Dutch, very funny found, also the rest of the world, there can be costly to have a laugh. German media write about the comical video, on CNN they are talking about ‘the ministry of silly walks’ and Gerri Eickhof is suddenly known to readers of BuzzFeed.

The responses are nothing but praise. Lee Towers, who in the video in one breath is called the great Trump Towers, is very happy. “I’m not bigger than it is, but it is huge what happened.”

Also Slagharen is happier, because it is a lot busier on the site since the video has become so popular. One problem: the promised ponyland is not there anymore. The small horses have have to make room for a lot of attractions. Also fun, but now we can no longer “grabbing by the pony”.

Madurodam, “the greatest miniature town in the world” has not yet heard that the pieces were busier, but with such good free advertising almost can not be otherwise than that the mini-city this summer, packed to capacity with international visitors.

And if all these tourist attractions have not sufficient to the Netherlands on the second place when it comes to interests, then there is one very good reason: nowhere is it so easy to tax evasion. Really, everyone wants to go to the Netherlands thanks to Well.

Trump-video by Sunday with Well

Papa Johnny

Johnny de Mol had this week his hands full with the presentation of Friends of Amstel Live, and appeared therefore in different radio programs. Nice chatting about beer for breakfast and sing songs: Johnny found it all any.

In total saw over a million people in RTL how Johnny stood at the podium with Marco Borsato and “a moppie sang along to”. We saw how Johnny cosy behind the scenes with his good friends of Amstel was talking and saw how Johnny is completely in the audience went up.

But this week there, but barely. If we are talking about Johnny this week there is only one subject where we really want to talk about it: babies!

Since quite a while the presenter is in a relationship with singer and actress Anouk van Schie and that goes well, as it turns out. In conversation with the Beau Monde told the former KISS singer that in the future they themselves or a child see to get with Johnny.

“Johnny feels like my big love. But to know for sure if you do that, of course, never. My parents are from their fifteenth together, that is my ideal. If you ask me, I hope that Johnny and I have been awarded.”

When Johnny Anouk completely be himself and who wouldn’t want that in a relationship? Her friends and family had to get used to a well-known Dutchman on the floor. “They know him of course as the BN-Johnny de Mol’, but now they don’t know better.”

Really actively engaged with the desire to have children are the two not yet, first there will be just quite practiced” making a baby.

Also gone

Work with RTL Boulevard is apparently not half as much fun as it seems: he first icon of the first hour, Albert Verlinde away at the roddelprogramma and this week it was announced that Winston Gerschtanowitz after almost ten years off.

Winston makes a remarkable transition: from RTL4 to SBS6. Because SBS more and more familiar faces seem to take over other stations. Think of Rick Westelaken, to Arie Boomsma, but also especially to Irene Moors.

Apparently know SBS that people all have something to offer them somewhere else to not get it. In the media they have it all on a programme that better suits them, or new possibilities, but to viewers, there is often the presumption that it’s going to be a whole big mountain of money.

Sure, we’ll do that, of course not, so we listen obediently as Winston says that he was at SBS big studio programmes are going to do and there really was in his career.

What is undoubtedly also not entirely unimportant: his wife Renate has been working for years with SBS, and was in the News at the direct competitor of her husband. Really nice can that not be at the kitchen table viewing figures with each other should start to compare.

Winston, it would also be nice to find a program with his wife, but is realistic about the options. “Of course, there are a few programmes in which a man and a woman together the presentation. I connect nothing happens, it belongs to the possibilities.”

RTL Boulevard they are in any case very sad with the decision of Winston. “It is sad for us, but also pretty shocking. It is a pity, because we are together in the process stepped on the new Boulevard,” says Beau van Erven Dorens, who until little more than a year back is still SBS sat.

Also Luuk Ikink took the sad news and, Peter van der Vorst found it to be fun for Winston, but would also really going to miss. Curious to see if the viewer his absence will be noted.


Drake has not, as on calendars or appointments, as we saw this week, again. He had a while ago, all his concerts in Amsterdam had to oppose it because it is not time to be successful, he did it this week just even once with the first two in the series.

Drake state Saturday for the first time in the Ziggo Dome, but is already sure a week in Amsterdam. Although the preparations for his concerts not yet finished, the Canadian rapper of all time to a few good parties in our capital city to visit.

He stood a week ago at a party in the Amstel Hotel, and he gave a concert with Rae Sremmurd in the Milky way.

Great pressure has Drake with the preparations, but time for a party there is always. Then we will reschedule that to occur yet again?

People think already that there is something wrong with his calendar skills, so what lugging back and forth can also still. The concerts are now scheduled for 28 January, 26 February, 27 march and 28 march. That can simply be July. Or January 2018. You know it with Drake never.

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