Roddeloverzicht: Albert turned upside down with Jonathan and Wesley a ‘free man’

Albert Verlinde out to Joop van de Ende, rioted about the presentation of the Eurovision song Contest and Wesley Sneijder is a “free man”. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

You say musicals, then you say Joop van den Ende. In the Netherlands there is no person so inextricably linked to theatre with music as Joop. He spent countless international shows to the Netherlands and made people like Simone Kleinsma and Chantal Janzen to the icons that they are today.

Albert Verlinde took in march 2015, the position of a director at Stage Entertainment. The entertainmentkenner added his company has been at the company of Joop, and in march it disappeared Joop really into the background and took Albert the trade.

It was a bunch there, told Albert this week. “I have a tent prepared healthy, because so much was really. When I walked in was the financial not so marvellous and the rooms were empty.” And now, now according to Albert is going well with the company, Joop still not letting go. And that does not work.

“You sell your company and continue. And I think that it is very difficult to find,” says the current managing director. That has ensured that the two gentlemen at the moment no more contact. “Yes, if you encounter out of politeness. I think that is sincerely a pity. We have certainly, when the musical Annie M. G. Schmidt are so good together.”

“I wish that he can enjoy all the talents, all the productions and the company that he has left. Sometimes you reach in life status that you are around can walk away from ‘look what I all have’. That gun I him so very much.”

The dirty laundry hanging outside has in any case ensured that everyone the weather has on the musicalwereld and that can have a positive impact on the ticket sales. But it seems not to be a useful step for the band with Joop. Who responded through a spokesman only with: “Joop above.”


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And even a hassle

It is anyway not the week of Albert, because not only will he fight with Joop, also with Wendy van Dijk botert the time. The entertainmentdeskundige made a vicious comment about the presenter and that did not go well with his colleagues on the desk, and the viewers at home.

The Eurovision song Contest is coming in 2020 to the Netherlands after the profit of Duncan Laurence, and that goes on in the entertainment industry, there is already press speculation and called who should organize, who should present and who is there on behalf of the Netherlands, a song to sing.

Cities such as Amsterdam, Den Haag, Maastricht and Rotterdam offer itself to, well-known Dutch start petitions for Davina Michelle to join in and suggest each other if the appropriate presenter or host of the party.

But some CELEBRITIES tackle something else: which to articulate not only their best friend, but that it can also best can. The netherlands, however, of modesty, and so it was that Wendy van Dijk this week the rage of Albert’s neck, and pulled.

Wendy heard the name of Martijn Krabbé, with whom they for years The Voice of Holland presented, passing by and thought that was a wonderful plan. But if they not then also could join. “Then I think: I’m over next! We have put together Idols, X Factor and for years The Voice presented. We are a good set. So I would say: Martijn and I!”

Albert Verlinde was not very pleased with the direct approach of Van Dijk. “Wendy, you are a treasure, but you’re not going to yell that you must do it,” he responded.

The experts next to him were a bit of an uncomfortable situation and also on social media people were critical. So the next day, and offered Albert immediately apologized, for what turned out to be: there was a question, which the editors cut out. “You have the whole day rotopmerkingen had. Apologies, also on behalf of the entire editorial team.”

Back on the market

Wesley Sneijder had it all: a successful career, a beautiful wife and an exemplary family. Everything the footballer touched seemed to be gold to change and we believed all that there is no happier life than the life of Wesley.

That ran all around when at the beginning of this year it was announced that Yolanthe and Wesley broke up. There should not be spoken of a divorce, their marriage fell only from each other. Wesley told us on Instagram that he was in the wrong and since then is silent around the pair.

This week we read in the magazines that Wesley almost a free man. The entertainmentlezer think immediately: ah, the relationship is definitively over. But no: it turns out to be football.

Wesley currently has a contract with Al-Gharafa, but at the end of June and there are still no signs that a new contract is on the table. Wesley has all the time to be with son Xess Xava to go out and do that also.

Story and y have this week both a story about Wesley that all the time, for his children: with Xess Xava in a pull cart behind him, on a visit to the Artis zoo. And Yolanthe is in no fields or roads to be seen.

It is for Wesley to hope that there will be good news is: either that he has a new job, or that it is good (again) with Yolanthe. For that last he would very much like. Provisionally, however, it remains still, silent.


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