‘Robin Thicke may for the time being, the son will not see’

‘Robin Thicke may for the time being, the son will not see’

Photo: Paula Patton, Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke may for the time being not in the neighbourhood of his son or ex. A judge decided Thursday that the singer is temporarily not parental authority over the six-year-old Julian, reports TMZ.

Thicke explains, is not just down to the decision. According to his lawyers, it is now his ex Paula Patton who is being investigated by the child protection agency in Los Angeles. They would Julian mentally abused.

Thicke and Patton went in 2014 from each other after a relationship of 21 years. Initially, I did the separation, in march 2015, was all around. At the beginning of this year, claimed Patton the Blurred Lines singer, their son had been beaten. Julian would at school have said that his father arranged a beating.


The child protection in Los Angeles investigated the allegations, insiders claimed that after a screening of no day the conclusion was drawn that Thicke his son not beat.

The exes met on Thursday again in the court. Both of them wanted to eenhoofdig custody of Julian. The judge gave Patton the same, and laid Thicke a contactverbod due to domestic violence. Until further notice, he needs his ex, child and former mother-in-law alone.

Thicke came with a paper where it is claimed that Patton, a wedge will float between father and son. That is, according to the singer mental abuse.

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