Roddeloverzicht: Andre is back to Monique and Marco, to Leontine?

André Hazes-after the break-up with Bridget Maasland, the netherlands, back in, Van Westenberg, john Smith, has not a drop-in replacement for the Netherlands-presentation by Marco and Leontine Borsato, along with Valentine’s day. For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

This week proved once again why social media is not always credible. One by one, the other is incredibly romantic and pictures of Bridget Maasland, the netherlands, and the Hazes were shared on Instagram, but on Monday it came with a blow put an end to the romance.

From the very moment that it became apparent that Bridget and andrew on a date was one day after it was announced that he and Mona Westenberg, from the other room – and there were videos and photographs are shared and where the love and passion from the jump.

The two were able to have their hands off each other, and the whole of the Netherlands, there was evidence of this. The romantic in Rome, drinking in each other’s mouths and sing in a bar, and tours of hotel rooms; we were about to see.

Also, the trip to the island, we saw the pictures, but after that it was silence, and it was the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s day – it is a bit of a strange one. “What was that about?

It’s gone, we don’t know, but after we are in the liefdesbubbel said. Finally, just noticed all of a sudden,, the, online, and offline, hatred, relationships its still a bit too much, and Andre seemed to be on the island, his ex-girlfriend to discover it once more.

Where is the Beauty there, all the way through and is, it seems that André once again very, very soon: the singer was in Curacao, has been seen in the women’s toilet with his ex, and later in the week, he was photographed as he left the house that was once on him, and Russell was.

It would appear, therefore, that Russell is the winner of the fight will be a reconciliation, according to the experts, are on hand. Mom, Rachel, will be less than pleased, she was, in fact, very fond of her new daughter-in-law, and was never a fan of the mother of her grandson.

339VideoIn sheets: Envy of the Beauty cause of marital breakdown with him?

There is not, and never has been

Some people will always have something on hand just in case, he grabs the organisation of the Eurovision song Contest, it’s different. The organization has been but one faith, and that is john Smit.

The singer has been supplying for years to the comments of the contest, and is a part of the committee, and they got a lot of credits built up. In may, he can in addition to This some of this great gear, and Edsilia Rombley, the bills are going to present, but there are a lot of people that have to worry about if he will be able to.

Jan is faced with the mental and physical challenges, and for five weeks in a clinic in Spain, sat down to have a burn-out is to restore it. He is, however, not now living, so far as the outside Volendam, on his own, in an apartment, to give himself as much time as possible, and rest.

John and his team believe that he will, in may, has recovered sufficiently to take the Contest to the present, and the organization is confident they will have no one to sit on the bench and what, if any, would be able to take over.

Arie Boomsma was shocked this week at night or what. He wants to Mar all the rest that is needed, and the whole party farts to themselves, to be aware of. “It’s the song Contest, but it was a bit of a trend.

John and many others have a different opinion, present it on the Door for millions of people, it is something that you can do just one time in your life to happen to you. It is the presenter’s hope that he is now left alone so that he can fully focus on their own health.

Saying goodbye is, apparently, not really

After all of the relationship woes this week, with Rico Verhoeven, Nicolette Kluijver, and Bridget and andrew from each other, it is refreshing to see that it was not able to walk, Marco Borsato, and Leontine is proven to this day, you may be divorced, but that does not necessarily mean that the love is completely gone.

After being married for almost 22 years, there are some things that have been discussed to be involved in the separation, and it seems to be happening is that when Leontine, Marco, with a lovely bouquet of red roses next to it. The Story took a photograph of the singer while he was with his future ex-wife, on a visit with st. Valentine’s day, and not empty-handed, as well.

The next day, and the soon to be former couple back together, as seen through the leaf, this time at a car dealership where the car in front of Leontine has been purchased.

While the blades are engaged in the production of the scheidingsverdeling, it is obvious that Marco and Leontine, there’s stuff to buy, that is still not in the courses to be taken. So how do you go to?

Between Marco and Leontine may, then, it seems that they do not intend to interest to make. Leontine had been there, something about the show on social media, where they take a picture, shared it with the text ” the Release of the new connect.

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