Roddeloverzicht, Anger and Harry, and Meghan, and it was André there?

The Uk’s prince Harry and Meghan Markle incur the wrath of the media on the neck, and One of Meiland’s “fake” and what is it with him in the Cockpit, and, Van Westenberg? A summary of entertainment news from this week.

How to compensate for all the trips on a plane, the circles of which you can be reached by car, and all of the plastic that you get in a year? It helps to plant a tree? Money to a good cause give good enough for you? Or do you have to stop using animal products on your plate?

Meghan Markle and prince Harry will be doing all of the above, and much more. For example, the couple has been said to be no more than two children want to make their ecological footprint, not much larger, and Meghan has for years been vegan. And yet, it is not enough.

The British press is, once again, be angry with the duke and duchess. Now it seems like Meghan, it is also not easy to be able to do it in the media, that all the evil was in her outfit, how she is the son of Archie holding her gasthoofdredacteurschap to be en Vogue, but now it’s really done. For example, the couple seems about to fly into a privévliegtuig, and that is because of all of the feedback about the world is totally going down the wrong way, shot in the tabloids.

So, flew up to Meghan, Archie, and Harry, several times, to get there for a weekend with Elton John and it was the privévliegtuig even a visit to Ibiza town is to put. Not the best for the environment, and all of this flying back and forth.

Because of the British royal family are actually rarely responds to such stories, and decided to be friends of the couple are still to speak. British singer Elton John, on the son of his good friend, Diana. “I feel I am obliged to Harry and his family, and to protect it from the unnecessary attacks of the press, of which in Diana’s case, it may have contributed to her death.”

Ellen DeGeneres, who is the couple in England who met to discuss the environmental conservation and to talk to, to hold it in. “They are very down to earth and passionate. You imagine that criticism, while the world is just more beautiful will be the result.”


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No matter how real it is realitytelevisie really?

Where are we with the Big Brother for more than twenty years ago, it is still quite reasonable, at least for a cup of tea, the fights, the relationships and the statements actually were, we can do it with the current realitytelevisie are no longer going out.

On Temptation Island, Utopia, and the Love Island, do you often wonder how many times the director has said that the two people have with each other, to talk, or have a particular issue to be dealt with. No matter how real it is realitytelevisie really?

At the Chateau, Meiland, thought, and we will work to be able to see how One of his associates their lives in France, but it is on the front page of a Story will be questioned no matter how sincere One is in to is.

“One that plays an important role. There’s no other way. Because of this, you don’t. He is in his own setting,” a critical and Jacques d’ancona. “The overall role of an ex-wife who is now his wife, it is a one size fits all is manufactured. Since they are grown in, because it’s a successful format to date.”

The other CELEBRITIES in the magazine is doubt less the veracity of that One, and it is also the main character himself, which is an interview with the AD was set to us, everything is real.

“Do not hesitate to ask our guests in the morning, after breakfast, in the car, a number of steps. That will be all, to say that we are identical to what you see on the screen. If you have the series they want. I wanted to also be as authentic as possible. Not all the forged stuff in there I didn’t feel like it.”

The second season of the series, is just around the corner, and if you don’t make enough of One, you can soon have the Cash or the Trash look, which he, as the host supports them. The SBS will need to be careful to be a festival about a television producer Bert van der Veer. “Because you want him to be on the air, but you want to make the viewer hungry, it is and it’s going to look. And to keep you.”

From the error, you need to learn, but it is not always the case

“It was just a little bit of time to see what I was missing. Now, I realize that Russell is the true one. We are very happy.” These are the words of André Hazes last year and relatiecrisis with, Van Westenberg, working in the library. Andre had learned from their time apart, and I wanted to know his life is turning over a new leaf.

For a full agenda, for days and days on the road and not at home, it was the relationship between André and Monique in a year and a half ago, it proved to be fatal. The singer went on to himself, to live in, but soon found how much he and his son, and his girlfriend was missing. The two went on a vacation together, and came to the conclusion to really get a move on it.

Happy to interviews was followed: he told us how happy he was to rest his head, Russell was relieved to hear that they are so well attended, and the fans celebrated that is now, again, a pie, and egg wash.

André wrote a very emotional album, to be Different, and I was honest about the difficult times. The lesson seemed to be learned, and the 25-year-old singer said that he was going to Monique to marry him and to ask the questions.

A couple of weeks ago, things changed. The Story was that of resources, that is not good, it would be between Andre and Russell, and the fans have asked for it on Instagram as to why they have no pictures together, and more places, and it is a story of a love affair with Nikkie Plessen was to follow.

Even though Andre and Nikkie are both saying is that the stories are real, not accurate, does the Story stick to the story and published a photo of the two of them in a club, hand-in-hand. And it still takes a lot of resources will tell you that things are not going well in the relationship.

The rumors have now become so widespread that there are a few hours before Andre came on NPO Radio 2, added code to the relatieperikelen have been made.

The Weekend is a total different story than a Story: they are sources that claim that the between Monique and André is a good thing and that we should not conclude that, in October, of his concerts and I at the wedding is asking.

Andre said on Thursday evening itself out in the night, that he was not talking about his relationship, about eight years ago. “It’s really something that I do not want to discuss it. We love each other very much, and she is an amazing woman. Everyone has heard what it was. The main focus is on our son.”

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