Roddeloverzicht: all of Holland Bakes-scandal and ‘wreck’ for Gordon

The anger about all of Holland Bakes, Sylvie Meis really has a new friend, and Gordon has been a ‘wreck’ to tackle. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

Life is not always fair. You work hard but your colleague gets a promotion. You are always thinking of others, but nobody ever to you. People are pulled around or a good scraping, but sometimes it is really just pure bad luck.

And but few can cope with such ‘injustice’, as was again this week. All of Holland Bakes is started and 3.3 million people saw how a group of five hundred home bakers back was brought to ten. Ten people who enjoy home baking and want to share, in the hope of a career in the bakwereld to get. One of those candidates has, however, already has an edge, and that is really cheating.

Maroeska is introduced as a sculptor, but it turns out that there is also a job as a caterer and has even wrote a cookbook. Maroeska is already a professional, so why would they then have to participate in a talent show for bakers?

Omroep MAX, where all of Holland Bakes is broadcast, found that Maroeska really still not a professional baker can be called. She is an amateur and has just as much right to join as its competitors.

Also Maroeska find himself a “hobby chef”. “I find the suggestion that I have an advantage on other candidates can be very annoying. That is not so, I am not a professional. I have never been to a bakwedstrijd participated.”

“Of course,” has Maroeska experience; she is 59 years old and cooks for a very long time, but that is not more than other candidates. “I have always had a great cook and also love to bake, I do it all from my eleventh. Baking is really my hobby.”

And baking, where they have no book written, according to Maroeska really something very different than cooking, therefore, of a book written about it. “It really is a different branch of sport. When cooking, you can have a little bit of glue, but baking is really exactly work.”

Last year’s winner, Hans, was opposite on the basis of the first episode very clearly: Maroeska makes the most of the opportunity. We are going to the brands.


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A new (Dutch) boyfriend

If we the tabloids are to be believed, does Sylvie Meis really no different than from friend to friend hopping. Each week there will be another handsome man next to the presenter, who by paparazzi is labeled as her new lover, lover or future spouse.

Sylvie has ever said dating is very fun to find, but none of those potential lovers would hang. The last partner that they really confirmed was Charbel Aouad, with whom she would even get married, but after the engagement in October 2017 was broken, there were still many men past may, the heart of Sylvie had stolen.

Most recently there was the Dutch Bart Willemsen, who are the heart of the host conquered would have. Story put Bart on the photo when he was on the steps of Sylvies house stood. The two would be the building barely have to leave, and even food delivered to but not with each other way to do it.

Sylvie followed Bart on social media, but Bart Sylvie not, and so did the tabloids not more; how about now? This week came the answer. Sylvie confirmed the relationship with a heart in a photo of herself and Bart and.

Now is not more to verify that Bart also hearts for Sylvie, because the film producer has been social media for the outside world ended and so is also not more to see what images he shares.

Compared to Omroep Brabant tells Bart that he is happy and that the photo is “enough”. The broadcaster further writes that fans of the couple good luck wish, but that there is also quite a lot of people skeptical to respond, and questioning whether Bart is good enough for Sylvie. That probably explains why the reactions to the photo now outstanding; Sylvie wants to be nice and positive to her new relationship to start.

Again an unstable mental wreck

If there is someone even more frequently is linked to men than Sylvie Meis, Gordon. Also last week it was again; a good friend of the singer knew with certainty that he is in love with a South African man.

Gordon wanted nothing to lose, but this week it went further, because Gordon was together with the 26-year-younger Rich photographed. Although it seemed good to go, and Rich itself to Story telling that they the turn of the year together were going to spend, turned out to Gordon very different plans.

In conversation with The Telegraph called the singer his new lover a “unstable mental wreck”. During a visit to Amsterdam would be something occurred which Gordon now nothing more with the 24-year-old South African.

“He had a hotel at the airport, and flew the next morning to go home. It is all very painful. Therefore, I would be so happy my love just to pause before I agree to outside of bowl, but that is also not successful,” said an injured Gordon.

The singer hopes that he will in the near future to have a stable relationship. “I’m looking for a bit of affection. Someone who lets me shine. It will succeed just not in a normal way. I had really hoped for at this age settled.

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