Roddeloverzicht: Afrojack must pay millions and Bertie is once again single

Roddeloverzicht: Afrojack must pay millions and Bertie is once again single

Afrojack is soon perhaps millions, of euros poorer, Patricia Mine gives again her ” yes ” in a dress that we don’t know of tv, farmer, Bertie must find a wife and Thomas Berge and his ex to talk better with the press than with each other. An overview of the entertainment business of the last week.

A few hundred euros for a pair of shoes, a couple of thousand euros on a watch, and a miljoentje for a house: if you have enough money, it is easy to spend it. Such a uitgavepatroon is reserved for successful businessmen, well-known actors and celebrated artists, but if you’re smart addresses, you can also just to what millions in the bank come by someone to sue.

Afrojack works hard for his money. The Dutch dj gives performances all over the world, spend weeks in the studio and close smart deals with snack bars. All that hard-earned money would make him just the twins can be as one of his exes to her sense.

Lauren Meditz, with whom the dj reportedly in september, a relationship was, suing him for $ 25 million. The blonde, who in her case submitted to the court of Los Angeles, says that she is emotionally abused by the dj and therefore entitled to a hefty compensation.

As we Lauren may believe would be the dj dominating and forced her to have botox to use to resign from her work and to change her hair. Also, would the dj, who is actually Nick van der Wall is called, do all to the Dutch authorities to the garden.

So has Nick told her a bag with money to hide in the forest to the inland revenue to avoid was a car registered in Germany due to the tax breaks and promised her that he has a residence permit would regulate by lying about her work for the dj.

Now, this is not the first time that Afrojack hassle with an ex: Paris Hilton was all the time very intimate with the dj until, suddenly, all was over. And that while he Golden Cage-contestant Amanda Beam, the mother of his daughter, even for the hotelerfgename on the side put!

Nick let in a reaction through his management know that the allegations are all lies. “We have every confidence that this case is immediately dismissed.”


If you really are in love, you say not one time yes, then you say two times yes. Patricia Mine taught us this week that love should be celebrated, and so married they just have a time with her beloved Robbert Hinfelaar.

One of the most romantic places of the world, an event centre in Hoofddorp, promised Patricia, once again, the eternal love to her 35-year-younger friend.

In november, married the two have already agreed for the marital status, but that was without dress and Patricia would Patricia not as there as quite a lot of money on a beautiful outfit issued would be. Although no media was present at the wedding, we were able to use photographs of various media, however, what share of the lovemaking.

On the photos is to see how Patricia fall in love with her husband watching in a white dress with lace. Separately, for real fans of Patricia were very much looking forward to seeing her in the hysterical dress that she has selected in the TLC program Say Yes to the Dress. There were really shades of bronze and copper, shades of which we are not terugzagen in the photos of the party.

The 67-year-old diva picked out for the party: a good dj, a good drink and a real cupcaketoren. And yet would well-known friends of Patricia no meaning, have had in the spectacular feast. Patty Brard, Gerard Joling and Gordon would have failed.

For Patricia should not spoil the fun: who had the evening of her life in Hoofddorp.

Woman looking for (re -) wife

Farmer, Bertie must find that: her relationship with Esther Joppa is finally over. So it’s not like in 2015, when we all thought that Bertie again was single, but it turned out to go to a temporary break-up, no now is it really.

In 2015, the media attention they are still too much, now they found out that it still did not rafts on the farm. And that while they really tried.

“Esther has a lot to provide in order for me to come and live and have our stinking best, but Esther was not with me happier than. And if my girlfriend isn’t happy, I’m not,” said an emotional Bertie.

The break is not quite fresh: a month ago, Esther, the house of Bertie. On the website of Farmer wants a Wife, she tells them the christmas together have celebrated.

“I am just before christmas, to my old house, I went back to see if I was Bertie and Zealand really was going to miss. I had to conclude that that was not the case. Therefore, this week we have took the plunge and decided without each other.”

Maybe a letter to Yvon send Bertie? Who knows there is someone at the bank who do want to see on the farm lives waiting for that one moment?

About each other, with each other

Nowadays, there are quite a few ways to express yourself: you have no sense in a direct conversation, via Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook or any other social medium. As a well-known Dutchman comes something else: the traditional media.

Because if you are angry with your ex, then you can, of course, that with him or her to discuss, but you can also do it through the Story, Private or Weekend. Thomas Berge and Myrthe Mylius have that already for a long time, and so it appears every week, there is a story of one of the two in the Story.

Last week it was the turn of Thomas, who told now all madly in love to be his new girlfriend and also best for a child to want to be with her, and that after a few weeks. This week it was the place for Myrthe.

Story had the mother of Thomas’ child asked what they now thought of that little Jack may have a brother or sister would get through the new girlfriend of dad. She regularly told me to come in contact with Thomas, but not yet very extensively spoken about

“I got him last week, a Whatsapp-message sent: Well, you father?! There he replied: ‘We do it quietly,'” said Myrthe.

Not that Myrthe see not sit hear, a little brother or sister for Jack. “But I think that he would twice think before it starts. I think that whole break him also really well done. So I can imagine that he was a bit quieter. Beyond that, Thomas is an cute and lovable father, who is very often in the best interest of his child thinks. So I don’t think he has such a decision now would take.”

Well, a Whatsappje is a nice start, but it is for Thomas and Myrthe may be an even better idea to first just with each other, and then maybe another with the press to talk. Although that last one is actually of course not really.

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