Robotstofzuiger Roomba can Doom-level of living room

A program can Doom levels on the basis of omgevingsdata that a Roomba vacuum cleaner in the house collects.

Gameontwikkelaar Rich Whitehouse has the program Doomba written, writes the developer on its website. This Roomba’s used to make levels in the style of the classic 3D shooter game Doom.

Modern Roomba vacuum cleaners use technology that allows them to the environment map can bring, so they know where walls and furniture are, without ever pushing it to collide. The program information may read and turn the 3D map to a Doom-level.

Whitehouse works, twenty or so years in the games industry. The developer worked on under more Prey, and Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. He also developed the software Noesis, which models between programs are exchanged.

Noesis is also used for Doomba. Users can the data itself is loaded into the program to see how their living room was there as a Doom level would look like.

The developer says the Doomba only tested with a Roomba 980. With other Roomba’s works may not be or less good.

DOOMBA: Turn your Roomba’s Clean Maps into DOOM maps! #doom #DOOM25 @romero @ID_AA_Carmack

AvatarAuteurDickWhitehouseMoment of plaatsen15:39 – 24 december 2018

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