ROC may research poster seksfilmpje Chantal refuse

ROC may research poster seksfilmpje Chantal refuse

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The ROC West-Brabant does not need to cooperate with the research to whom a meanwhile well-publicized seksfilmpje of Chantal from Werkendam on the internet. That, the court in Breda Wednesday determined.

The school refuses to help with the search of computer data, because the privacy of students do not want to violate.

According to the judge, Chantal “not plausible” that there are no other ways to the identity of the poster to find out. There is, after all, still a criminal investigation, that illumination can offer. Although this study is according to Chantal now at rest, the available computer data in a ‘frozen’ so that it is available for research, motivates the right.


Chantal demanded in a lawsuit that the school had to participate. The IP address from where the objectionable video was published, it appears, after investigation, is in use at a company that ICT services to schools in, among others, Breda, Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom of the ROC West-Brabant.

The court finds that Chantal and her lawyer only had the permission can ask to get the data of six pupils of whom they might have them the movie as possible. Their claim is only aimed at being able to lay a claim, find the right. “The unlawful act, how objectionable, has been for quite some time.”


“Chantal is incredibly disappointed,” says lawyer Thomas van Vugt opposite “In the end, you can see that if you have this kind of trouble from schools or libraries on the internet sway you away again.”

The movie was in January last year, Facebook placed. It is made by the ex-Chantal, but he denies that he is the on the internet. The movie is frequently viewed and re-distributed.

Van Vugt will soon have the officer send a letter to attempt to move “the best cybersecurityteam” on the matter. Chantal and her lawyer are examining an appeal.

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