Robotexperts call for action against ‘killer robots’

Robotexperts call for action against ‘killer robots’

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A large group of directors of robotic farms warns in an open letter on the dangers of ‘killer robots’. The experts want the United Nations (UN) to take action to oorlogsrobots a halt.

The letter, which is published at a conference on artificial intelligence in Melbourne, is signed by Tesla ceo Elon Musk. Beside him there are more than one hundred directors of prominent companies such as DeepMind, Clearpath Robotics, and Blue Ocean Robotics under the letter.

According to the signatories constitute autonomous robots to be a danger to civilians in war zones. “Lethal autonomous weapons threaten the third revolution in warfare”, is stated in the letter. “Once they are developed, will be armed conflicts on a larger scale than ever before can be fought, and much faster than people can comprehend.”

Pandora’s box

In 2015 sent a group of experts even though an urgent letter about the danger of killer robots. That led a year later that the UN expert group in life called autonomous weapons systems to discuss.

Which group would this month meet the first time, but due to lack of money will now not be finalised until november to happen. The signatories of the letter call on the UN to this new date to pick.

“We don’t have long to do something about it. If this Pandora’s box once open, it will be difficult for him to close it again.”

The netherlands

A handful of signatories of the letter comes from the Netherlands. One of them is Koen Hindriks, ceo of the startup Interactive Robotics and assistant professor at the TU Delft.

According to Hindriks should be taken to prevent robots autonomous choices to make about life or death: “Without a control is from the man; that we cannot intervene.”

The company Hindriks makes social robots for use in education. “So we’re very, very that we make robots that social a positive function in society.”


The robotexpert can not find in the statements of Elon Musk, who regularly warns about the dangers of artificial intelligence. According to Musk, will be incredibly smart robots may be a threat to humanity, and creates artificial intelligence for “many more risks than North Korea”.

“Where we are now we have absolutely no need to worry”, says Hindriks about such a’superintelligence’. “The big issue is just making fairly stupid robots who can shoot. That we can all long.”

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